Jio Sim Tele Verification Number 1977 Not Working Problem Solutions, Emergency Calls only Problem Solution

jio tele verification not working

So you just brought the jio sim, if not use our tricks to get the free jio sim. After that you must activate jio sim, but while activating jio sim there are so many people facing different type of problems. You can check jio sim activation time, status, delay and problem solutions from this article. In the activation process you must complete tele verification process, in few cases jio tele verification number 1977 not working, and there are other tele verification problems like emergency calls only. So to help out those people I am giving solutions on jio tele verification number not working problem, 1977 not working problem and jio emergency calls only problem.

How To Increase Jio 4G Speed Up to 80 Mbps

You will face these problems when the jio store didn’t complete your further process. So I mainly recommend you to check this article because you need to avoid those problems first cross check all the problems mentioned in that article. In these days I am receiving so many comments like 1977 not working, jio emergency calls only and jio tele verification number not working problem. So here are the solutions but let me tell you why you are facing this problem.

Jio tele verification Process:

This process is must once you received the jio sim from jio store you need to submit aadhar card and photographs. After this your actual activation begins, you will then need to complete jio tele verification process for this you need to call 1977. Where you need to confirm aadhar details and your identity. So if this goes well you won’t face any jio tele verification number not working problem or 1977 not working problem. Here are the few chances to get this problem.

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What is Jio tele verification number ?

There are two jio tele verification number are available but don’t get confused. They both are meant for two different purposes. Here are the details, so on the jio tele verification process

  • If you want to enable voice and data then call jio tele verification number 1977 from your SIM to initiate the process.
  • If you need just data services then you can call jio tele verification number 1800-890-1977 from your registered number.

Why Jio tele verification number 1977 not working:

This won’t work on few cases this will purely depend on your device. That means you should adjust your device settings according to jio tele verification number process, if not you will end up facing those problems. Here are the few reasons why jio tele verification number 1977 not working.

  • May be your network settings are different to jio tele verification settings.
  • Perhaps your number isn’t ready for jio tele verification process
  • After jio tele verification message check once again with the jio store whether your sim read for the activation process or not.
  • Because some times there will be delay in between jio tele verification message and activation process.
  • Make sure your device is compatible with reliance jio sim, here is the complete supported mobiles list.

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Jio Tele verification number 1977 not working problem solutions

So just make sure that you got tele verification jio sim message before going to begin this process. Without message you won’t be able to call after this process too, so try to avoid the above mentioned problems. It doesn’t matter which device you use but it must be supported to reliance jio sim.

  • First you must download JioJoin or Jio4GVoice app
  • Turn off your device
  • Keep the Jio Sim on slot 1 and make sure LTE is on.
  • Now turn on your device, then you will notice network signal.
  • If you didn’t notice any signal here is the process to get the signal.
  • Select preferred network type as 4G LTE from settings and then choose access point name as Jionet
  • If Jionet Apn isn’t available then you can restore the settings to default to get the Jionet APN
  • Now simply enable 4G data connection,then you will notice Sign in to Network  Option
  • Open Jio4GVoice application then you will get a pop-up like  “Do you want to use Jio4GVoice as text messaging app”
  • Now simply click on yes & then dial jio tele verification number 1977  using JioJoin dialer, Your data must be enabled in this step.
  • That’s it now your call will be connected then complete the activation process.

If you face any problems while jio sim activation like after this process your sim still won’t activate or it will take so much time. To avoid all the problems you can visit these solutions.

1977 not working Problem solution

The above mentioned steps are the solutions of this process too, so you can simply follow them to solve 1977 not working problem. Remember if you don’t have VoLTE support you won’t get any unlimited calls, so calling 1977 can only activate unlimited data. Here you can know more on

Is my Mobile VoLTE supported, Check here

How To Check and Enable VoLTE Support

My mobile isn’t VoLTE supported, You can still get unlimited calls from this solution

In case if you still face these problem let me know in the comments I will surely help you out.

Jio Emergency Calls only Solution:

So in some people case after placing the jio sim they won’t get signal. Rather they will receive jio Emergency Calls Only option. This will happen when your device isn’t supported with jio sim or your network settings aren’t compatible with jio sim setting. So from the following steps you will be able to solve jio Emergency calls only problem.

How to Fix Jio Emergency Calls Only Problem

  1. Visit Sim Settings from your device, in case of dual sim choose Sim 1
  2. Select Preferred network type as 4G
  3. Then visit access point settings and you have to create New APN
  4. Make the following changes in your new APN settings
  • Name: Jio Net
  • APN Type: default,supl,xcap
  • APN Protocol and APN Roaming Protocol: IPv4/IPv6
  • Bearer: LTE
  • MVNO Value: Jio 4G

So after this process you will be able to receive jio signal then you can complete jio tele verification number 1977 process to activate your jio sim.

