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oneplus 5 blind test contest

Oneplus 5 Blind Test, Oneplus 5 Contest: It’s another Oneplus Mobile Launch with a new contest, this time you can win Oneplus 5 with a simple guess. As a part of Oneplus 5 campaign, they are now conducting Oneplus 5 Blind test in which Oneplus giving away their upcoming oneplus 5 mobile, Backpacks, Earphones and much more. Previously oneplus conducted December dash sale which ran for 4 straight weeks. In that contest, they gave away free Oneplus 3t’s, just 2 months back they conducted oneplus one crore contest and now they are back with brand new Oneplus 5 Blind test. Here is how to participate in Oneplus 5 Blind test to win Oneplus 5

Win OP5:Answer Simple Question to win Oneplus 5 from

Oneplus 5 Blind Test:

This oneplus contest will start from 14th June and it will end on 20th June. They are running 3 events in this contest. All 3 events hold Oneplus 5 as the mega winner for this you just need to answer a quick question. Then you will be presented with a lucky draw, if you are lucky enough then you will get Oneplus 5 or else you may get some accessories like Oneplus Earphones, Powerbanks, Backpacks and more. But most of the cases you might not win, so don’t give up. It’s just a guess sign-up to the oneplus site today to participate in Oneplus 5 Blind Test.

How to Participate in Oneplus 5 Blind test:

  • First, you must log into the oneplus official site. Click here to make an account
  • Then visit the Oneplus 5 Contest Page, there you will find Vote Now option
  • Click on that, then you will be presented with 4 images
  • Choose the best image and click on Confirm your choice button
  • After that you will receive Draw Now button, just click on that
  • If you are lucky enough then you can win Oneplus 5 Launch Event Tickets or you will get some accessories.
  • If your answer is wrong then you can still try in the next contest.

Here is Your Chance to Win Oneplus 5 for Free: Sign-Up and Enter

Oneplus 5 Blind Test Contest Prizes:

As mentioned earlier the Mega prize of this contest is Oneplus 5, there are more than 10 Oneplus 5 mobiles are available to grab. One can win Oneplus 5 every day all you need to do is follow above steps. Apart from oneplus 5, there are some other accessories as well, but oneplus haven’t confirmed the number of units of these accessories. Here are the complete list of Oneplus 5 Blind Test Contest Prizes

  • OnePlus 5 Launch Event Tickets
  • Travel Backpack
  • Travel Messenger Bag
  • OnePlus Never Settle T-Shirts
  • OnePlus 5 Accessories worth Rs 300 & Rs 150

So to win Oneplus 5 you need to share your invite link with your friends. Also, your entry should be present in the top 3 of the leaderboard. You can spam your oneplus invite link all over the internet but you can’t generate fake entries. Here are the more details on Oneplus 5 Blind Test Rules

Oneplus 5 Blind Test Rules:

  • The Blind Test is divided into three stages, June 14th to June 16th, June 16th to June 18th and June 18th to June 20th. Participants can vote for the best images and take part in a lucky draw, at all three stages.
  • All lucky draw coupons are valid until June 19th. Post this date, all coupons will expire.
  • The lucky draw entitles participants to coupons (automatically allotted by the system) to be redeemed at Coupons for OnePlus gear can be redeemed on the payment of a mere Rs. 1. Monetary coupons can be redeemed directly at
  • All winners of OnePlus gear and monetary coupons will receive details of respective coupons in their corresponding accounts within a period of 7 working days.
  • Winners who receive the coveted tickets to the OnePlus Launch as a part of the Lucky Draw should ensure that their physical addresses are actually correct, as the tickets will be shipped immediately.

Oneplus 5 Blind Test Date and Time:

There is total of 3 events in this contest so as a part of the first event they launched oneplus 5 blind test. This will run fro 14th June to 16th June. From 16th June we will get one more event, that will end on 18th. So the final event will end on 20th with the announcement of winners. There are the oneplus 5 blind test date and time

  • Event 1: From 14th June to 16th June (Oneplus 5 Blind Test)
  • Event 2: From 16th June to 18th June (Coming Soon)
  • Event 3: From 18th June to 20th June (Coming Soon)

Oneplus 5 Contest Leaderboard Challenge:

  • From 14th June until 20th June, share the Blind Test contest details on Facebook and Twitter with your friends. The top 3 users on our leaderboard each take home a OnePlus 5.
  • The top 3 users from Oneplus leaderboard can redeem their coupons against a OnePlus 5, on the payment of a mere Rs. 1, starting June.
  • The contest will be closely monitored. Any users found cheating will immediately forfeit any points/rewards accumulated.
  • The rank is updated on 9:30 am IST and 9:30 pm IST every day and ends on June 20th at 10:00 am IST.

We are making an article on how to win oneplus 5 contest, so stay tuned to Flipshope Blog for more updates.

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