How To Protect Your Computer From Ransomware Petya

Protect Your Computer From Ransomware Petya

Steps To Protect Your Computer From Ransomware Petya, What Is Ransomware Petya, How Ransomware Petya Works: Malware is a software which is specifically designed to disrupt, damage, or gain authorized access to a computer system. It is a form of computer virus and is not a new occurrence. As the first PC virus in the world ironically named Brain was first spotted a long way back in 1986. It was a boot sector virus and malware has been a big trouble for the world ever since. The increase in the number of malware was inevitable though once computers had become a need for the new age.

This tectonic rise in the amount of malware each day has led all the software companies to beef up their security like Google did with Chrome. But the so-called malware developers always seem to find a way around those security protocols and exploit those loopholes. In this article, we will tell you about the Malware namely Ransomware Petya in a detailed manner. We will also tell you how it works and affects your Windows device. You will also learn how to Protect Your Computer From Ransomware Petya.

What Is Ransomware Petya:

Petya Ransomware is not one ransomware but rather a family of encrypting ransomware. The virus was first discovered in 2016 when its first few variants were seen spreading via infected e-mail attachments. The malware only targets Microsoft Windows-based systems. It does this by infecting the master boot record of your device in order to execute a payload that encrypts the NTFS file table. Then it starts demanding a payment in Bitcoin cryptocurrency to a particular account if you want to regain access to the system. It demands the ransom in Bitcoin as it is very difficult to trace. This ransomware was modified in a way that it is unable to revert its own changes and thus payment is not an option.

What is also notable in this ransomware is that it uses multiple vulnerabilities of the Windows operating system. This is what makes it more dangerous than the recent ransomwares that have affected the world. Still, there are many ways to protect your computer from ransomware Petya.

One of the theories surrounding the ransomware is that it’s not a ransomware at all but a wiper instead. A wiper as mentioned here is a malware aimed at destroying data rather than getting money through ransom. This theory has taken ground because the attackers have only used a single e-mail account and a single bitcoin wallet for all the Petya attacks. That would be foolish from a malware developer of that level. Why you may ask now. Firstly, the e-mail account has already been suspended and second because the bitcoin wallet is very closely monitored by the law enforcement agencies of countries affected by the attack.

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How To Protect Your Computer From Ransomware Petya:

As India is one of the worst affected countries from this ransomware it is important to protect your windows device from it. India’s largest container port – Jawaharlal Nehru Port, located in Mumbai was affected by the cyber attacks according to Reuters. This comes after the claims of the Indian IT Minister, Mr. Ravi Shankar that Petya Ransomware has not affected India much. In fact, India has been the worst affected country in the entire Asia-Pacific region of the world. Not only that, India is also the seventh most affected country in the world at the moment.

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Steps To Protect Your Computer From Ransomware Petya:

  • Always keep an updated version of a trusted Antivirus. Also keep an additional malware protection tool like malware bytes, etc.
  • Do not open any unknown and untrusted links from any site or received over e-mails.
  • Update your Windows Operating System and always keep it Up-To-Date. They keep giving new security patches for newly found malware and viruses.
  • Always keep precaution and prevention as your most important tools against a fight with Malware and viruses.

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