Nokia 3310 Price in India

Nokia 3310 Price in India Latest and Old Price of Nokia 3310

Nokia 3310 Price in India, Nokia 3310 New Price, Nokia 3310 in India, Nokia 3310 Price: Nokia is one of the largest mobile manufacturing companies in the world. But somehow it fell way behind in last 4-5 years. Also, it was bought by Microsoft and after Nokia began to lose its customers and faith in people. People thought that days of Nokia phones are over now. But again Nokia is back in action with some great phones ever in the market. With Nokia 6 and Nokia Edge launching in 2017, Nokia is going to be a tough competition for Apple iPhone series, google mobiles, and others mobile manufacturer companies. Also, Nokia is launching some already launched phones this year. So we can hope that king will be back again with some best smartphones ever. Just read our article Nokia 3310 Price in India and get to know all about Nokia 3310.

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Nokia 3310 Price in India:

Nokia 3310 is going to be launched in India soon. Already people started searching for new features and price of Nokia 3310 in India. We will let you all the new features and price of Nokia 3310 in India. As no official announcement is made by Nokia that from when it will be available online or in store. But it is going to be launched soon. Orders are made from Chine to bring Nokia 3310 as early as possible. With almost all the same features it will be released in India. Maybe we can get some new features. So we will tell you all about new features and price in our article Nokia 3310 Latest Price in India.

  • Nokia 3310 Price in India: 1599
  • Old Nokia 3310 Price in India: 3992
  • New Nokia 3310 Price in India: Coming Soon

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Nokia 3310 Latest Features:

Nokia 3310 was launched on 1st September 2000. And it’s going to be launched again in India soon. With 2 inch TFT display and 1000 mAh Li-Ion battery, it will be available soon in the market. No front camera is provided. It will be having GSM network and micro sim slot. This mobile supports 2G with about 85 Kbps speed. It also has Bluetooth. Radio will be there to listen to songs and it will support 3GP and MP4 video format. With these features, it was an indestructible handset in the market. The durability was great and we can hope that with same durability it will be launched again. Also, the battery life was awesome. So let us just wait for few days until an official announcement have been made.

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New Nokia 3310 Price:

Nokia has been loved in India from very starting. People always Nokia than any other brand. But in last 4-5 years, Nokia’s mobile phones are in the loss. But again Nokia is releasing some best phones in 2017. As Nokia 3311 will be launched soon in India again. So people are bothering about the price and all. The price of Nokia 3310 in India will be around Rs  3000-4000. Previously Nokia 3310 price was around Rs 2000. But you will some new features and a long lasting battery. So there will be a little hike in price. But this is not going to affect the users. Because in this price range this will be the best phone ever. For more updates just like our facebook page and Flipshope extension and keep yourself updated with upcoming and latest news.

  • New Nokia 3310 Price in India: Rs 3310
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