Apple fake claim to have telephoto lens

iPhone 7 Unveiled on September 7, 2016, and goes on sale from September 9 2016. Among all features Apple camera is most appreciated. Let have a detailed look on iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 plus camera. Check it whether Claim by apple on their camera are genuine or fake.

iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 plus camera detail reviewed:

Brighter and Stabilized image

iPhone 7 has only one camera on the rear part of mobile. It has wide angle field of view. You can compare iPhone 7 camera from 28mm lens on the full frame camera. Some of the android phones have camera lens up to 24-25mm which are more easy to capture images in tight spaces. Landscape photographers sometimes carve these wide angles while you can simply swap your phone to capture a panoramic shot. This is a small difference between them.

The camera of iPhone 7 has a new lens which is an f1/.8 design. While in previous iPhone version has lens has f1/2.2. iPhone 7 can capture 50% more light. This is one positive point for shooting in dim condition and control ISO. Camera with very large ISO results in dis-balancing of the sensor.

iPhone 7 has optical image stability Usually, apple always saves this feature for plus. This also increases photo quality of iPhone 7 plus furthermore. Even on natural shakes of hand, you can get blur image. But not helpful to candid shots. Bright lens and image stabilization are two welcome features but don’t think it as a miracle.The real reason to carry is for optical zoom.

Best superzoom smartphone release till now is Panasonic ZS50. It is little costlier than apple watch series 2. It has a feature to transfer photos through wifi to iPhone. iPhone 7 has a perfect resolution as this one. Yes, this is sufficient for a smartphone. Android and windows phones lover loves the high megapixel camera.

Does iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 plus have Telephoto lens?

The answer is no, iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 plus has same camera. The only difference is that iPhone 7 plus has one extra rear camera. Apple keeps repeating this as a telephoto lens . But this is the false claim by apple. It field of view is half of original camera, delivering a full frame equivalent of 56mm.

It doesn’t mean it is useless. iPhone 7 plus is the first phone with two lenses. Previously huawei 8 has two lenses but both have the same field of view. Other Android handset has dual lens include ZTE GRAND MAX 2, the LG G5 and LG V20. The ZTE second lens has low sensor while other two LG device features ultra-wide secondary lens.

The iPhone 7 plus has dual lens configuration as old kodak focal length. Apple claimed that phone has 2x optical zoom. This is as true as telephoto lens claimed. It is wide angle setting and standard angle setting. You have to choose between the 1x( 28mm) or the 2x(56mm) setting. You can’t set in between without restoring to digital zoom. Digital zoom is useless.  You can consider this as a cropping shot in photos App.

Out of Focus blur 

Iphone 7 plus bring a trick shallow the depth of the photograph. One of focus of lens will  be shifted to capture blur and use facial recognition to capture a photo. Apple shows few shots during the event on September 7. Apple must have picked the best of best images. Large aperture and image sensor help to blur the background.


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