Everything you need to know about Flipkart’s Lenovo Killer Note 5 Release

Flipkart’s Lenovo Killer Note 5 release has been started just now in Flipkart official facebook channel. The launch started on 3pm of August 1st 2016. Ajay Yadav Vice President of Flipkart began the launch by announcing the Lenovo Killer note 5 price release. Then managing director of Lenovo took the mic for announcing their stats from last one year and about the collaboration with Flipkart. Now they are announcing Lenovo Killer note 5 price with major changes from last series

Buy Lenovo Vibe K5 Note:

Lenovo Vibe K5 is going to be released in few hours, there are some launch day offers we don’t want you miss them.
Where to Buy: Click here to [easy_media_download url=”http://www.flipkart.com/lenovo-vibe-k5-note-gold-32-gb/p/itmejj6kczvxej4g?pid=MOBEJJ6K5A3GQ9SU” text=”BUY 4GB K5 NOTE” target=”_blank” color=”blue_two”] [easy_media_download url=”http://www.flipkart.com/lenovo-vibe-k5-note-grey-32-gb/p/itmejj6k7xcf8fjv?pid=MOBEJJ6KY3QC92QX” text=”BUY 3GB K5 NOTE” target=”_blank” color=”blue_two”] [easy_media_download url=”http://www.flipkart.com/mobiles/~k5-plus/pr?sid=tyy%2C4io” text=”VIBE K5 PLUS” target=”_blank” color=”blue_two”]

The Prices of 4GB Vibe K5 Note is 13499 and it is available in Gold color, the price of 3GB Vibe K5 Note is 11999 it is available in Grey color. Where Vibe K5 Plus  priced at 8499 and it is available in Dark Grey, Gold and Silver colors.

Some Important stats of Lenovo Killer Note 5 Price Release Event:

  1. Lenovo is now officially 3 valuable smartphone company in India
  2. Flipkart now holds more than 75 million customers where their main target audience were Lenovo customers the relationship is going strong between two companies.
  3. Lenovo made more than 1.5Billion dollars in last year.
  4. Lenovo stands the number one search term in Flipkart from last one year.
  5. More than 1.5 crore lenovo mobiles were sold from Flipkart.
  6. Lenovo is the 4th largest volume mobile company in India.

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The managing director of Lenovo just announced that they will release two smartphones one will be Lenovo Killer note 5 release and another will be Lenovo vibe k5 plus.

Major Details to know about Killer note 5 Price release:

  1. It comes with 3500 mAh battery which is more bigger in any Lenovo phone.
  2. They added Theater Max controller for best sound experience.
  3. Amkkette Game pad has been added to Lenovo Killer note 5 this will give an awesome experience and feel to gamers
  4. Customization: They added this unique feature where everyone can customize their app placements and notifications in any format they want.
  5. This is running 13pm ISO cellulose module, it focuses in 100 milli seconds. Can work perfectly even in night times. Front camera holds 1.3 micro with 8mp.

Lenovo Killer Note 5 Launch:

This is an open sale, there will be two editions 3gb and 4gb. The release date is 3rd August 23:59:00 Hrs and there will be launch day offers. These offers will last long for only one day.

For the first time Lenovo Killer note series went on open sale and there will be so many offers on launching day with the gaming pad and advanced audio controller items.

Lenovo killer note 5 Price:

For 3GB RAM the price will be 11,999 INR

For 4GB RAM the price will be 13,499 INR

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