JIO 30 Days Free Trial Offer

All Jio Fiber Plans starting at Rs. 199 and Jio Free Trial offers

What else can be a better news than getting a Jio Fiber trial offer free of cost?

Did you install your Jio Fiber between 15 August and 31 September?

Now a days, Jio fiber is expanding its cables all over the nation. In this situation it is following the agenda of same plans all over the nation, in which speed, data and additional benefits will be same all over the nation. Jio Fiber has covered almost all the tire 1 and tire 2 cities. So it is providing Free Jio Fiber plans all over the India in August and September. Let’s discuss how you will get these offers.

JIO Free Trial Offer

As Jio has just about to complete its Fiber cable lines in tire 2 cities so it is providing its free trial plans in India. If you have installed your Jio Fiber cable in between 15 August and 31 August then you can claim free trial offer plans. How you will get these offers and what are the offers lets discuss them here.

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JIO Free Trial offer in September

JIO 30 days Free Trial PlanIf you have installed Jio Fiber in between 15th Aug and 31st Aug then you can claim 30 days of free trial for you. Now the question is, how you can claim 30 days of free Jio Fiber trial.

Method 1: Using your Whatsapp with the registered number. Follow steps:

  1. Save a number in your contact list, 7000570005.
  2. Open your Whatsapp
  3. Drop a message on this no. (write “free trial offer”)

Method 2: By calling Customer Care at

For corporate: 1800-889-9999

For individual: 1800-889-9444

Method 3: Using MyJio App

  1. Install MyJio App
  2. Open it and select telecom from the top
  3. Select Jio Fiber and fill your registered number
  4. Select vouchers from the bottom
  5. Check the free trial voucher which you can redeem when the current plan expires.

By these above methods, you will get 1 month of free trial offer of Jio Fiber. Hope this information is enough as per your free trial offer query. Let’s see the 199 Plan in Jio Fiber.


Jio Fiber Plans Starting at Rs. 199 Only

Jio Fiber has several Prepaid and Postpaid plans. Some of them are here below. these all plans are excluding GST. There is a GST of 18% on all these plans(for example if there is a 100 rs plan then you have to pay Rs.118).

Jio Fiber Plans starts at Rs. 199 Only. In 199 rs. plan you will get Data for 7 Days, in this you will get 1 TB and free unlimited voice calls for 7 days. In this plan you will get 100 Mbps speed. After use of 1 TB user will get unlimited data at speed of 1 Mbps.

Jio Fiber Plans upto Rs. 1000 Only

JIO Fiber Plans upto 1000 rs.

Jio Fiber has these plans currently working all over in India under INR 1000. So here in this, there are 3 plans. these plans are Excluding GST. These plans are for small offices and for home. Here is a prepaid plan of 824 rs., which after including GST becomes 1002 rs approx. This plan is almost the same as the Gold plan mentioned above here.

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Jio Fiber Bigger Plans above 1000

Jio Fiber Plans above 1000 rs.

Jio Fiber has these plans currently working all over in India above INR 1000. So here in this, there are 3 plans. these plans are Excluding GST. These are higher plans mostly used for Corporate connections, banks, or big offices.

How to Register for Jio Fiber connection

To register the Jio Fiber connection you can follow some basic procedure. follow the below steps:

Method 1: From the website

  1. Visit
  2. Select Jio Fiber from the top right corner
  3. Click on Book Now
  4. Fill the address, name, and details
  5. Wait for the call from Jio Fiber Representative.

Method 2: From MyJio App

  1. Install MyJio App
  2. Click on Jio Fiber Banner
  3. Fill the form for the connection, name, and address of the connection
  4. Wait for the call from Jio Fiber Representative.

Jio Fiber Reviews

  • No doubt Jio Fiber is a great option today with such an amazing internet speed.
  • Here you will get an uploading speed of 10 Mbps which is very low if we consider it for a fiber cable connection.
  • If you are a YouTube content creates then rather than Jio Fiber you must go with Airtel Xtream, it has uploading speed many more times than that of Jio Fiber.
  • Jio Fiber OTT platform (4K Set up box) is not comfortable to use for your parents if they don’t have so much technical knowledge. Although now it has an alternate option of direct cable connection but using it is still confusing.

Please Share your Reviews below here in comments.

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