How To Win Oneplus One Crore Contest Registration Gain More One Plus Points

How To Win Oneplus One Crore Contest

Oneplus one crore, Oneplus one crore contest, How to play oneplus one crore event, How to earn oneplus point: It is back again after two successful oneplus 1rs flash sales they are now back with the even bigger offer. This time they are offering flat 1 crore Rs to the mega winner. But it’s not that easy to win the mega prize, still, you can win some small prizes such as 1500 Rs amazon gift cards and much more. Here are the more details on Oneplus one crore contest with the prize details and how to win oneplus one crore content mega prize.

Here is the Link to Register Oneplus 1 Crore Contest

Signup and stand a chance to win 1 Crore at onePlus Store Page

Oneplus One Crore Contest:

one crore oneplus

After the two mega oneplus 1rs flash sale this time they are only rewarding the official buyers which mean the people who brought oneplus 3t in the contest period will be eligible to enter into the main draw. Where they will win the golden ticket to participate in next draw, but what if you can’t buy oneplus 3t and still want to enter into the content then don’t worry. Everyone can even get into the draw which means you need to work on increasing the points once you got the enough points you are good to go. Here is how to win oneplus one crore contest

Oneplus One Crore Contest Video:

Here is the Link to Register Oneplus 1 Crore Contest

How to win Oneplus One crore Contest:

This contest is all about winning tickets, to win the tickets you should gain a required number of points to enter into the draw. In the draw, your luck will matter because only a few people are eligible for golden tickets. Visit the Oneplus One Crore sale page from this link. Here are the steps to win oneplus one crore contest

Steps to win Oneplus One crore contest:

  • You must earn up to 200 points every week by completing tasks.
  • Once you got 1200 points redeem against lucky draw tickets
  • In this lucky draw, you will get a chance to win Golden Ticket
  • Winners will play final round with Amitabh Bachchan
  • One mega winner will be awarded 1 crore Rs

Anyone can participate and win this contest it’s all about luck, you should have that many number points to gain the ticket. You must crack the final round with Amitabh Bachchan to take away one crore Rs to your home.

Signup and stand a chance to win 1 Crore at onePlus Store Page

Oneplus One Crore Contest Registration:

For this sale you must able to complete all the challenges every week, there is total of 6 challenges on 6 weeks complete all of them to gain 1200 overall points. Then you can enter into the Golden ticket draw to win the mega prize.

  • One crore oneplus registration page: click here
  • One core oneplus registration site: click here
  • One crore oneplus registration Start Date: 9th March
  • One crore oneplus registration End Date: 13th April

Win Oneplus One Crore Contest Prizes:

There will be only one mega winner who can take away 1 crore prize money but what about other people, well don’t worry if you got enough points you can get a minimum of 1500 Rs amazon gift card. If you got more points you hold a chance to win oneplus 3t. There is total of 10 oneplus 3t mobiles are available. Here are the complete oneplus one crore contest prize list

  • OnePlus 3T: The Top 10 of Leaderboard Challenge
  • Amazon Gift Card: Redeem with points
  • Lucky Draw Ticket: Redeem with points
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