Redmi Note 10 Pro Max Giveaway | Grab before we give it all away

Flipshope is one of the most trusted extension and offers popular features like Flash Sale Auto-Buy, Auto-Apply Coupon, and more. And on the launch of one of the most hot-selling Redmi Note 10 Series, Flipshope has announced a giveaway for all its users. In the Redmi Note 10 Pro Max giveaway winners will win Redmi Note 10 Pro and Redmi Note 10 Pro Max just by following few very simples steps:

Participate and stand a chance to win Redmi Note 10 Pro & Redmi Note 10 Pro Max


Steps for Redmi Note 10 Pro Max Giveaway

  1. Go to Flipshope Instagram Account
  2. Follow @flipshopedotcom and like the giveaway post (Mandatory)
  3. Repost and tag @flipshopdotcom or you can Comment & Tag 2 of your friends (tag as many as friends you can to get higher chances of winning) (Perform any 1 activity)
  4. Share this post on your story and tag @flipshopedotcom (This is an optional step but increases chances of winning)

Click Here! Enter in Giveaway

Trick To Win Redmi Note 10 Pro Max Giveaway

Redmi Note 10 Pro Giveaway Steps in Hindi

  • सबसे पहले फ़्लिपशोपे इंस्टाग्राम पेज पर जाइये Flipshope Instagram Account
  • इस पेज को फॉलो करिये इंस्टाग्राम पर
  • पेज पर दी गई गिवेआवय पोस्ट को अपने अकाउंट पर शेयर करिये और को @flipshopeblog तेग करिये या फिर कमेंट में 2 या 2 से अध्कि दोस्तों को तेग करिये
  • और अधिक जितने के मोखे के लिए गिवेआवय की पोस्ट को अपनी इंस्टाग्राम स्टोरी पर लगाए और को @flipshopeblog टैग करे

Redmi Note 10 Pro Max Giveaway Winners List | Clam your prize now!

Giveaway details

Prizes No. of Winners Winner Announcement Date Instagram Link
Redmi Note 10 Pro Max 2 Every Wednesday Flipshope
Redmi Note 10 Pro 2 Every Wednesday Flipshope

Winner/s will be decided on a random basis. So, roll the dice!

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  1. I love this mobile because I am very poor, I can’t afford it. It has extremely features.

  2. All steps are done 👍 Hope you notice dear team. 🌃 Wish I could win this Giveaway 🌃. Biggest wish to win 🙏. ♥️♥️♥️♥️

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