List of Popular Google Doodle Games

Google frequently launches new and creative doodles on the search engine’s homepage. The doodles also include the exciting Google Doodle Games. These Google Doodle Games are good for fun and recreation. Google re-displayed some of its List of Popular Google Doodle Games during the recent COVID-19 lockdown. Moreover, doodle games help to relieve stress and acts as a brain booster.

Here is a list of some Popular Google Doodle Games. Play Now!

Top 10 Popular Google Doodle Games

Rubik’s Cube Google Doodle GamePlay Now
PAC-MAN Doodle GamePlay Now
Basketball Google Doodle GamePlay Now
Crossword Google Doodle GamePlay Now
Cricket Google Doodle GamePlay Now
Halloween Google Doodle GamePlay Now
Snake – Chinese New Year Doodle GamePlay Now
Soccer Google Doodle GamePlay Now
Coding Google Doodle GamePlay Now
Valentine’s Day Doodle GamePlay Now


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