Idea USSD Codes List Main & Internet Balance Check

idea ussd codes list

Idea USSD codes, Idea USSD codes list, Idea Internet USSD Codes: Well you can do so many things with these very small USSD codes, you can check the idea internet balance and idea main balance. Apart from these, you can simply dial an idea USSD code to get the data loan or you can even pay your friends loan. So in this article, we are presenting all Idea USSD codes in a perfect list which contain over 100 Idea USSD Codes. We are dividing the idea USSD codes according to the category like Internet balance, Main balance, Loan and much more

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Idea USSD Codes:

Here we are presenting the most used and most useful Idea USSD Codes, all you need to do is open your mobile and type the code and just hit dial. That’s it you will then get what you are looking for, with these Idea USSD codes you can even talk to customer care and one can easily find the Special Offers at any time. If you got trouble with the internet connection then you can simply activate or deactivate the connection with a simple code. With these USSD numbers, you can even access the Idea DND services. Here are the most used Idea USSD Codes list

Idea USSD Codes List:

Idea USSD Code TypeIdea USSD Codes
 Idea Balance Check *123# or *121#
 Idea Internet Balance Check *125#
 Idea Service Menu *147#
 Idea SMS Balance Check *451#
 Access Idea Menu *111#
 How to Check Idea Number *789# or *1#
 Idea Customer Care Code 12345
Idea Recharge Code *130*Recharge Code#
 DND Activation or Deactivation Code 1909
 Idea Dialer Tone *129#

Idea Internet USSD Codes:

Idea USSD Code TypeIdea USSD Codes
 Idea 2G, 3G & 4G Internet Balance Check *125#
 Idea Best Internet Offer check *122#
 Idea Internet Loan Code Send a message “ICREDIT” to 144
 Idea 3G Internet Pack Detail USSD Codes *121*4*3*1#
 Idea 2G Internet Pack Detail USSD Codes *121*4*3*2#
 Idea GPRS Settings Code *121*4*3*2# and proceed to 1
 Activate Idea GPRS service ”FRESH”  To 4666
 Activate 3G Idea Service ”ACT 3G” To 12345
 Idea GRPS setting ”SET” To 12345
 Activate Idea Live Tv ”3GTV” To 54777

Idea Loan USSD Codes:

Idea USSD Code TypeIdea USSD Codes
 Idea Internet Loan CodeSend a message “ICREDIT” to 144
Idea Talktime Load Code *150*10#
 Idea Balance Transfer *567*
 Idea Loan code *165*Loan Amount#
 Idea Value Added Service *123#

Other Idea USSD Codes List:

Idea USSD Code TypeIdea USSD Codes
 Magic Pack *567#
 Call Waiting *43#
 Idea International Roaming Packs  *121*4*7*6#
 Idea Full Talktime Recharge  *121*4*8*1#
 Idea STD Recharge  *121*4*8*3#
 Idea My Offer and Plans  *121*4*6*6#

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Complete working list of Idea USSD numbers

Code TypeCodes
Last Recharge Check Code*121*4*1*5#
USSD Idea Talktime Balance Check Code*131*3#
Number Check Code*131*1#
Main Balance Check Code*131*3#
Offer Check Code*121#
Self Care Menu Code*121*4#
Main Menu USSD code*121*4#
Talktime Balance Transfer USSD Code*191# 2nd
Own Number Check Code*131*1#
Talktime Loan USSD Code*150*10#
Account Balance Check USSD Code*131*3#
Best Offer Check Code*121#
Best Internet Offer Check USSD Code*122#
Last 5 Calls Details Check Code*121*4*1*1#
Last 3 Recharge Check USSD Code*121*4*1*5#
My Own Number Check USSD Code*131*1#
Data Loan USSD CodeSMS “ICREDIT” to 144
3G Internet Plan Detail*121*4*3*1#
2G Internet Plan Detail*121*4*3*2#
Last 5 SMS Detail Check Code*121*4*1*2#
Last 5 Data Usage Check Code*121*4*1*3#
Data Notification Start USSD Code*121*4*2*1#
Data Notification Stop USSD Code*121*4*2*2#
Number check USSD Code*121*4*1*4#
Net Balance Check Code*125#
Zero Rental*121*4*3*1# and 1
Dialer tones USSD Check Code*121*4*4*2#
Number To Get Idea GRPS setting ”SET” To 12345
Full Talktime Recharge USSD Code*121*4*8*1#
Number To Deactivate 3G idea services”DEACT 3G” To 12345
Number To Activate Idea Live Tv”3GTV” To 54777
GPRS Setting Check Code*121*4*3*2# and 1
Dialer Tone Check Code*121*4*4*1#
DND Service Check USSD Code*121*4*6*5#
Dial tones Check Code*121*4*4*3#
MCI Info Check USSD Code*121*4*4*4#
VAS Servies Check USSD Code*121*4*4*5#
Store Check Codes*121*4*5#
Festive Days Check Codes*121*4*6*1#
Activation Date Check code Check*121*4*6*3#
BAR Service Check USSD Code*121*4*6*4#
My Offers Check Code*121*4*6*6#
Roaming Charges Check Code*121*4*7*1#
RC5 Roaming USSD Code Idea *121*4*7*2#
RC6 Roaming USSD Code Idea*121*4*7*3#
RC62 Roaming USSD Code Idea*121*4*7*4#
RC78 Roaming USSD Code Idea *121*4*7*5#
International Roaming Packs USSD Code*121*4*7*6#
Number To Activate 3G Idea Service”ACT 3G” To 12345
Local Recharge USSD Code*121*4*8*2#
STD Recharge USSD Code*121*4*8*3#
Number To Activate Idea GPRS service Number To”FRESH”  To 4666

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