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How to Win Oneplus 5 Contest Prizes and Brand New Oneplus 5

How to win Oneplus 5, How to participate in Oneplus 5 Contest: Oneplus 5 release is just around the corner and we have already witnessed so many leaks about this mobile. But what if I told you that you can win oneplus 5 even before it’s launch..? It’s crazy right but with the latest Oneplus 5 Blind test contest allows you to win oneplus 5 by answering few simple questions and sharing the links with your friends. Here is a complete guide on how to win oneplus 5 contest.

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How to Win Oneplus 5 Contest:

In order to win oneplus 5 you should have an account in oneplus official store, so click on this link to make a new account. Then you will be redirected to the oneplus home page, simply click on this link to visit oneplus contest page and then follow the below steps to win oneplus 5 contest.

Steps to win Oneplus 5 Contest:

  • After visiting Oneplus 5 contest page you will see Vote Now button
  • Click on that and then you will see 4 images.
  • Select the best image and click on Confirm your choice button
  • In the next screen, you will find Draw Now button.
  • Click on that button to claim your prize to win oneplus 5 contest.

So in this oneplus contest, you can win a lot of prizes such as Oneplus 5 launch event tickets, backpacks, T-shirts and gift vouchers. Here are the more details on How to participate in oneplus 5 contest with oneplus 5 Blind Test contest prizes list.

Oneplus 5 Contest:

This contest will run from 14th June to 20th June and there is total of 3 events in this contest. Each event will run for two days and in every event, the user will get a chance to win oneplus 5 and other accessories. At the end of the contest, top 3 members of the leaderboard will receive brand new Oneplus 5. This is the complete schedule of Oneplus 5 Contest

  • Event 1: From 14th June to 16th June (Oneplus 5 Blind Test)
  • Event 2: From 16th June to 18th June (Coming Soon)
  • Event 3: From 18th June to 20th June (Coming Soon)

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Oneplus 5 Contest Registration:

So you can participate in every event to test your luck, if you miss the first event then you can’t enter into that again. But you can still give it a try for remaining events. Every event holds the same number of prizes and the more your play will gives you the more chances to win oneplus 5.

  • Oneplus 5 Contest registration page: click here
  • Oneplus 5 Contest registration site: click here
  • Oneplus 5 Blind Test Contest Registration Start Date: 14th June
  • Oneplus 5 Blind Test Contest Registration End Date: 20th June

How to Participate in Oneplus 5 Contest:

  • As mentioned earlier, you must create Oneplus account so click here to make a new account.
  • Then visit Oneplus contest page and follow the steps.
  • New event will be updated in every 2 days so just follow the steps mentioned in oneplus 5 blind test contest page
  • In every event, you just need to answer a multiple choice question
  • If you got the right answer then you can win oneplus 5 blind test contest
  • All you need to do is answer the question and open the present
  • It completely depends on your luck, you can win from Brand New Oneplus 5 to Oneplus 5 launch event tickets.

Oneplus 5 Contest Prizes:

As mentioned earlier you can win oneplus 5 as a mega prize but apart from that one can win so many accessories. Oneplus is giving away the minimum of 300 rs voucher for every correct answer. Here we are providing Oneplus 5 contest Prizes list

  • OnePlus 5 Launch Event Tickets
  • Travel Backpack
  • Travel Messenger Bag
  • OnePlus Never Settle T-Shirts
  • OnePlus 5 Accessories worth Rs 300 & Rs 150

How to Claim Oneplus 5 Blind Test Contest Prizes:

  • If you actually won oneplus 5 contest then you will be rewarded with a coupon.
  • This coupon can only be redeemed at
  • The user need to pay 1Rs at the time of checkout
  • People who won Oneplus 5 launch event ticket need to share their physical address.
  • Because tickets will be shipped to those address immediately
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