Jio Phone Booking Time Status Problems are Solved

The free Jio Phones are finally here and now you can buy them as well. As Reliance jio site officially opened pre booking of jio phone on 24th August at 5:30 PM. First, you must complete the pre booking to buy Jio Phone. In case if you don’t know you need to pay 1500 Rs to buy Jio phone where you can pay 500 rs at the time of pre booking and you can pay the remaining amount at the time of buying jio phone. Once you have paid 1500 rs then you can get jio phone and in 3 years time, you will get the whole refund. Here we are giving a detailed information on Jio Phone booking time status problems with their solutions.

Jio phone bookings are presently running in official jio site, you can simply visit jio site to complete your pre booking. But sometimes jio servers go down and your transaction may get failed in the middle. In this article, you can find details information about whole Jio Phone Booking.

How to Buy Free Jio Phone:

How to buy free jio Phone :The process of buying jio phone is a little bit tricky first you need to pre book jio phone. after that, you will receive one voucher. This voucher will let you know the availability of Jio phone at your location. That voucher is your token to buy free Jio phone, once you got the voucher then you can simply track your jio phone booking order from official jio site. If not you can call this number 18008908900 from your registered mobile. In case if you are facing any other jio phone booking problems then read ahead, we are giving each and every detail on jio phone online booking problems

How to Book Jio Phone:

At this moment you can only pre book jio phone and pre booking options were available in both online & offline modes. Jio isn’t enabled any option to pre book jio phone from their android app so you must visit jio official site or you can walk near by jio store to book jio phone

Steps to Book Jio Phone:

  • If you want to pre book jio phone the visit official jio site which is www jio com.
  • There you will get one page like this. You can simply click on that to book jio phone

  • Then you will receive a page where it will ask you to fill Mobile number & Pin code
  • Just submit your details and proceed to that next steps.
  • In this stage, you need to complete the payment you can choose any mode of payment
  • Once you are done with the payment you will get a confirmation message on the mobile number like this.

Jio phone booking message

  • You can simply follow the steps which are mentioned in the message to know the status of Jio Phone booking

Jio Phone Booking Process

For now, you can only book jio phone by following above steps, there are few jio stores which are taking jio phone booking pre orders but this isn’t available everywhere. If you want you can click on this link find near by jio store and you can simply call them to know the jio phone booking process in that store. Then follow these steps to buy Jio phone

  • Visit nearby jio store and check whether they are accepting pre bookings or not.
  • If yes then simply give them your name and mobile number
  • Then they will ask you to make the payment of 500 Rs
  • You can either give them cash or you can simply do online payment
  • After that, you will receive a message with the transaction details

Jio Phone Booking Time

You can complete jio pre booking in just a few minutes to get the confirmation. But the main thing is when you are gonna receive the mobile..? This jio phone booking time may take up to 1 or 2 months. Because they haven’t officially released the jio mobile, for now, they are just accepting pre orders. Actual sales may go live in next 1 or 2 months. Here is the jio phone booking time in top cities of India

  • Reliance Jio Phone booking Time in Mumbai is 15 days to 1 Month
  • Reliance Jio Phone booking Time in Delhi is 15 days to 1 Month
  • Reliance Jio Phone booking Time in Bangalore is 15 days to 1 Month
  • Reliance Jio Phone booking Time in Hyderabad is 1 Month
  • Reliance Jio Phone booking Time in other Major cities is 1 Month

More than million people already registered for free jio phone booking. Till now jio hasn’t released a single unit into the market. In these days many mobile brands are running flash sales compared to normal sales. Still, it is unclear on how jio gonna sell these mobiles. We recently discussed with jio customer support so they gave us the above information. Jio phone is only available to buy from offline stores. The average time of jio phone sales is around 1 month.

How to Check Jio Phone booking Time:

As mentioned above it will take a minimum of one month from the registered date. In case if they are available before 1 month time you will get a notification message on the registered mobile number. If you want to check jio phone booking time then follow below steps

  • You can visit nearby jio store and ask them about the availability time of Jio Phone
  • or You can call 18008908900 number to know jio phone booking status
  • or You can create a support ticket in Jio Site customer care page

Jio Phone Booking Delay:

In case if you aren’t gonna receive your jio phone in 1 month of time then you will face few delay problems. This will happen if you aren’t there to buy jio phone in first place.Jio phones were only available to buy from offline jio stores where the user need to submit few document or you can complete e-kyc activation to buy jio phone. But if you miss your chance to buy then jio phone booking delay will happen. In case if you keep on tracking jio phone order then you won’t face any jio phone booking delay problems. Here are the few possible chances of Reliance jio phone booking delay and we are giving proper information on how to avoid those problems

