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First of all, we want to thank everyone for making Flipshope extension a huge success. In the last Redmi note 4 sale many people were asking us how can they sell or buy Redmi note 5 in bulk. Both Flipkart & Amazon sites are restricted all flash sale mobiles to only once per account. Which means you can only buy one mobile from one account or one mobile per flash sale. There is no other way to buy bulk mobiles, but this time we are trying to create a community of Redmi note 5 bulk buyers and sellers. Please follow the steps mentioned in this article and you can also join in our Buy and Sell Flash sale mobiles Facebook group.

MAJOR UPDATE: Call or Whatsapp us on 6360251190 with your bulk order requirements

Address: #415, 2nd Floor, 16th Cross Road, HSR Layout Sector 4, Bangalore, Karnataka, 560102

Redmi Note 5 Bulk Buyers and Sellers Community:

Here we are just trying to create a platform for buyers and sellers. We will be the mediators. Every order will be needing our approval, we only encourage genuine bulk buyers. For bulk sellers, the price will be fixed and literally, anyone can become a seller. Everyone must fill the below forms according to their choice. In case if you have any doubts then join in our WhatsApp broadcast by simply sending a text message on this number  or just jump in comments then I will personally respond to each and everyone.

Note: Everyone can buy the Redmi note 5 very easily from flash sale because we at Flipshope are providing 100% working trick to buy Redmi note 5 on every Flipkart & Mi flash sale.

Redmi Note 5 Bulk Sellers:

If you are the one who is planning to cash in a couple of hundreds or more on every Redmi note 5 flash sale then you can become the seller. As mentioned above every one must full this below doc. Then you will receive a confirmation mail or message from Flipshope. Fill the Google doc and become a Redmi note 5 sellers on every Flash sale.

Here are the steps to follow for Redmi note 5 Bulk sellers

  • First of all, fill the above google doc then you receive a confirmation mail.
  • Then you will receive one more mail just couple of days before Redmi note 5 Flash sale
  • In that mail, we will provide the address details.
  • You must order Redmi note 5 on the given address.
  • If you order is successful then send the confirmation screenshot.
  • Once the mobile has been shipped then you will receive the payment.

For a quick communication, you can join our WhatsApp group by clicking here. This group is only for Redmi note 5 bulk sellers. If you are a buyer then check the below section.

Redmi Note 5 Seller Commissions:

Redmi Note 5 ModelCommission
1 Unit of Redmi Note 5 3GB RAM 250 Rs
More than 1 Unit 300 Rs
1 Unit of Redmi Note 5 4GB RAM 300 Rs
More than 1 Unit 350 Rs
1 Unit of Redmi Note 5 Pro 4GB RAM350 Rs
More than 1 Unit 400 Rs
1 Unit of Redmi Note 5 Pro 6GB RAM 450 Rs
More than 1 Unit 500 Rs

We do hold every right to change the commission from time to time. But we will try to improve with more commission in the near future.

Redmi Note 5 Bulk Buyers :

We only encourage bulk buyers so the people who want to buy one or two mobile will get second preference on the list. Because anyone can order Redmi note 5 flash sale mobile from our extension so in here we are just trying to deal bulk sales. Same as sellers the bulk buyers must fill out the below google form. We may demand some advance from bulk buyers because it’s all genuine here.

Here are the steps to follow for Redmi Note 5 Bulk Buyers

  • Once you fill the google doc then you will receive a confirmation email.
  • Just let us know which address you want those Redmi note 5’s to be delivered.
  • We will mail you and ask you the address details 3-4 days before the sale.
  • Once the sale is over we will let you know how many mobiles gonna be delivered to your address.
  • After the sale, you must send us the payments of every mobile order.
  • We will take the payment before the product shipping because we need to pay the amount to our sellers
  • In case if there are any canceled orders we will refund the amount immediately.

For a quick response, you can join our Redmi note 5 WhatsApp group by click here. This group is only for bulk buyers and if you aren’t buyer then please don’t join the group.

Redmi Note 5 Buyer Charges

Again we will only encourage the bulk buyers and we will provide the special rate.

Redmi Note 5 ModelCommission
1 Unit of Redmi Note 5 3GB RAM 300 Rs
More than 1 Unit Contact Us
1 Unit of Redmi Note 5 4GB RAM 350 Rs
More than 1 Unit Contact Us
1 Unit of Redmi Note 5 Pro 4GB RAM400 Rs
More than 1 Unit Contact Us
1 Unit of Redmi Note 5 Pro 6GB RAM 500 Rs
More than 1 Unit Contact Us
  1. Hey, I want to join seller community and I have filled out the above form but no response has been sent to me. Response as soon as possible. I want to order RN5 on next sale.

    1. Hi Rajesh We will mail you very soon. As there is no cod option on Redmi note 5 pro we are just holding back in this weeks sale.

  2. how much commission i get if i order REDMI NOTE 5 at your address
    and how you can send money to me??

  3. Sir,
    I want to buy redmi note 5 pro (black,4,64). Can you provide me one. How much i need to pay for that device

  4. i want redmi note 5 pro.. if i give payment to u after shipping and then u will cancel the order , i will loss my money ..
    how can we belive to u,, please answer..
    dont take it personally it is my questiononly..

    1. No man we won’t do that what’s the point of canceling order. Keep a proof of the message texts so you can file a complaint on them.

  5. If we order to ur address. How we send screen shot to u .
    Thrpugh email or whatsapp?

    This group is trusted or not

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