Azad hall  proudly maintains its tradition of Khoj, the single largest and most sought after treasure hunt in sponsored with .

Khoj is the second largest competitive event surpassed in participation only by Spring Fest and Kshitij. Last year, over 1500 students in over 200 teams took part in the event each year, participation has been increasing and this year, we expect more than 2000 people!

First year students are most fervent about Khoj and constitute the majority of participants because of the extremely luring prizes. The main attraction of Khoj-2014 were:

• Cash prize which got huge acclaim public and the enthralled the enthusiastic participants.

• Loads of Khoj goodies like t-shirts & bags and other prizes like cd’s, headphones, coupons etc.


  1. Each team should consist of at most 5 persons.
  1. There is no limit on the number of teams that can participate.
  1. Using MOTORBIKES and MOBILE PHONES during Khoj-2015 is prohibited. Any team found using these will be immediately disqualified.
  1. You are not supposed to tamper with the Clue Codes. Tampering with clue codes will lead to disqualification.
  1. Carry a TORCH with you. For your own safety, wear shoes. Keep a Umbrella with you, in case it rains.



  1. The control centre of the event will be Technology Students’
  1. The event will start with the announcement of the first clue at the venue. After that, the teams will get next clues as and when they get the Clue codes for the previous clues.
  1. When a team cracks the clue given, it is supposed to note down the ‘clue code’ from the place and report back to the gymkhana to get the next clue. The clue codes are to be left intact at the place.
  1. If at the end of KHOJ, there is a tie between two (or more) teams for a particular prize, then the winner(s) will be decided on the basis of time of reporting the last clue code.


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