China is creating history in short domains name marketing

short domain

short domain

Domains name ascertains an exclusive identity for a company. A precise domain name advertises the online visibility of a company. Short domain names are the most preferred. Today if you want a short domain name for your company, you have to pay a high price. Domain name registration involves transactions of million dollars every month. China has been reported as the largest buyer of domain names. Chinese investors are interested in domain names involving numeric and short characters.

What is DNS?

Dns stand for domain name system.  Dns is decentralized naming system of computer or anything related to internet.  Read more about Dns here . full form of DNS is domain name system.

George Kirikos, a follower of the ICANN policy has tweeted on 14th November that there are about 676 2 character .com domain names out of which 136 are owned by Chinese. The had also published an article in the same week. The article tells that Verisign has reported that 3.2 million new .com domain names have been registered in the previous three weeks. Domain name registration was once a market where the domain name owners would have to wait for the companies to approach them for a name. But now the market is becoming liquid. Domain names with three letters and a dot com extension would be usually sold at $10,000 to $15,000. Now it is heading towards $50,000.

Chinese investors prefer domain names with letters of lesser use in English like q,z and j. Domain names with vowels are considered less valuable. Western markets are trying harder to catch up with the Chinese markets.

Ron Jackson, the publisher of DNJournal reports sales of domains like, and The recent sales reports notify the competition for short domain names. Nine out of the top 10 domains are less than three characters.

The communication between domain name and owners and buyers has also changed. The transactions in China are made through the QQ messaging service developed by the Chinese. Tracy Fogarty of eNaming tells that most offers are communicated through QQ. Only 1 out of 10 people use emails.

This sudden outburst in the short domain name market has made people wealthy. But many business veterans have spent a lot of time analyzing the long-term value of the market and what names are attractive to the Chinese buyers. is a website to track market activity of goods like gold and pictures the sales in charts and graphs. Hong Kong domain name investor clarified that the transliteration of “Chao Mi” is “Fried Rice” but also means “domain speculation”. So, this is how the Western investors are trying to analyze the domain names.



By last year, new landmarks have been achieved in the short domain name registration like

  • All five-number dot coms are now registered.
  • All five-number dot nets are now registered.
  • All six-number dot coms are now registered.
  • All seven-number dot coms beginning with three eights, ending with three eights or having almost any repeatable pattern are now registered.
  • All four-letter .orgs with premium Chinese letters are now registered.

Is Short domain name marketing a trend or history in the making?

The culture of China and America are different. The Chinese are trained to save than to spend. The Chinese are hence wealthy and interested in investing it. The Bitcoin was initially accepted but couldn’t live longer. The domain name marketing is a different scenario. Every name is unique and the rarity of domain names is measurable. Short names have become goods. This new market doesn’t seem like a fad but has miles to go before creating a history.

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