Impulse Tracker

Impulse Tracker – Better than Mi Fitness Band 5?

Actofit presents Impulse Tracker, an all in one solution for tracking your daily activity and exercise schedule. It helps you to optimize your time, life, and health.

“Health is Wealth – it’s not only a proverb but also a soul truth of life. Do you know that 15 minutes of workout in a day can increase your lifespan by 3 years?”

But unfortunately, nowadays everyone is busy at work or in any other sector and that is why most of us tend to neglect our health. But don’t let the busy schedule affect your health and we are here to help you. Let’s know the Impulse Fitness Tracker product better:

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So, what is the Impulse tracker?

Impulse Tracker

Basically, Impulse Tracker is a smart fitness band that helps you to track your daily physical activity, goals, and improve your lifestyle. It is a wrist band made of high-quality TPU with a 0.96 inches OLED full touch screen. It tracks your heart rate, the time you sleep and workout, the number of steps you have walked, gives a dashboard containing all the statistics of your daily or weekly activities, and many more.

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Impulse Tracker features and how will be benefitted from it

  • Accurate Heart-rate tracking— Impulse gives you an accurate heart-rate, average heart-rate, peak heart-rate, and other stats along with analysis and comparison so you can understand your fitness level better.
  • Workout tracker and guide— track your daily workout data, the number of calories you burned, steps taken, water consumption, sleep time, sprinting time, etc.
  • Dashboard view— get every stats and analysis of your daily activities in a dashboard view with the previous so you can compare, analyze, and improve your schedule.
  • Weather report— no need to worry about the weather as Impulse gives you an accurate weather report. So, you will be prepared for bad weather and your workout session will not be interrupted.
  • Light sensor— it has a smart light sensor for a better view in intense sunlight.
  • Add reminders and periodic notifications— you can add custom reminders and allow different types of notifications. So, if you are stuck in work and forget about exercise, it will remind you and help you to stay on track.
  • OLED touch screen display— 0.96-inch OLED display gives you good visuals and the touch screen is quite smooth.

 Actofit Impulse Fitness Tracker

  • Free app support— download the Actofit app from the play store and connect with Impulse Tracker to get a full analysis and better experience.
  • Bluetooth and wireless connectivity— now connect your Impulse Tracker with your smartphone (via app) in offline mode with Bluetooth and sync all your data with your computer or smartphone via internet data.
  • Lightweight stylish design— it’s lightweight structure and stylish design provides you a fashionable choice with good health.
  • USB charging Support— for hassle-free charging, it has USB charging support. Just plugin and charge.
  • Battery— it has a built-in lithium-ion polymer battery that lasts all day long.
  • A reward at the end of the day— every day after completing your goals you will receive motivational texts and quotes that will encourage you to keep up the good work.

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Impulse Fitness Tracker Other Features

It is waterproof with IP67 Waterproof technology. The weight is about 100 gm. the app gives you feedback according to your workout progress and gives guidance so you can stay healthy and fit. So, say hello to health and start your journey with Actofit Impulse Smart Tracker.

First time Using Actofit? Here are some instructions to get you started

  • Download the Actofit Health & Workouts Application from the app store or play store
  • Connect it with the Actofit Impulse and it will automatically synchronize with the app.
  • Turn on Offline Workouts on the Band and sync it later with the phone to any sports/running workouts.
  • turn on Connected Workouts on the band & allow it to sync with the app in real-time for Guided Workouts.
  • Now for Group Workouts, turn on the Group Workouts and put it in beacon mode.

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Actofit Impulse Tracker Price

Impulse Fitness Tracker price in India is Rs. 4,500 which is higher than the Mi Band 5 and other smart bands in the same segment.


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