Mitron vs TikTok App

Mitron vs TikTok App: Indian or Pakistani App? Read this before download

Mitron is an app like the TikTok we can call it “Desi Version of TikTok”. After the unstoppable fight of Youtube vs TikTok a new app called ‘Mitron’ come into existence. Earlier, everyone thought that this app was developed by the IIT Roorkee student and it is having more than 5 million downloads on the Playstore with a 4.8 rating. But in this post of Mitron vs TikTok, I am going to tell you the reality of this app. Don’t skip this post because this app may lead to a big fraud. Let’s see the reality of the Mitron app.

Is it Mitron vs TikTik or TicTic?

Mitron is app is developed as a rival of TikTok after the YouTube vs TikTok fight. According to the news, the Mitron app is a rebadged version of Pakistani App ‘TicTic’. This app has more than 5 million users and one reason behind this is Indian users. Indian loves the country that’s why they have downloaded the Mitron app for showing the unity and power of the Indians. But sadly the source code and the complete app are bought from Qboxus, a Pakistani software development company.

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According to the News18, the app is bought for Rs. 2,600 ($34) as said by the Irfan Sheikh, Founder and Chief Executive of Qboxus. However, the Mitron app developer has changed the product name, logo, and uploaded it to the Playstore. Canyon website suggests that this app’s code has been sold 274 times. Clearly this app is not an Indian TikTok app, but it is just a rebranded Pakistani app.

Mitron vs TicTic Source Code

You can see both the images and it can be easily identified that both the Mitron and TicTic apps are using the same libraries. Initially, both the apps show similar features as the Mitron app emulates TikTok.

Mitron's library
Mitron’s library
(Image: Karan Saini)
TicTic’s library
TicTic’s library
(Image: Karan Saini)

Is it safe to use the Mitron app?

Everyone is trying to follow the ‘Make in India’ initiative by Prime Minister Narendra Modi, but this news disappoints every Indian user. However, it is not illegal to purchase the source code of an app and use it with its name. But this may lead to fraud or it may breach your data because the developer of the Mitron app is working in the stealth mode and there is no clear information available about the developer who repacked it.

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I don’t think that it is safe to use it because this app is operating without any privacy policy and where they are going to use the user’s data. Let’s see Google will penalize the app or not.

I suggest you not download the Mitron app just for supporting the fight of the Mitron vs TikTok app because logically Mitron is not a ‘Make in India’ app. It is better to delete this app for your safety.

Share your views on this. Would you still like to support the Mitron app?

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