Redmi 3s Prime vs Redmi Note 4 Full Comparison and Price Details

redmi 3s prime vs redmi note 4 differences

Redmi 3s Prime vs Redmi Note 4 Full Comparison and Price Details: Here we are comparing the 2016 best smartphone with the 2017 much-awaited smartphone they are Redmi 3s prime vs Redmi note 4. Redmi note 4 is about to launch on January 19th where redmi 3s prime is still running on flash sales. Well, these two mobiles are exactly identical in terms of specifications. Both of them from Xiaomi only, where Redmi note 3 took over the first two-quarters of 2016 mobile market and in the end Redmi 3s ruled the final 2 quarters with its sales. We have to say Redmi 3s prime is an upgraded version of redmi note 3 so what is the difference between redmi 3s prime vs redmi note 4. Here are the complete details

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Redmi 3s Prime vs Redmi Note 4:

As mentioned earlier Redmi 3s prime is an upgraded version of redmi note 3. The major difference between those two mobiles is Price and Battery. That’s why Redmi 3s prime holds most number of sales than Redmi note 3, but what is the major difference between redmi 3s prime vs Redmi note 4..? Here is our view if you compare both devices specifications you will find all of them as identical except the main thing which is price, Where Redmi note 4 priced 2k higher than Redmi 3s prime why is that..? Read the complete article to find out the answer

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Redmi 3s Prime vs Redmi Note 4 Specifications:


 Redmi 3s Prime

 Redmi Note 4

Display Size 5 inch 5.5 inch
Processor Qualcomm Snapdragon 430 MT6797 Helio X20
RAM 2GB, 3GB 2GB, 3GB, 4GB
Primary Camera 13 MP 13 MP
Front Camera 5 MP 5 MP
Memory 16GB and 32GB 16GB, 32GB and 64GB
Battery 4100 mAH 4100 mAH
Android Version 6.o 6.0
Price 6999 Rs 9999 Rs


There are very few differences in redmi 3s prime vs redmi note 4 specifications comparison. Display size is more in Note 4 which leads bigger resolutions and HD display. The processor is also different where xioami isn’t using  Snapdragon in Note 4. We have to say these are the only two major difference which leads to the major change of price, where Redmi 3s prime starting Price is 6999 Rs and Redmi note 4 starting price is 9999 Rs. Some people are facing heat issues and some minor problems in redmi 3s prime we are hoping that xiaomi removed those issues in Redmi note 4.

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Redmi 3s Prime vs Redmi Note 4 Price:


As you can see there is a minimum of 3000 price difference between these two devices, where 64gb version isn’t available in Redmi 3s prime and Redmi note 4 don’t have any 32gb Model. So our verdict is if you are a heavy mobile user then you can go for Redmi note 4 3GB RAM mobile, in case if you are a normal user or want to gift mobile to your mom or DAD then Redmi 3s prime will be your best option. Here is more redmi 3s prime vs redmi note 4 differences.

Redmi 3s Prime vs Redmi Note 4 Launch and Release Dates:


Official Flipkart Redmi Note 4 Releasing Date will be Available Here

As you ca see Xioami following a trend first they will release one smartphone in China and after 5-6 months they will launch in India. Same happened with every Redmi prime and note devices, redmi 3s prime introduced in India after the launch of redmi 3s pro in China. Where Redmi note 4 is launched in August and now they are launching in January.

Redmi 3s Prime vs Redmi Note 4 colours:


After the launch of Redmi note 4 in August, they added two more different colour variants in December which are Blue and Black. Where redmi 3s comes with 3 normal colours which are Dark Grey, Silver, and Gold. Everyone wants to try out the blue coloured redmi note 4 but we are not sure whether they will launch in India or not.

Should I buy Redmi 3s Prime or Redmi Note 4 prime?

Well, if you have the same question in mind, Then let me break it down in this way. Redmi 3s prime has the 5-inch screen whereas Redmi 4 prime has got the 5.5-inch screen with better resolution than Redmi 3s. So if you love games or like to watch movies on mobile then you might consider this. Secondly, Redmi 4/ Redmi 4 prime’s “MT6797 Helio X20” is way better than Redmi 3s/3s prime’s “Qualcomm Snapdragon 430” in terms of performance. So it all comes down to one point, if you are a game/movie lover and willing to spend few more bucks then go for Redmi 4 Prime, otherwise there is no sense in spending 3000 more bucks because it is a really big amount for a budget phone.

Redmi 3s Prime vs Redmi Note 4 Flipkart Sale:

After the launch of Redmi note 3 in amazon site, the sales of first 5 flash sales are too damn high. So after 2 months, they made it available in every shopping site. Later on, one plus went on to make a deal with Amazon so as a revenge Xiaomi releasing all of their products in Flipkart only. This is official now redmi note 4 is exclusive to Flipkart just like Redmi 3s prime. Here are the buying links of both Redmi 3s prime and Redmi note 4

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