Paytm Diwali Tambola Offer – Collect Stamps & Get Upto Rs. 11,000

Paytm Diwali Tambola Offer

PayTM Diwali Tambola Offer 2020, How To Play PayTM Diwali Tambola, PayTM Wali Diwali Trick, How To Collect PayTM Tambola Ticket, How To Play PayTM Diwali Tambola & Get ₹11000 Free PayTM Cash – Hello Flipshope Users Welcome back!! After the biggest loot of Google Pay Go India Offer and Tickets we are back with another same offer. This time PayTM is back with PayTM Diwali Tambola offer where you need to collect Tickets to get up to Rs. 11,000 Free Paytm Cash. Surprisingly this is for the first time we are getting such an offer from PayTM so make sure to loot the PayTM Tambola Tickets to get the Paytm Cash Prize. Here we will help you to loot this PayTM Diwali Tambola Offer 2020.

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What is PayTM Diwali Tambola Offer? :

In PayTM Diwali Tambola offer we need to collect the Tambola Tickets similar to Google Pay India City Tickets. And you can win up to Rs. 11,000 Paytm cash in this Diwali. There are different types of stamps or tickets are available which you need to collect in the PayTM Tambola game.

To earn up to Rs. 11,000 all the participants need to perform different activities and payments on Paytm to collect the Diwali stamps such as Sweets, Fruits, Chocolates, Gold Coins, etc.. However, if you don’t know how to collect all the tickets, then don’t worry as ways to collect items are explained below. The Participants can get the cashback by collecting sets of Diwali items on the Tambola tickets such as Corners, Lines, Early 7, and Full Houses.

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Rewards For Completing PayTM Diwali Tambola House :

  • Get Early 7 Diwali Items and win up to ₹500
  • Collect all Corner Items and win up to ₹500
  • Get all Diwali items in PayTM Diwali Tambola House and Win up to ₹5000
  • Collect all Decoration items and win up to ₹1000 For Completing 1st Line
  • Get all Sweet items and win up to ₹1000 For Completing 2nd Line
  • Collect all Cracker items and win up to ₹1000 For Completing 3rd Line
  • Get all Pooja items and win up to ₹1000 For Completing 4th Line
  • Collect all Gift items and win up to ₹1000 For Completing 5th Line

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PayTM Diwali Tambola Tickets To Collect Scratch Cards :

Each and every user who will join the PayTM Diwali Tambola game will Get Free PayTM Diwali Tambola Agarbatti Ticket. However, you need to collect other tickets by completing various tasks or you can also receive tickets from your friends. Additionally, you will see a complete list of tambola tickets after participation.

Paytm Diwali Tambola Tickets

List of Available Tickets:

LadooGold Coin
Puja Ki ThaliBarfi
Soan PapdiChocolates
Dry FruitsCandles
FlowersShagun Lifafa
PhuljhadiGulab Jamun

How To Play PayTM Diwali Tambola Tickets? :

  1. Firstly, Join us on Telegram.
  2. Then, open the PayTM mobile app or update PayTM App.

2. After opening the app tap on PayTM Cash Back offer section or Scroll Down.

Paytm Diwali Tambola Offer

3. Now you will see the ‘PayTM Diwali Tambola Banner’.

Paytm Tambola Tickets Free

4. Go to PayTM Diwali Tambola and you will get one ‘Agarbatti Ticket’ for Free.

Paytm Diwali Tambola Tickets

5. After that you have to collect various PayTM Diwali Tambola Tickets to win Scratch Cards of up to Rs.11,000

6. If you have earned more than one PayTM Diwali Tickets or Stamps then Gift it to earn a Surprise Diwali product.

7. All the participants can gift an item to anyone in case he has more than one card of that item.

8. Each participant can gift an item only once per receiver to get a surprise gift.

9. The receiver will get the item only if he already doesn’t have that gifted card in his collection.

10. Each participant will get a scratch card of a Diwali item if a friend claims a Gift. (Max you can get 1 card per day).

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How To Collect PayTM Diwali Tambola Tickets? :

More PayTM Tambola Tickets Will Be Shared Daily In Our Telegram Channel

  • Check-in Daily For 7 Times and Get PayTM Diwali Tambola Rangoli Ticket
  • Send Money from the bank with a minimum of Rs.50 and Get PayTM Diwali Tambola Sweets Ticket
  • Recharge DTH with a Minimum of Rs.50 and Get PayTM Diwali Tambola Flowers Ticket
  • Recharge Your Mobile with a Minimum of Rs.48 and Get PayTM Diwali Tambola Candles Ticket
  • Gift PayTM Tambola Ticket Second Time and Get PayTM Diwali Tambola Dry Fruits Ticket
  • Pay any kind of Utility Bills with a Minimum of Rs.100 and Get PayTM Diwali Tambola Diya Ticket
  • Shop on Favorites Apps like Myntra, Amazon, Flipkart and More and Get PayTM Diwali Tambola Gold Coin Ticket
  • Order Food Online Using Swiggy, Zomato or Dominos and Get PayTM Diwali Tambola Chocolates Ticket
  • Pay at Nearby shops using QR Codes With Minimum of Rs.25 Payment and Get PayTM Diwali Tambola Crackers Ticket
  • Gift PayTM Tambola Ticket First Time and Get PayTM Diwali Tambola Fruits Ticket
  • Add Money to Your Paytm Wallet and Get PayTM Diwali Tambola Shagun Lifafa Ticket

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