Reliance Jio 100 Gbps Fiber Network

Reliance Jio 100 Gbps Fiber Network

Reliance Jio 100 Gbps Fiber Network, Reliance Jio 100 Gbps submarine cable system: Reliance has been in the news for over a year, ever since its launch of the Reliance Jio Communications network. Recently it was in the headlines for the launch date and details of its rumored 4G Phone for 500 Rs. Now, Reliance has achieved yet another feat. It will become the first company to provide 100 Gbps speed to the consumer with its submarine cable system. The new Reliance Jio 100 Gbps Fiber Network will be available to consumers over varied speed plans.

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The company has confirmed the launch of a new project for an undersea cable system, that will be stretching over the regions of France, Asia, Hong Kong and Europe. The cable will stretch over the Marseille in the region of France and go to Hong Kong and will have landing point all across the region of Europe and Asia. AAE-1 joins with other link frameworks and fiber systems to convey guide access to every single worldwide market, says the organization. Jio says the new link framework will be going through basic center points and interfacing focuses. The link framework will enable manage the blossoming interest for video-driven information data transfer capacity, which has developed in India, particularly post Jio’s entrance into the market.

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Reliance Jio 100 Gbps Fiber Network:

This cable network will have the designation of being the longest 100 Gbps cable network in the world. It stretches over 25000 km length of the ocean floor. This project is a brainchild of multiple telecom service providers all over the world including our very own Reliance Jio. The system will have three onward connectivity option in Europe via France, Italy, and Greece. The submarine cable network is the Asia-Africa-Europe (AAE-1) cable system giving access to the people over the said regions.

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“The new terabit capacity and 100 Gbps direct connectivity to global content hubs and interconnection points ensure that Jio will continue to offer its customers the most exceptional high-speed internet and digital service experience,” Jio President Mathew Oommen said. “We are excited to participate in the launch and deliver the cable landing in Mumbai at the time when India’s data traffic continues its accelerated data consumption and growth.”

Reliance Jio will also provide the network operations and management for AAE-1 in India. They will do this using their state of the art facility in Navi Mumbai.

Reliance Jio 100 Gbps Fiber Network:

Tata Communications was the only telecom company in India maintaining an undersea internet cable network which is still running. That cable network is right now handling most of the country’s global internet traffic. This means that the Reliance Jio 100 Gbps Fiber Network should be in direct competition to the tata communications. This also puts Reliance Jio in direct competition with the Tata Communications group.

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The war between these two companies should also be interesting. Both the companies will leave no stone left unturned and no cheque unwritten. The war will not happen though if Tata decides to sync its cable with the AAE-1 cable system. This development should come as a big relief for all the internet users in India. This ensures the proper functioning of the internet traffic in India. It should also take care of every Indian’s ever so growing need for the speed.

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