New Mi Pro power bank to support Type C USB

MI pro powerbank

MI pro powerbankSmartphones have become the fourth basic need of human life. A day without smartphone is unimaginable. There can be nothing more irritating than a mobile that is completely drained of charge. So along with smartphones, power banks have also become essential to charge mobiles on the go.

Xiaomi is setting a standard in the Power Bank market. The older models of Xiaomi’s power banks supported only micro USB. The new Mi Pro power bank of Xiaomi comes with 10000mAh capacity and Type C USB slot. The power bank is 42% thinner than other power banks. The power bank is smart to detect the phones with fast charging option and will reduce the charging time by 25%.

Mi Pro power bank can charge all accessories like Mi Band and Mi Bluetooth ear phone. To charge these small devices, double tap on the power button to switch the mode. The power bank can be charged within 6 hours using a 5V/2A input. It can also be charged quickly in just 3.5 hours using an 18 W ultra fats charger.

Xiaomi has claimed that a fully charge Mi Pro power bank can charge Mi Note 2.5 times, iPhone 6 6 times and iPad Mini 1.5 times. It comes with 9 layers of circuit protection along with USB smart-control and charging/discharging chips to stabilize discharging voltage to give up to 93% conversion rate.

The price of Mi Pro power bank is $22. The other specifications will be officially released by Xiaomi after releasing the power bank.

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