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Mi Fan Festival, Trick To Buy Mi 1Rs Sale Products

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  1. Shilpa says:

    Hi, I downloaded the app and ticked my desired smartphone at flash sale for Rs.1 i get registered myself too but not in FB, will that effect anyway? And one more thing i want to know are they going to sell at Rs.1 only really or they will collect full value or full payment later. kindly reply brother.

    1. Shravan says:

      any social media sharing will give you the entry to all 1rs mi flash sales, they won’t even collect delivery charges you just have to pay 1inr from your debit card.. 🙂

  2. AKSHAY says:

    Hey there,.
    I have already installed the extension.. I just see the Auto buy icon with the description given below… but how do i check this auto buy option ??

    1. Shravan says:

      it is available on our extension icon or check the article now i even added the image.

      1. Dhariasing91@gmail.com says:

        I like

  3. Javed says:

    Is there are any discount on debit card payment ?

    1. Shravan says:

      yes they will announce tomorrow

  4. shailesh says:

    can u tell me 500₹ off next date

    1. Shravan says:

      17th october on mi site

  5. Saurav says:

    Hi,I have added the xtension..where do i see the mi icon on the xtension…I am not able to find…

    1. Shravan says:

      it just updated check now

  6. Buyer says:

    I HAVE installed the extension
    having fast broadband connection

    then also

    In Mi 2nd Anniversary Sale
    nothing get
    every sale day nothing in my cart

  7. Ashish says:

    Did Anyone Got??

  8. Ashish says:

    Failed Again 🙁

  9. Govind says:

    Did anyone get?

  10. Advit says:

    Please update the app for July 22nd sale – Mi Max and Mi Bluetooth Speaker, i just downloaded and cant see these products

    1. Shravan says:

      Hello it’s been already updated and chrome also approved the recent update. All you need to do is just check your entry by clicking on auto-buy Mi 1Rs Flash sale. This confirm your registration from our side.

  11. Shubham says:

    The countdown timer on the Mi page is always 4-5 seconds behind than the system time. I have synchronized the system time with the internet server time so many times, still there is always some difference in the timer. Please help…

    1. Shravan says:

      We updated our script to start 3 mins before the sale, as you can see it will start clicking 2-3 mins before the sale. This process will run in the source code so whenever they update the button it will click on that right away. No need to worry about time difference.

  12. Ashish says:

    i have a question!!

    if a use ur extension and and one script on different tab
    can u tell me i can go more fast from 10ms in set interval funtion??

    if i set is to 5 will it work correctly , and browers will detect the click ?

    1. Shravan says:

      Hi Ashish, we already tried that method by changing the time factor. If you are changing the time zone the Buy Now option will appear on your screen but it won’t add product to your cart. For better understanding watch this video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_SvdPlqqLMA

  13. Gilbert says:

    I had checked for Mi sale today. But couldnt get one, instead got a pop up message which says that i have been registered for Auto Checkout/ Add to cart for next sale. What does that mean? Can you pls help?


    1. Ashutosh Goyal says:

      That mean the product got sold out as the number of products were only 10 and you have to try again in next sale.

  14. Buyer says:

    Sale is Fake
    They made buy now button as oops out of stock message

    Check yourself with website source

    This is posted in mi forum and someone make video YouTube

    1. Shravan says:

      Hello, Thanks for your comment but we did saw the buy now button yesterday that’s why we are adding this script anyway we will look into that matter as well.

      1. Buyer says:

        one more this yesterday I used a script with a high-speed internet than also as soon as buy now button comes message shown oops out of stock

        That means sale is fake
        Also they posted numbers all are newbies (employees own) ( because same when huwai also done rs 1 sale on online store starts they also posted user ids one id having huwai id )

        Today if possible you record screen than reveal how they cheat the public and get publicity free

        1. Shravan says:

          Yeah sure we are planning to take the screen video or their source code. We will update this article with more info just after the sale.

          1. Buyer says:

            Expecting exposed news from you

            As i participated in many flash sales and know the tricks

            Today also used script with high speed internet
            also used your extension

            Nothing worked

            As soon as 2 pm buy now but messages oops out of stock

            Clear Fake sale

          2. Shravan says:

            Hello as per your suggestion we did tracked their source code but there is nothing wrong in that. That means the sale is real atleast we have to wait for the winners to show up with their product screen shot. Then only we can confirm that this sale is a genuine one.

  15. rohit says:

    can you please tell when mi band and redmi note 3 script will come?

    1. Shravan says:

      Hello Rohit, we already added the auto-buy option for redmi note 3 and mi band option in our extension icon. Just click on that it will automatically add both the products to cart. Just make sure that you are already registered for the sale. If you want to know the trick to complete mi game visit this article: http://flipshope.com/blog/mi-2nd-anniversary-game/

  16. mannan says:

    also do we have to check auto buy option today ? or just before sale starts?

    1. Shravan says:

      You can check that anytime, as you were already registered in every flash sale so we added the script accordingly like once u register on our extension it will eligible auto-buy option to every flash sale product.

      1. mannan says:

        okay sir thanks a lot ,also when will the script of mi band get uploaded?

  17. mannan says:

    sir did the auto buy trick worked today? were you able to grab any product??ma

    1. Shravan says:

      Hi Mannan, We added the script just before 1 hour to the sale. There were only 10 mobiles in this flash sale we don’t know whether this sale is real or not. We will keep you updated with other details but make sure you got the high speed internet and registration on our icon.

  18. sanjay says:

    but i dont see autobuy option forMi5

    1. Shravan says:

      Hi Sanjay, Please update the extension to new version 1.13.36 Then you will find auto-buy option for Mi 5

  19. Jey says:

    how to add xiomi rs 1 flash sale in flipshop chore icon as it still showing le max 2 options ??????

    1. Shravan says:

      Hello Jey,

      We are really sorry, as our team is sorting out whether this sale is a real one or not. We have no idea in which page they gonna show their flash sale products. So that’s why we couldn’t add auto-buy option. I promise you we will surely add auto-buy option in tomorrow’s sale.


    2. Shravan says:

      Jey, we just updated our extension with the auto-buy feature for Mi5 mobile. We wish you the good luck on today’s sale.

      1. Navdeep says:

        bro ….wuld it also work for today’s sale…????

        1. Navdeep says:

          i mean for redmi note 3 and mi band..

          1. Shravan says:

            Yes our extension will click more than 100 times in one sec if it didn’t worked through our extension there is no chance u can get that mobile on normal try. But just make sure you have the good internet connection. If you are trying to complete the ‘Mi game we got one trick to complete that as well: http://flipshope.com/blog/mi-2nd-anniversary-game/ Read that article to find out the script. Good luck with tomorrow’s sale.

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