Microsoft Surface Laptop Price Specifications in India

Microsoft Surface Laptop Price Specifications in India

Microsoft Surface Laptop Price Specifications in India, Microsoft Surface Laptop Price in India: Technology is improving every day. We get to know about some of them while about others we get news later. Like now there is Robotic Vacuum Cleaner in the market which will help to clean your house automatically and meanwhile you can complete other works. In our article, Microsoft Surface Laptop Price Specifications,  we are going to tell you about a new technology coming in market in just a few days from now. Microsoft has designed a new laptop for students. Actually not only designed, they are going to make it available in store in just a few days for users. In 2017 only we have seen almost 10 new smartphones with some improvement every time. Also, with growing technologies product are also having a less price than before. We have got Cheapest smartphones in the market with almost all the features like in other expensive phones.

Microsoft Surface Laptop Release Date and Launch Date in India

Microsoft Surface Laptop Price Specifications:

Surface book or Surface Laptop is a 2-in-1 laptop started by Microsoft only. To distinguish it from other laptops, the best way to know is that the keyboard of surface laptops are detachable which uses a dynamic fulcrum hinge which expands when it is opened. So now we can have laptops with us all the time. Before also this technology was there. But as it is a new one, so obviously it will be some more improvement for users. Especially these laptops are for students. As the students after passing their high school need a laptop for basic use. So now they can have one. In our article, Microsoft Surface Laptop Price Specifications we will try to tell almost everything about this laptop.

  • Expected Microsoft Surface Laptop Release Date in India: June 2017
  • Microsoft Surface Laptop Release Date in India: 15th June 2017

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Microsoft Surface Laptop Specifications in India:

Price Rs 62,999
Display Size 13 inch
Operating System Windows 10 S
RAM 4GB/ 8GB/ 16GB
Hard Disk 128GB/256GB/512GB
ProcessorIntel Core i5/ Intel Core i7
Graphics Intel HD Graphics 620/ Intel Iris Plus Graphics 640
Weight 1.25 kg
Battery Backup 14.5 Hours
Other Thinnest LCD Touch
Comments Awesome product

Actually, there can be 4 different variants of this surface laptop. So why these many options are there in specifications. The war in technology is increasing every day. All are trying to be best in their respective fields. Obviously, Microsoft is going to cover all the aspects with some great features so that they can beat especially Google and Apple in this technology war. As we all know that these are always competes to be on top. They are arch rivals of each other. There are many other laptops around 60000 which can help users.

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Microsoft Surface Laptop Price in India:

As expected this is a new technology, so the price will be a little higher now. Not only in India, everywhere the price is going to be high. But this is also not as high that we can’t afford. For a laptop with these features and new technologies, we can pay an amount of Rs 62,999. Especially students must be at happy side by this news. Why not invest in this laptop once than to invest in some other laptop and that also regularly? As if you buy any other laptop you need to take extra care of those laptops. In our article Microsoft Surface Laptop Price Specifications, you can know all about this new surface laptop.

  • Microsoft Surface Laptop Price: 999$ or Rs 62,999 (approx.)

Microsoft Surface Laptop Images:

Microsoft Surface Laptop                                          Microsoft Surface Laptop

Microsoft Surface Laptop Price Specifications

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