Octa core v/s quad core

Nowadays, octa core processors is the trend. Be it Samsung Galaxy S6, the Nexus 6P or OnePlus 2. We often think octa core is more powerful than Quad-core processors. That’s because it has double the number of processors cores of Quad-core. But it ain’t true, so checkout the latest battle between them i.e Quad Core vs Octa Core.

Quad Core vs Octa Core :

The key difference lies in the way the processor cores are set up. In Quad-core chips, each core is put to work simultaneously on a given task which ensures fast and fluid multitasking, smooth 3D game play, super speed camera performance, etc.On the other hand, octa core chips function as dual quad core with work being split between them according to type. The low powered set of cores are employed mostly. Faster set of cores comes into play for advanced tasks.

Quad Core vs Octa Core : Purpose

The more powerful a CPU is, the more power it has to draw from a device’s battery. So, the battery life gets plummeted. For a majority of tasks, processing power isn’t required much like navigating through hone screens, checking texts and browsing the Web. But HD video, gaming and photo manipulation are. Octa core concept seems to be a bit practical way tower extend a modern handset’s battery life without compromising performance where required.

Quad Core vs Octa Core: Technology

ARM’s big.LITTLE architecture is the basis of all octa core mobile chips. Announced in October 2011, the architecture enables 4 low power Cortex-A7 cores to operate with 4 high performance Cortex-A15 cores. ARM has worked on the setup every year as providing more capable chips on both halves of the octa core divide. Samsung’s Exynos chip was one of the first and most notable example which made its debut in octa form with Galaxy S4. Qualcomm switched to the big.LITTLE octa core setup with new Snapdragon 810 CPU which powers HTC One MP and the LG G Flex 2. Nvidia unveiled the Tegra X1 early this year. The super powerful mobile processor will be the backbone of automotive computing. The X1’s headline feature is its console-challenging GPU. Huawei’s Kirin 920 sported a similar setup when it made its way to Honor 6 later last year. Mediatek is another one to adopt the big.LITTLE architecture with MT6595 setup.

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Quad Core vs Octa Core: Conclusion

Octa core represents 2 independently operating quad core setups sandwiched together on 1 chip for greater energy efficiency. Octa core ain’t necessarily be superior to quad core. Apple manages to prove that. Qualcomm’s supposed choice for processors will be ‘quad core’ based Snap Dragon 820. Snapdragon 810 had overheating issues experienced with the Sony Experia Z3 Plus and LG G Flex 2. Qualcomm’s decision to swap 4 Krait cores for ARM’s Cortex low power cores could be a problem. But the company, by getting manufacturers like Samsung back, had tried to repair the damage done. ARM’s octa core big.LITTLE blueprint cam be seen as a solution to one major problem among several problems-awful battery life. Once it is fixed, the end of this dual quad core setup is inevitable.
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