Jio APN Settings

Jio APN Settings

Jio APN Settings: As we all know, everyone these days is upgrading to Jio Internet services because of its blazing speed at an affordable. However, sometimes when you use your Jio sim, the speed may not be up to the mark. Well, that usually happens if the APN settings on your smartphone are not correctly set. Most of the times the smartphone will take care of the APN settings. In case if your internet speed is slow, then you will have to manually the Jio 4G internet settings.  Also, check out how to increase Jio 4G Net speed   Read this article to configure Jio APN settings.

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Jio APN Settings:

The Access Point Name (APN) is the name for the settings your smartphone reads to set up a connection between your carrier’s cellular network and the public Internet. Depending on how your carrier’s network is structured, the configuration may differ too.  Most of the times you do not need to change the APN settings on your smartphone as it will be configured automatically by the smartphone. However, if you feel the internet speed is not as fast as expected, then the issue may lie with the incorrect APN.  Fortunately, there is a way to set it right.

Jio APN Setting for Android:

This method seems to be the best method to configure your Jio APN settings. Please note that this method works in Android. In case if the internet speed has not increased, contact Jio’s customer care as it may have to do with the Jio’s network range.  Please follow the steps mentioned below to configure your Jio APN Settings manually.

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How to Get Jio Internet APN Setting:

  1. First, Open settings on your smartphone. Go to ‘Mobile Networks’.
  2. Click on ‘Network Mode’. Set it to ‘LTE/GSM/WCDMA (auto connect)‘ or  ‘LTE only’.
  3. Click on ‘ Access Point Names’ and choose ‘Jio 4G’. Then make sure the following details are correctly set.
  4. Set ‘APN’ to ‘jionet‘. Set ‘Proxy‘, ‘Port‘, ‘Username‘, ‘Password‘ to ‘Not set‘.
  5. You can either set ‘Server’ to ‘Not set’ or to www.google.com to increase browsing speed.
  6. Set ‘MMSC‘, ‘Authentication type‘ and ‘MMS Proxy‘ to  ‘Not set’. Don’t change ‘MCC, MNC’ settings as it depends on your area.
  7. Set ‘APN protocol’ to ‘IPv6‘ or ‘IPv4/IPV6‘ to boost the speed.  This is how you configure Jio APN Settings manually.

If the problem still persists or you are not able to restore the speed, click here.

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