Play Flipkart Snakes & Ladders to win exciting prizes

Play Flipkart Snakes & Ladders  : Do you know that a simple game of “Snakes and Ladders” can get you gift vouchers worth Rs. 1 crore? Don’t believe? Flipkart  (Play Flipkart Snakes & Ladders ) gives this great chance of “Play and win” as a prologue to its Big Shopping Days sale. The sale starts on May 25 and ends on May 27 and offers great discounts on all types of products. The ‘Snakes and ladders’ game can be played only on the latest version of Flipkart app from May 20 till the sale gets over on May 27. You get gift coupons, makeup combos, gold coins and a lot more than you think. So what are you waiting for? Roll the dice, make a move and grab a gift.

Here is what you get if you win the ‘Snake and ladders’ game.

  1. Gift vouchers worth Rs. 1 crore or more
  2. Gitanjali gold coins (Only for 10 lucky players)
  3. Lavie Back packs (for the first 1000 customers)
  4. VU 55” FHD TVs (Only for 10 lucky players)
  5. Maybelline Makeup Combos (only 1500 combos available)
  6. BPL 40” TVs (40 TVs each of worth Rs. 10,000)

Accessing the ‘Snakes and Ladders’ game

To Play Flipkart Snakes & Ladders game, you need to install Flipkart’s app from the Play store. If you already have the app installed, upgrade it to the latest version. The app is accessible for all Android, Windows and iOS users.

Open the app on 20th of May and enter your mobile number to start playing the game.


Play Flipkart Snakes & Ladders

Play Flipkart Snakes & Ladders

How to Play

Flipkart’s Snakes and Ladders?

  1. To play one round of the game, each user needs a chance. Every play is timed and hence when the timer expires, the games ends automatically.
  2. The timer starts when the user clicks Play. The timer cannot be paused for any reason like a call, killing the app or connectivity issues. When the user taps the dice, it starts and rolling and the user moves over the tiles on the game board. When the user lands on a reward tile, it can be claimed. For every chance, the layout of the board changes.
  3. The rewards gained by the user during every round of play are retained regardless of completing the game.
  4. First party rewards are added to your Flipkart account and can be seen under the “My Rewards” tab. These awards have expiry date and cannot be transferred to others.

Further terms and conditions for playing the game and the Big Shopping Days sale are clearly listed in Flipkart’s website


In case you wish to play one more round even after using up all your chances, you have to so one of the following,

  1. Share the app with a friend
  2. Post a review on a product that you bought and liked
  3. Activate your Flipkart Wallet
  4. Top up your Flipkart Wallet

After doing any of the above, the game gets activated after 2-3 minutes.

There are over hundreds of prized that you can win. So act fast and download the Flipkart app to play and win.

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