Jio Phone Booking Delay Reasons:

  • As soon as you complete jio phone pre booking just call customer care to confirm your order. You can call 18008908900 to know the status of your order
  • Once you receive the notification message about the availability of Jio phone then visit the jio store asap to buy the mobile. If you don’t visit on time then you will end up facing jio phone booking delay problems
  • At the time of buying jio phone submit proper documents, if there is e-kyc jio phone activation method then take the aadhar card and scan your thumb print.
  • Don’t loose the jio pre booking confirmation message, although you don’t need that in most of the time still just keep that to buy jio mobile quickly

Jio Phone Booking Status:

We have previously written a details article on how to track jio phone order. You can visit that article for more information on jio phone booking status. Just wait till you receive a confirmation message from jio this process may take a while. This will change depend up on location if you are in top cities like Delhi, Bangalore, and Mumbai then you may get the jio phone quickly. If you are in small towns then you need to wait a little longer. You can follow the below steps to check jio phone booking status

How to Check Jio Phone Booking Status:

At this moment you can only check the status of your pre booking. In next 15 days or 1 month time, you will hold a chance to buy Jio phone. At that time you will directly receive jio phone box from the nearby jio store

Steps to Check Jio Phone Booking Status:

  • Keep the registered mobile number active all the time.
  • If your registered number is invalid then contact jio support ASAP
  • You will get a notification message of Jio phone booking status on registered number
  • As jio is not taking any information other than mobile so make sure you provide Active number
  • For more details, you can simply call 18008908900

Reliance Jio Phone Booking Status Online:

To know your jio phone booking status you can just follow above details. For now, there is only one method to check the status, apart from this you can go to official jio site for more information. Visit there you will find an option of support just click on that. It will take you to a page with all the information and FAQ of jio stuff. Just below to the FAQ section, you will find many options to contact jio customer care. Simply follow any one of these methods to know jio phone booking status online

Jio Phone Booking Status Online Number:

Jio is offering 24-hour customer support in all over India, but they are providing 4 different toll-free number for different sections. If you are planning to make a new jio phone booking then you can call jio helpline number 199 to get the instructions. If you are facing any other issues with payment then you can call 199 as well, but if you want to make a request for new jio phone then you can call 18008908900

  • Jio Helpline Number: 199
  • Jio Tele-verification number: 1977
  • Jio number for only data service: 1800-890-1977
  • LYF customer care Toll-Free number: 1800-890-9999
  • Jio Phone Booking Number: 18008908900

Jio Phone Booking Problems:

You can visit any jio store for hassle free jio phone booking, the most recommended mode of jio phone booking is from jio site. But the craze for this mobile is too damn high and jio site gone down many times in just a few hours. If you are facing few issues with the site then wait for some more time to avoid jio phone booking problems. These are the few common Jio Phone booking problems

Jio Phone Booking site isn’t working:

This is the more common Jio Phone booking problem in these days, you can visit jio main site which is but after that when you click on Book Jio phone it will give you a blank page. even if you reload multiple times it won’t work.

jio phone booking site not working

Solution: Just visit jio page after 5 or 10 mins. If you still face the same problem then come back in the late midnight like 12-2 AM at that time site holds minimum traffic and let your book jio phone without any problem

Jio Phone Transaction Failed:

In case if you managed to access next page other than the main site then you can easily go to payment page. If they were pre loaded in your browser you can access them at any time, so to book jio phone just check in incognito whether the site is really working on not. At the time of payment if you got the following error then there is no need to worry. You can check solution from below

jio phone order transaction falied

Solution: There is nothing to worry if the money isn’t debited from your account, well if the money is debited then call 18008908900 to check whether your jio phone booking is completed or not. If the money isn’t debited then you can place one more order

Place Jio Phone Booking Order on a Wrong Mobile number:

Well for this Jio phone booking problem we tried to reach them for the support, they told us to wait for next 2-3 days. You can call 199 which is jio helpline number and told them that you have placed an order for the wrong mobile number, they will ask you for the transaction ID just share that. They will try to update new number on the database but this change may take around 2-3 days. Once the number is updated you will get a confirmation on new number

Jio Phone Booking Message isn’t received

This will happen if you provide any wrong number or inactive number to book jio phone. You can follow above solution to get your number updated in the database. Before that just call 18008908900 to know the status sometimes your message may take a while to be reflected.

How many Jio Phones can we book?

We personally checked in official jio site they will allow you to book 10 mobiles at a time. You can book all these 10 mobiles on a single number and single pin code or you can book them on a different mobile number and pin code.

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