Reliance Jio Sim No Network Signal Problem Solution for Any Mobile (Emergency Calls Only Solution) :

The following trick has been shared by one of our user named Raman, so credits goes to him. It did worked for him so he shared with us, let us know in the comments if it is working for you people or not.

Steps to Get Reliance jio sim No network Problem Solution

  • Settings > Sim Cards and Mobile Networks > Jio 4G > Cellular Networks
  • “Turn off Mobile Data First: You need to turn off mobile data while you switch to another network” > Click on Ok
  • Now have patience becoz it will take around 2-5 mins and then you will get different networks.
  • Select Jio 4G Jio 4G (in Loop)
  • You will recieve a message on the bottom on the screen “Registered On Network”.

Now try to use internet.

For more information Regarding Jio you can contact customer care on these details:

  • General Enquirers Toll Free: 1800-103-8877
  • Customer Care Email ID: /
  • Care support: 198 (From Jio number)
  • General Enquirers: 199 (From Jio number)
  • Customer Care support: 1800-88-99999 (From any other operator)
  • Jio Tele verification: 1977 (For HD calling)
  • You can also get Support on Twitter @JioCare

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  1. Day before yesterday I ported my number to Jio, porting was successful but still I haven’t received tele verification message, whenever I call 1977 they ask to enter tele verification code.

    What should I do, because of non tele verification i am unable to use jio sim.

  2. My sim 8250107874 work since December 2016 And give very good service.But from 24/3/2017. the Asim does not work.Massage shows ” Emergency call only”.
    Please solve the problem

  3. If you have access to 149 of the pack, or if you use 2 GB of your phone or you can use the data to access the data then you will not be able to call it.

  4. Thank you for the help to activate my jio.was unable to connect.nown thanks to Allah can connect with your help.may Allah bless you.

  5. Hi, I am jio sim since September 2016 and it was working fine. But now since January 2017 it is showing emergency calls only. I have updated the software too. And checked all the network settings and LTE is enabled too. Sim is inserted in slot 1 which gives high speed. When I insert any other sim in this slot, that works fine. Please give the correct solution as I have tried the one given at this website.

  6. I bought a jio sim 2days ago but I didn’t still get tele verification message. The track using my jio app shows my sim is active.

  7. Hii,
    I am using HTC one M7 handset. Intially i was facing trouble with signal itself, but after switvhing on the switch access i got signal in my jio phn, but unable to call 1977. Also, my phn doesnt hav LTE, it only has 4G option. And have installed jioconnect app. I would be glad if u help me out.

  8. Hi, I’m a foreigner .. with no adhaar card, after many rejections due to not having adhaar, I did find one store that accepted the required documents for foreigners. So I received the sim but not activated, is it possible to activate[ tele-verificate] sim without adhaar?! I haven’t received SMS yet!

  9. Hi
    My jio sim was working perfectly net and call both but suddenly since last to days unable to call on any number even 1977 call ended without connecting, internet is working good.
    Installed jio4g checked all settings
    Not sucess plz help.

  10. Got jio sim .and having msg of order no ..
    On my jio app showing your jio sim will activated soon ..
    Neither on 1977 nor 18008901977
    Both no. Unable to call…
    So plz tell what’s the problem.
    And further steps to follow all service on my yureka AO5510

  11. I cannot call 1977 and my jio join app always shows offline i cannot make calls nor internet is working since day of activation.. help needed

  12. Comment…Mera network to aa raha h lekin 1977 pe call nahi ja rahi…me kya karu aur koi confirmation message bhi ni aaya …pura 1 week ho gaya kuch ni ho raha….plzzzz help

  13. Hello brother ..i got verification your jio sim massage and also single and also i’m download jio4Voice app and it take configuration and showing welcome but nothing else. And as you mention about process it not show this line “Do you want to use Jio4GVoice as text messaging app” so i’m to call 1977. And one another problem is when i change data preference to sim 2 then jio sim became inactive. So how can call 1977…plz help…..

  14. Mera Jio sim se net Chal rha h par call nhi ho rha h.. call krne pe verification krne bol rha h Aur verify krne pe sms aa rha “unable to proceed your request” Kya kre ?

  15. Bro mera tele verification msg nhi aaya network aa reha Hai net on hai par net nhi chal reha Haj mujhe kya krne chaiya mein Jio app Pai login bhi nhi kr pa reha hun

  16. My sim is activated but I couldn’t call. Jio 4g voice tells that configuration update required. What can I do to active voice call?

  17. Maine tele verification 36 ghante pahle Kiya par Avi tak sim chalu nhi hua h , jab v call krta hu to “aapka number tele verification ho gya h aapko confirmation sms vej Diya Jayega” yhi bol rha h par ON nhi ho rha h please help me.. thanks

  18. Bro my Sim is activated but net is not working even 4g is written with but I enable data, it wouldn’t start
    Any solutions??

  19. My internet is activated but calling is not activated and i am unable to sign up into myjio. Haven’ recieve any message for televerification yet


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