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Oneplus referral program refer and earn

Oneplus Referral Program: Did you miss the Oneplus 1Rs sale and failed to grab any 1 Rs products from Oneplus. Then don’t worry because Oneplus is now providing one more option to grab the accessories for free. This time your luck doesn’t matter because all you need to do is invite your friends to participate in the Oneplus referral program. For every referral, you will get referral points and the friend you invited will also get Rs. 2000 off on Oneplus mobile. Here is how it works, we are giving each and every detail on the Oneplus referral program with proper steps on how to participate in Oneplus refer and earn.

OnePlus India Referral Link & Code To Get Flat ₹500

OnePlus IndiaDetails
OnePlus India Referral Link To Get ₹500 Off
Benefit₹500 Instant Discount
Additional BenefitApplicable on OnePlus Accessories

If you know about the program and here for getting the Oneplus referral code you can just skip reading the article and go to the Oneplus site using the link below:

Oneplus Referral code/link:

I would recommend you to read the full article to get all the information and TnC of program.

Oneplus Referral Program:

Just like other referral programs this also works in the same way, you need to invite your friends and both will get the commission. But there is a twist in the Oneplus referral program, in other shopping site referral programs you need to invite friends and when they made any purchase you will get commission and they can use the referral money to use it in their order. In Oneplus refer and earn program your friend must purchase Oneplus smartphone then only you will get the credit.

What is a Oneplus Referral code:

There is no such thing as a Oneplus referral code. Instead, You need to go to the Oneplus referral page by Clicking on the Oneplus referral link. On the Oneplus referral page, you can claim Rs. 2000 off code by clicking on the “redeem” button.


How to Participate in the Oneplus Referral Program:

You need to order the Oneplus device from the Oneplus official site or you can simply verify your present Oneplus device to get the unique Oneplus referral code/link. Without purchasing the Oneplus device you can’t enter in Oneplus refer and earn program.

Steps to participate in the Oneplus Referral Program:

  • Once you got the unique referral line then you can share that on with your friends.
  • Your friend(s) will receive flat ₹2000 off on the purchase of OnePlus 7T and 7T Pro.
  • After receiving the MObile your friend needs to download the Oneplus care app and verify the IMEI of the mobile. By doing so he/she will get 1 year extended warranty and many more benefits. To know more you can visit Oneplus care app benefits.
  • You will receive 200 referral points which can be used to get Rs. 1000 Amazon Voucher.

Quick Tip: You can ask your friends Oneplus IMEI number to generate your referral link.

Oneplus Referral Prizes:

Once you got enough referral points you can use them to claim the prizes. You can win so many accessories such as 500 & 1000 Rs vouchers, Free T-shirts, and Backpacks as well. Here are the detailed price list of Oneplus Refer and Earn Program

  • Every 400 points can get you an amazon voucher of Rs 2000 (You need to refer at least 2 friends to get that)
  • For 400 Points you can get Oneplus Car Charger
  • For 100 Points you will receive 500 Rs Voucher valid on accessories only.

Oneplus Referral code/link:

Oneplus Referral Program FAQ:

Who can participate in the OnePlus referral program?

When you purchase a smartphone on the Oneplus store, you’ll receive your referral link. If you’ve ever purchased a smartphone on Oneplus or other OnePlus official channels, you are eligible to participate.

I’ve invited my friend, and they’ve purchased a smartphone. Why don’t I have my points?

Your friend needs to download the Oneplus care app for that. Once that done, please allow up to 30 days for referral points to be added to your account. You will get a notification email when your points are confirmed. You can also see a date estimate on your referral hub.

How can I spend my points?

Please visit the referral hub to see what’s available. There, you can trade your referral points for exclusive OnePlus accessories, gear, and vouchers.

How much are referral points worth?

OnePlus referral points have no definitive value. Check the referral hub to see what can currently be purchased with your referral points.

Can my friend use multiple referral links?

Your friend may only use one referral link when purchasing a OnePlus smartphone.

How to participate if your OnePlus smartphone is not purchased via the Oneplus website?

To avail of this offer, verify the IMEI number of your existing OnePlus device at Once the IMEI number is verified, a unique referral code will be generated for your OnePlus account. The remaining process of referral is then the same for all users after that. You may refer to the details on the link to know more about how to get IMEI number.


Oneplus Referral code/link:



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