Updated trick: Trick to complete Mi 2nd anniversary game

As we all know about Mi 2nd anniversary game and their offers, new launches, 1Rs flash sale. If you haven’t read anything about this we recommend you to read this article. We are offering auto-buy for their flash sale products. This sale will take place on 20-22nd July in the afternoon 2pm. Mi is giving away 30 mobiles and 300 product at just 1Rs.

Update: Now you don’t need to replace the quotes. Remember that you open console using the methods mentioned bellow. Don’t use F12 or any other way to open the console otherwise it won’t work

Trick to Complete Mi 2nd Anniversary Game:

Mi 2nd anniversary game is pretty impressive you just need to match two same cards. You will get so many vouchers and gifts on every 5 successful tasks. You can only use these vouchers in these 3 days so if you won any good vouchers just use them or comment on this article so that others can get a chance to use on their purchase. Everyone wants to finish the game just to see the final exiting prize. We did completed the game by defeating more than 99.73% players. It is very simple now you can do it too all you need is to follow these simple steps

UPDATED Auto-Buy Trick to get Mi 1Rs Flash Sale products

  1. Visit Mi.com game by clicking here and start the game.
  2. Right click on any card and click on inspect.
  3. This will open a window on the bottom or righ side of your browser, now click on console
  4. Paste the following code in the console area and hit enter

$(".card-list li a div").addClass("back")

That’s it now you can view all the cards, see the below images

mi 2nd anniversary game trick


All the decks are showing in the other way, with this you can easily match the pairs and win the game. This trick works on any desktop browser. You can easily complete every task and win prizes worth 5000.

Mi game


We defeated more than 99.73% people in this Mi 2nd anniversary game, share this with your friends and complete the game. Go on so many vouchers are waiting for you.. 🙂

Here is the video proof of Mi 2nd Anniversary Game trick..

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    • Hey Abhi I won the 50Rs voucher after that I haven’t played much. But upto my knowledge no one won more than 50Rs voucher.

  1. Awesome Job dude … I completed 44 Stage …. Just want to know the trick for 1 Rupee sale is there any script to follow… I have tried the steps in video last two days

    • Hi Bhargav, We updated our extension for todays sale. Now it will work on any time zone. Just follow those steps with high speed internet. Our extension will automatically add the product to cart.

  2. Uncaught SyntaxError: Invalid or unexpected token
    not working bro tried replace double quotes with single quotes always this error comes

  3. I only have redmi note 3 and mobile app,how should I follow the script to play game as there I s no right click please help to find a trick to play on app

    • Hello Neha, everything is clearly mentioned in the article step by step or you can also watch the video for better understanding. For a brief info click on any deck to open inspect element then add the code(which was given in the article) this will show you every card on the other side.

  4. not working now.. please check and confirm tried on chrome and firefox.. as per the instruction provided.

    • Hi Abhi, Watch the video carefully and follow the given steps. It is working for everyone as you can see previous comments everyone got succeeded. Please try once again it will surely work.

    • Hi Ujjval, the trick is working for everyone. Please follow every step and watch the video for further reference.

        • Hi Ujjval, download our extension and check your entry on the icon. This will allow you to get flash sale products. For more details visit flash sale article.

  5. they have stopped the desktop version of the game.Now we can play it only on the app.What to do??
    Is their any other trick for it as well.

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