Oneplus Best Smartphone Contest Prizes Dates and How to win One Crore Golden Ticket

Oneplus best smartphone contest dates prizes

OnePlus Best Smartphone Contest, OnePlus Best Smartphone One Crore, How to Win OnePlus Best Smartphone Contest, Best Smartphone Contest: Again OnePlus contests are back, and this time with more bigger prizes.OnePlus has already launched two OnePlus Rs 1 flash sale and those two OnePlus sales got them decent branding in India. Now this time they are giving away one mega prize that is Flat 1 Crore Indian Rs, they named this contest as Oneplus Best Smartphone contest. Here are the more details on Oneplus best smartphone contest prizes, dates and winners.

How To Win Oneplus One Crore Contest Registration Gain More One Plus Points

OnePlus Best Smartphone Contest:

How To Win Oneplus One Crore Contest

So this time in OnePlus Best Smartphone Contest they are giving away lot of offers and prizes for the customers. The biggest offer is that you can win a prize money of worth Rs 1 crores and can meet with legendary Amitabh Bachchan. Also, you can win a OnePlus 3T smartphone. Don’t be upset if you can’t get any of these. Also, you can have amazon gift vouchers of Rs 500/1000/2000. So there is a lot of chance that ou will surely win a prize. How to go for this sale and how you can use this offer, we will let you know in our article OnePlus Best Smartphone Contest. 

Oneplus December Dash Flash Sale Information for 1 rs Oneplus 3T

OnePlus Best Smartphone Contest Video:

Here is the Link to Register Oneplus 1 Crore Contest

How to Participate in OnePlus Best Smartphone Contest:

  • Sign up at OnePlus Store Page.
  • Click on Enter and Create a new fresh account.
  • After you complete the sign-up process a pop-up will appear on your page with a question that Which is the Best rated Smartphone? The answer is OnePlus 3T.
  • After you will get your first task. This may be sharing on facebook or Twitter.
  • You will 200 points for your first. Same way you have to come and log in on this page. Complete the tasks and increase your points.
  • You need to have 800 points for Rs 500 voucher, 1000 points for Rs 1000 voucher, and 1200 points for Rs 2000 voucher on Amazon.
  • Go to menu => Task Centre. Here you can complete your weekly tasks.

Here is the Link to Register Oneplus 1 Crore Contest

OnePlus Best Smartphone Contest Dates:

  • OnePlus Best Smartphone Contest Dates: 9th March to 19th April
  • OnePlus Best Smartphone Contest Lucky Draw Winners: 26th April
  • Video Shoot for 10 Winners: 27th April to 25th May
  • Voting for Videos of 10 Winners: 26th May to 7th June
  • Announcement of 5 Finalists: 8th June
  • Finale of OnePlus Best Smartphone Contest: 22nd June

Any reminder amount from previous weeks will be added to next week’s amount. Also, the decision taken by the company will be the final decision.

OnePlus Best Smartphone Contest Prizes:

  • Mega OnePlus Best Smartphone Contest Prize Money is worth Rs 1 crore.
  • 10 OnePlus 3T smartphone to the leaderboards of OnePlus Best Smartphone Contest.
  • Amazon vouchers worth Rs 500/1000/2000.

So these prizes you can have in OnePlus Best Smartphone Contest. Customers can win these prizes by completing weekly tasks and earning points. You need to have 800 points for Rs 500 voucher, 1000 points for Rs 1000 voucher, and 1200 points for Rs 2000 voucher on Amazon. Top 10 customers will be decided according to votings by the others peoples all over India. And then the final lucky winner will be announced on 22nd June.

Signup and stand a chance to win 1 Crore at onePlus Store Page

Lucky Draw Process for OnePlus Best Smartphone Contest:

  • 1000 customers will be selected through a lucky draw.
  • From these 1000 customers, 10 will be selected. They will be compared to the tasks given daily weeks. The best 10 will go further ahead.
  • Now, these 10 customers need to make a video of their own with a little glimpse of their life between 27th April to 25th May.
  • Now, these videos will be uploaded to different social media sites and also on microsite of OnePlus and will be opened for a public voting.
  • Voting will start on 26th May and will close on 7th June.
  •  On 8th June, 5 lucky customers with highest number voting will be given golden tickets to the finale of OnePlus Best Smartphone Contest and can play with Amitabh Bachchan.
  • 22nd June is the date of the finale in which you can an amount of Rs 1crore. Results will be announced on 2nd June only.

How to Win Oneplus Best Smartphone Contest:

First, choose what prize are you aiming for. If you are looking for one crore Rs from the oneplus contest, then you should have the minimum of 1200 points. Remember if you are aiming for one crore you either get a jackpot or you will end up with nothing. Because you need to redeem those 1200 points to get the golden ticket, once you got the golden ticket then you can check your luck on one crore Rs. If you want amazon gift vouchers then you can’t enter into the one crore event. Here is the detailed information on prizes

  • Redeem 800 points for Amazon 500 Rs Gift Card
  • Redeem 1000 points for Amazon 1000 Rs Gift Card
  • Redeem 1200 points for Amazon 2000 Rs Gift Card
  • Redeem 1200 points for Oneplus Golden Ticket
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