Lenovo Zuk Z3 Max

Lenovo Zuk Z3 Max Leaks And Is The Zuk Series Dead ?

Lenovo Zuk Z3 Leaks Max And Is The Zuk Series Dead ?, Lenovo Zuk Z3 Max Specifications, Lenovo Zuk Z3 Max Details: Lenovo is a Chinese multinational technology company situated and formed in Beijing, China. It designs, develops, manufactures and sells Smartphones along with a wide variety of electronic products. Zuk is a Lenovo owned online-only smartphone brand developed by Lenovo to make a brand using the online only method of sale. This was done keeping in mind the internet savvy generation and the increase in online shopping. Zuk was founded in 2015, and the company then launched its first smartphone in China. Zuk entered into an exclusive licensing agreement with Cyanogen to base its products’ Android distribution upon a variant of the popular custom ROM CyanogenMod. Lenovo has till date launched two different mobiles under the Zuk brand name with different variants in each one.

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Lenovo Zuk Z3 Max Leaks And Is The Zuk Series Dead ?:

Two months ago, it was highly rumored that Lenovo would be killing the Zuk brand. This was said to be a move to make sure that the company only concentrates on the Lenovo-Motorola devices. The Zuk brand was planned to merge with the Motorola division of the company. Interestingly though, a yet-to-be-announced Zuk smartphone has been spotted online.

The so-called Zuk Z3 Max smartphone has been doing the rounds online. A lot of important features and specifications have been leaked online. The Zuk series was rather well received by the consumers. Though the speculations were that it didn’t meet the expectations of the company in terms of the profit it generated. Now Lenovo hopes to build the brand again with the latest Zuk Z3 Max. The company plans to do this by integrating the latest of the newer advancements in smartphone market along with the core Cyanogen mod running under the hood along with android Nougat 7.0.

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Lenovo Zuk Z3 Max Leaked Specifications:

The new baby in the line of the Zuk series will supposedly come with all the hardware needs of a high-end phone. It will also boast of a Full HD display with a resolution of 1920 x 1080 p. The fingerprint sensor will also be placed at the back of the device. The back positioned fingerprint sensor is due to the new bezel-less display of the Zuk Z3 Max. The new bezel-less display will give the device a more high-end look and will also keep the screen to body ratio at a minimal.

The Lenovo Zuk Z3 Max will be powered by a Snapdragon 836 chipset. Snapdragon 836 is an upgraded version of the Snapdragon 835. The processor will clock at a maximum rate of 2.35 GHz. This chipset is not yet released and it will be released by Qualcomm in July. This gives a good idea that the device will be launched somewhere after the month of July. The release date of the device will be around late August according to the rumors. The chipset will be accompanied by an 8 GB RAM from the latest DDR4 series. It is also given enough storage space with a 256 GB internal memory. The device will be priced competitively by Lenovo. It is expected to compete with the likes of Oneplus 5.


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