Reliance Jio 6 Series Mobile Numbers

jio 6 series mobile numbers

Jio 6 series, jio 6 series mobile numbers, jio mobile numbers: The main thing while we choose before taking any new mobile number is that allotted number is fancy or not. Jio is all set to make a trend by introducing their latest jio 6 series mobile numbers, we do remember the time when we got 7 series mobile number which created a huge trend way back in 2009. Now jio planning to improve their community with so many things, they are about to launch their best budget smartphone under 1000 and also with their broadband connection. Where they are planning to offer 600gb data at 500 Rs, and now jio 6 series mobile numbers.

Reliance Jio DTH Online Booking Registration in India

Jio 6 Series Mobile Numbers:

Jio recently introduced their happy new year offer, with that offer they recorded 50 million users. Their next aim is to reach 100 million by next 6 months. So now they are planning to offer 6 series mobile number, which means your mobile number with start with the digit 6. As everyone already got the jio sim’s with the number 7 series but we are not sure how already existing users will be interested in taking a new sim or not. But introducing the jio 6 series mobile numbers will definitely create a hype for that brand. Here are the more details on Jio 6 series mobile numbers.

How To Port Your Mobile Number To Reliance Jio Sim

Jio 6 Series Mobile Numbers Registration:

Before making this announcement jio already completed all the formalities such as taking permission for the 6 series mobile numbers in India. Reliance jio has been allotted 60010-60019 MSC codes in Rajasthan, 60020-60029 MSC codes in Assam and 60030-60039 in Tamil Nadu. The 7-series MSC codes were being allocated in Madhya Pradesh and Gujarat, and the 8-series 8 MSC codes in Kolkata and Maharashtra telecom zones. The present jio sim cards which are available in the market will come with the 7-series but we have to wait for next 2-3 months to see jio 6 series mobile numbers in action.

  • Jio 6 Series Mobile Numbers Start Date: Coming Soon
  • Jio 6 series Mobile Number Registration: Coming Soon

We will update this article with more information.

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