Reliance Jio Latest 4G Offer – 224 GB at Rs 509

Reliance Jio Latest 4G Offer

Reliance Jio Latest 4G Offer – 224 GB at Rs 509, Latest Jio 4G Offer By Reliance: Reliance has been at the forefront of providing high-speed internet at the most affordable tariffs to its consumers. The company has been in the news ever since they first started in the market last year. They have since then shook the telecommunication industry with their offers and plans. Not only have they managed to get a strong hold in the market but also made sure that all the other telecom companies play fair and give their users better speed at a lower price with good download and upload data limit.

The company continues to do so with its latest plan on offer for the users. This plan gives the users load of data which can be used for all kinds of purpose. In this article we will tell you how to get this offer and all the other details about it as well.`

However, Jio’s ‘Summer Surprise’ offer will end soon. The users now have to get a recharge from the tariff plans available. If you are one of those users, check those tariff plans and details of all the plans here and here as well.

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Reliance Jio Latest 4G Offer – 224 GB at Rs 509:

Reliance Jio has taken off new offers for its clients who buy JioFi gadget alongside Jio SIM card. Jiofi is the wifi router that was launched after the Jio sim last year. The company gives different speed perks to people who buy this device soon. While actuating SIM, clients can go for one of the four alternatives that the organization has disclosed. Also the users of the service must pay Rs 99 to enlist into Reliance Jio’s Prime program. The offer must be profited by clients who buy new JioFi gadget and new Jio SIM. The new offer gives its users the ability to use Jio sim speeds with their other non 4G devices as well. The best part about this is that you get high speed data everyday and can use it with your Laptop or any other device as well without losing the fast speed.

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Reliance Jio Latest 4G Offer Details:

The company has also rolled out multiple alternatives to the same plan. These plans can be used by subscribing to the one that fits your needs. These offers are catered for different needs of different people. Reliance Jio’s first alternative gives 2 GB information for each month over a period of 12 months at a month to month energize of Rs 149. The second alternative will give clients 1 GB information for each day for six months at a month to month recharge of Rs 309. There are two other plans which offer more data each day. The third and the fourth alternative offer 2 GB information for each day for 4 months and 60 GB information for two months separately. Clients should do a month to month energize of Rs 509 and Rs 999 individually. The offer is accessible for prepaid clients, and bill cycle is 28 days.

Steps To Get Reliance Jio Latest 4G Offer:

  • Buy a Reliance JioFi and Jio Sim.
  • Recharge for the plan you want out of the four available.
  • Connect your Jio Sim to your JioFi.
  • Your plan will be activated soon.
  • Keep recharging on a monthly basis.

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