How to Use Tinder Without Facebook

How To Use Tinder Without Facebook

How to Use Tinder Without Facebook, Tinder Without Facebook Login, How To Use Tinder Without Facebook Account: Wondering why Tinder is creating a hype? Firstly, Tinder is a free mobile app, concentrating on online dating.  This social app assists communication between mutually interested people. The best part about this dating app is that it uses your GPS location system and finds people around you!  Users simply swipe profile pictures to find a compatible mate and find a match. Tinder gets the necessary information about the user from their linked Facebook account. Is it possible to use Tinder without Facebook? Unfortunately no. To use Tinder without Facebook is not an available option as of now. However, there are ways to protect your privacy. Continue reading to find alternatives on how to use Tinder without Facebook.

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How To Use Tinder Without Facebook: Facebook Privacy Setting.

As mentioned earlier, to use Tinder without Facebook is a void option. But you can still protect your privacy. Many of the Tinder users are not comfortable to share their Facebook account details to the other users. Hence, Facebook App Privacy Setting is by far the most effective way to safeguard your vital information from being leaked to the eyes of the strangers around you! Follow the steps mentioned below to have a safer experience with Tinder.

Steps To Use Tinder Without Facebook: Tinder App Privacy Setting

  1. First, you need to open Facebook and Login with your ID.
  2. Then visit settings page from your profile section
  3. Visit the App section and then App Present list
  4. Find Tinder application on your App list.
  5. Change App Visibility to ‘Only Me’ to use Tinder without Facebook

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Use Tinder Without Facebook: Tinder Settings

Tinder Social is a group feature added to make this dating app exclusive and exciting! This feature will prompt you to choose your Facebook friends (who uses the Tinder App),  to invite them to your group. Then you can search for other groups and plan a meetup. However, this feature will allow your facebook friends to find you on Tinder and may invade your online dating privacy. Since it is not possible to use Tinder without Facebook, we can tweak the Tinder Settings.

Steps To Use Tinder Without Facebook: Tinder Settings

  1. Just open Tinder app on your Mobile device.
  2. Login to Tinder or sign up to make a new account.
  3. Go to account settings on the App
  4. Turn off Show me on Tinder Social

Well, there is another way to safeguard your privacy and that is by linking Tinder to a newly created Facebook Account, in which you can limit the information you want to publicize. But this method is not suggested as Tinder want to make dating as real as possible.

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