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What is Instagram Reels? How to use it? Best alternative for TikTok?

The Indian Government finally announced the ban on Chinese apps in India. These apps involve the highly popular video-sharing app TikTok. Instagram is slowly increasing its popularity after the ban of 59 Chinese apps in India. The Chinese app TikTok is recently banned in India due to the copy of user data and security concerns. This lets down the TikTokers who were widely popular in TikTok with many followers. So they are choosing many Indian made alternatives to make videos and entertain people. The Instagram Reels function was tested only in Brazil, Germany, and France. However, it is officially released.

There are many alternatives such as Roposo, Mitron, Chingari, etc. The ‘Made in India’ apps are downloaded by Indians. There is increased popularity of Instagram in India after the ban of TikTok. The people get addicted to Insta due to its creative memes and fun created by them. Instagram introduced a new function named ‘Instagram Reels’. Also, this feature helped some of the TikTokers to make videos on Instagram.

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Insta Reels Launch

The Insta users eagerly waited for an update from Instagram from the past few weeks. All know that Facebook-owned Instagram. So it released the new feature Reels. It is found on Insta from 7 PM on 9th July. The users can create few videos, edit them, and even give a special design to their videos. Instagram Reels is not released in most of the countries in the world. But the remaining countries can get the new feature soon.

Instagram Reels is a new function released in a few countries such as Brazil, Germany, and France. Also, It had a huge launch in India recently. India is the fourth market after Brazil, Germany, and France to have Insta Reels. Facebook also released a Lasso app similar to TikTok. However, it was not released in India. If Insta Reels is not recognized by anyone, then Facebook may release this app in India.

insta reels

Insta Reels :

Reels is a feature where the users can create many short-videos similar to TikTok videos. They are allowed to create and post videos of them on Instagram. However, the users can create short snappy videos with effects, AR filters, audio, sound, and share them with the world.

This function helps many Indians to use Instagram. It helps to increase the market of Instagram as well as introduce the users to the new world. They can make any video related to Science, Technology, Space, etc. if they want to spread the knowledge.

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Activities in Reels :

The users can perform the following activities in Instagram Reels.

  • The users can record 15-second videos.
  • They can also create looped video clips.
  • Also, the users can edit Reels by choosing from a range of filters, AR effects, and audio files.
  • In addition, the users can add music, lip-sync to different video clips, dance, sing, etc. similar to TikTok.

Steps to use Instagram Reels

  1. Go to Playstore and download Instagram.
  2. Install and Open the app.
  3. Signup using your personal credentials.
  4. Open and log in to Instagram.
  5. Go to the Instagram story camera on the top-left corner.
  6. There are different camera options such as ‘boomerang’, ‘superzoom’, and ‘hands-free’ which appear at the bottom of the phone screen.
  7. The users can now find called the ‘reels’ option.
  8. Tap on the ‘Reels’ option.
  9. Further, users can select audio, effect, timers, and speeds.
  10. Create your own video Reel.
  11. Finally, share your Reel to your friends on your Feed.
  12. Also, the users can share the created video to everyone on the Explore Page.

Tools in Instagram Reels

There are many tools present on the Reel feature. However, these editing tools will appear on the left side of the screen. These involve features such as audio, AR effects, timers, countdown, align, and speed. In addition, users can get access to the Insta music library. Also, the records of Reels can use the original audio.

The users get many dark effects in the AR library. Also, the users get a timer to record hands-free clips. The users can post the reel as a feed and also share it as a story. However, the video will last for 24 hours.

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Uses of Instagram Reels :

  • Instagram Reels helps the users to create videos up to 15 seconds. But Instagram Stories last for a couple of seconds. So the users can use Reels as a story.
  • If the users installed Instagram on their phone, then update the app to find the Reels feature.
  • Reels can stay in the profile of any user the same as posts or IGTV content. Users can share any type of content.
  • Moreover, the users can create a public account to share their video on Instagram Explore section. These Reels videos can be viewed by everyone (followers + non-followers).
  • The users can create a private account to share videos on their Instagram story. These Reels videos can be viewed only by followers.
  • People can use Instagram not only for photo/video-share but also for content creation.

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This Facebook-owned company focused on connectivity and communication earlier. But it allowed the users to gain followers with their creative videos and attract the people through its Reels feature. Instagram Reels will also be found on the user feed under the video icon between pictures and IGTV icon. This Instagram feature has music labels to enhance the user experience.

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