Reliance Jio Sim Activation Status and How to track your jio sim status

jio sim activation status

Jio Sim Activation Status and How to track your jio sim status: In these days people are facing so many problems everyone wants to know their jio sim activation status, there is no proper method to check jio sim activation status. But here we are giving you the possible solutions to find out your jio sim status and you can also activate the sim in under 5 mins. In case if you are facing any problems in jio sim activation delay we are providing each and every detail.

How To Get and Activate Reliance Jio Sim?

First you need to get the jio sim, then you have to follow these simple steps to make reliance jio sim activation successful. You can read this article to get the free jio sim or you can even buy the sim from jio stores. I previously wrote one article on how to activate reliance jio sim with the step by step process, you can visit that article. If everything goes in a smooth way there is no need to check the jio sim activation problem. But if it’s been more than 4 days then follow the given solutions.

Reliance Jio Sim Activation Status:

Basically, whole activation process will take up to 3-4 days but due to the huge demand of jio in some places, the jio sim activation status process is taking up to 20 days. You can check the jio sim activation time of your city from this article. Just make sure to follow above mentioned activation method carefully once you got the tele-verification message then your jio sim activation status is almost completed. If it is not here is how to check reliance jio sim activation status.

How to check Reliance Jio Sim Activation Status:

As I mentioned earlier there is no proper way like tracking your order ID, it just has to be completed manually. That means you must visit jio store, remember you can’t check your reliance jio sim activation status online. Follow these steps.

Steps to check reliance jio sim activation status:

  • You need to fill and submit one form in Jio Store to check the reliance jio sim activation status.
  • If you activation process isn’t started before then you will receive tele-verification message.
  • Once the tele-verification is over, you will be able to see a signal on your phone.
  • If you follow everything correctly there is no need to check reliance jio sim activation status again.
  • But if anything goes wrong I gave away possible solutions to reliance jio sim activation problems.

That’s how the activation process is going to happen, but if anything goes wrong the reliance jio sim activation delay will happen. You can still track every process by contacting the jio store. Follow the above mentioned steps on reliance jio sim activation delay then you will be able to track down your reliance jio sim activation status. Let me know in the comments if you still have any other doubts and be sure to check our blog for every jio related information.

Reliance Jio Sim Activation Status Online:

So as I mentioned earlier in jio activation steps, the reliance jio sim activation online is the only process. Although you need to visit Jio store for document submission but you still need to complete the activation process through online. Where you have to call 1977 to complete the reliance jio sim activation online process.

In case if you are wondering there is Reliance Jio Sim Activation offline process is also available which is also known as an e-KYC method. In this process, you need to submit fingerprint and this is only available in Delhi, Bangalore, and Mumbai. For more details about e-KYC, you can read this article. The most preferable is Reliance Jio Sim Activation Online process which is available everywhere.

What is the Reliance Jio Sim Activation Status online Number:

For any queries, you can call on 1800-890-1977. Which is also uses for activation purpose, or you can call 1977 for only data services. Remember they can only help you by informing invalid entry like no matching aadhar card or invalid ID proof and no photographs etc. You must visit jio store to check the correct status.


jio sim activation status

  1. Dear sir
    My sim card not activate
    Reference number

    Dear Customer,
    Thank you for choosing Jio. Your Order NO00001WQRMN

    Please Check

    Shivdeen Gupta


  2. Sir merman mahanta pradhan meme Jiopostpedsim 4january ko Lia he Abhi tak active nehi hua na network atahe meme form ki jaria me liahe Mera pass sirf tracker number aya he Mera tracker number He NO00001R2XLY. joki 6jannuary koayatha

  3. Got Jio Sim 3week back having no. ICCID89918720400031348988 and imsI 405872003484898,but no any message is received.Adhaar card copy,ID copy was given to the seller.What is the solution?

  4. I buy jio sim and televerefied..but sim not activated after 24hour….what can I do…1977 not connected jio sim mobile

  5. I got JIO4G sim today morning , everything was set the tele-activation was also done but reliance didn’t sent me any sign in id and password . my voip and data is working but very slow.

  6. I have taken sim on 7th oct and my order no is No00000TC6M. it not working till now . my verification call has completed then got customer id . one executive Mr. Suraj Mobine No. 8802929395 makes the call us about imei no mobile.

    but now it not working .

    kindly provide status.

    yogesh kumar


  7. I have got order message 10 days ago but my sim is not activated because i m not getting televerification msg .. so many time i called to customer care but their response is not reliable … so plzzz tell me how can i get order msg and use my jio sim

  8. I have got order number sms but not tele verification sms ,I don’t know my number,8days has past but my sim is not activating and I have taken bio sim with my moms I’d card now what I can do??

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