Jio Phone Tracking Number 18008908900

Jio Phone Tracking Number 18008908900 isn’t Working Problem Solved

Jio officially released jio phone on 24th August and now they are available for pre-booking. If you are planning to buy jio phone then you must complete pre-booking. Here is every detail on Jio Phone booking. Once you have done jio phone pre-booking then you will receive a message which contains a message. That message won’t give you any voucher details but if you want to know jio phone status then you must call jio phone tracking number 18008908900. So many people are complaining that 18008908900 isn’t working, we are giving you every detail about this information.

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What is Jio Phone Tracking number?

If you want to track jio phone status then you can simply call 18008908900. This is a toll-free number which will solve every Jio phone related query. One can simply call that number to know jio phone status.

  • Jio Phone Tracking Number: 18008908900
  • Jio Phone Toll-Free Number: 18008908900

How to Find or Get Jio Phone Voucher and other Details

How to Track Jio Phone from 18008908900 Call

For now, there is only one way to track jio phone and that is you must call 1800890890. You can simply follow the below steps, if 1800890890 isn’t working then read ahead we are providing information on how to solve that problem.

  • First, call 18008908900 from any mobile number. Then it will ask you to choose language
  • You can choose 1 for regional language, 2 for English, and 3 for Hindi
  • After that, you must enter registered mobile number for jio phone pre booking
  • Then it will repeat the number and for confirmation, you need to choose 1
  • Proceed to next steps and simply choose 1 to get the message of jio phone tracking details

18008908900 isn’t working

This will happen for few reasons, if you are calling from jio sim then it will surely connect but other telecom users may face few issues. So to avoid these problems you can simply call this number from the registered jio phone booking number. Then you can instantly get the tracking details.

  • Try to call that number from Jio number or registered mobile number
  • If you are calling from another number then make sure it got some main balance for voice calls
  • Also, it is toll-free number but you should have minimum balance to place the call
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