iPhone X Launch Date And Release Date In India

iPhone X Release date

iPhone X Launch Date in India, iPhone X Release Date in India, iPhone X Sale Date in India, iPhone X in India: As we all know the rumors of the new iPhone product has been taking rounds on the internet. There have been a few leaked vital reports about the new iPhone product lately. The new iPhone product is called the iPhone X or even iPhone 8 or iPhone Pro sometimes which is supposedly going to be one of the most superior smartphones ever made. The iPhone X is the anniversary edition of Apple as the company complete 10 years of excellence in the Electronic industry. Not only Apple is surprising the world with its grand product this anniversary, but also compliment it with one of  Apple’s best-selling products. Read this article to find out about iPhone X launch date and release date in India.

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iPhone X Launch Date In India

Apple is set to create a phone which may not be rivaled with any other brands. Rumours says that iPhone X will be created in a unique design with an elegant display. The home button is rumored to be on the display itself. The display incorporates the latest OLED (Organic Light Emitting Diode) display technology. This technology will help the 5.8 inches display screen to be thinner and lighter. It is curvaceous in design as well as offers lower battery consumptions and better graphic quality. Another exclusive feature of the iPhone X is the Fingerprint Scanner. All the iPhones have the scanner on the front display below the screen. But sources say that the scanner will be located on the back of the iPhone X or will be integrated with the front display.  Official reports of the launch date are not made. However, sources say it will be launched in India in September 2017.

  • Expected iPhone X Launch Date in India: 17 September 2017

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iPhone X Release Date In India

The iPhone X will be working on iOS 11, which is the latest platform currently available on Beta versions. iOS 11 is remarked to bring more possibilities in the gaming and app areas. The next expected feature of iPhone X is that it will use Wireless Charging Technology which will be an attracting feature to the customers to purchase. It is also expected to be water resistant using the improved IP68 water resistance rating. Since iPhone X incorporates the latest technology, the price will undoubtedly be costly. As we all know the Apple’s way of pricing, it will mostly retail in India at an expensive price rate at around Rs 70,000. It may also be bundled with AirPods to attract more buyers and as a 10th-anniversary compliment. iPhone X will mostly be released in October 2017. But in India, it will be released a few days or months later.

  • Expected iPhone X Release Date In India: Mid-November 2017

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