How To Use Jio 4G Sim in Modem/Dongle 100% Working Trick

How To Use Jio 4G Sim in Modem/Dongle 100% Working Trick : Reliance Jio when you heard this name the first came to our mind is Unlimited Internet, Jio is running this preview offer from the earlier of this year. The reliance Jio sim only launched for some mobile brands on over 500 mobiles. But you can still get this sim for free with our trick, you can read that article from this link. We have successfully provided so many tricks on how to use jio sim in any mobile, how to use jio sim in 3G mobile. So now we are here to providing a 100% working trick on how to use jio sim in modem dongle. All you need to do is follow these simple steps. This is working on every 4G modem, if you don’t know how to activate your jio sim you can read that from this link.

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So in the recent Jio launch they announced so many offers as a part of Jio Welcome offers. Now you can get unlimited internet and voice calls up to 31st December. The official sim cards are going to be released on September 5th, you can either use our tricks to get the jio sim for free or you can go and buy the sim for money. Any activated jio sim can be used in 4G modem. So let’s jump into the trick of how to use jio sim in modem dongle

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How To Use Jio Sim in Modem/Dongle:

Before going to this process I hope that you got reliance jio sim because you need an activated reliance jio sim. In case if you are planning to buy the reliance jio sim don’t buy, because we know one free trick to get the jio sim for free. Here you can read about getting the free jio sim.

Steps to use Jio sim in Modem Dongle

Set The APN

This can be done in multiple ways, some modems set manual APN so I first recommend you to check any webpage. If you got the internet connection, then there is no need to do anything. So if you didn’t get the internet follow this process. There are two ways which you can set-up APN you can follow any method

Method 1:

  1. On the Notification bar right click on modem network connection. Then visit properties
    jio modem
  2. Then Click on Profile set the APN as jionet then click Ok, that’s it now you will get the internet connection.

Method 2: This can be done on the modem window.

  1. Right-click anywhere in your modem and choose setting preferences.
    How to use jio sim in modem
  2. Then visit Profile Management, set the APN as Jionet
    jio in modem

Leave the Remaining as empty, that’s it now you will get the internet connection. It’s just as easy as that. If you have any doubts jump in the comments, I will help you and don’t forget to check out our other article too. :)Just follow those 3 simple steps then you can own the process of how to use jio sim in modem dongle.

How To Use Jio Sim in 3G Modem:

There are no special methods other than the above one, that means you must follow the same method as mentioned above. But let me clear few doubts here once you placed the jio sim in the 3g mode you will only get 3g speed or your modem maximum speed. It doesn’t exceed beyond that and doesn’t expect any 4g speed too. By following the below steps you are just changing the network setting and you aren’t converting to 4g.

Steps to use Jio sim in 3G Modem Dongle

  • Insert your jio sim in Modem, Dongle.
  • Place the sim in normal sim slot.
  • Connect your dongle to Pc and Wait for the connection to establish.
  • Set the APN as Jio net.
  • That’s how you can use jio sim in modem dongle.

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  1. i have a dongle of d link…its network are comming but not connect to the Internet… plsss help mee…

  2. i have a bettel company dongle and a 4G sim card how can i use it in my dongle….is anyone suggest something. …thanks

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    web site, that’swhat this website is providing.

  4. hi, my name is anup i have jio 4g sim and huwai 4g modem my problem is i use windows xp my dongle is connected but not browser acess please help

  5. Oh great it works in 3G olive dongle
    we can change APN (Access Point Network) to
    2.loop moblie
    it works

  6. Hi, I am using Huwaei E5336 mobile dongle. I have changed APN as jionet. But no signal received. Could you help on this please.

  7. Hi, I am using Huwaei E5336 mobile dongle. I have changed APN as jionet. But no signal received. Could you help on this please.

  8. Hi I am user of Huwai Modem, I am trying to use JIO4g Sim in this dongle, I will check and change apn setting as your suggestions but I am unable to find jio network in my modem, what can I do sir.

  9. I did all the changes in the profile management but still my jio sim isn’t working in dongle.. it is showing (you can’t connect before showing registered network) plz help me out..

  10. I want to use airtel 4G (or any 4G sim like Jio, Vodafone) in my micromax MMX353G 3G modem, but I can’t to access it. When I insert any sim card in the modem it shows that “No Sim (U) Card”. How can I solve my problem ? Please anyone help me, please…

  11. i activated my jio sim on other phone and now trying to use on 3g iball modem but it is not working plz hlp me out.. plz also reply on my email..

  12. Hey I m using the intex dongle it supports 3g . can I use jio sim in my dongle for accessing the network? It doesn’t show the network

  13. i am trying jio sim in airtel 4g dongle but when i open it then it shows invalid sim …………so please help me

  14. I am using Jio Sim in a unlock dongol in my office computer. But when I going to connect in my home hp laptop it is showing connection terminated.
    Please help me to solve the problem.


  15. I have Idea 3g Dongle. I was tried your method 2nd for Setting but still not working. I was used Huawei Partner which you are using. Please give me solution how i start internet in my idea 3g dongle using 4G Jio sim. My idea dongle is unlocked.

  16. i’ve HUWAI 3g dongle but it’s not working as per ur saying. the APN was set to jionet but the dongle is not getting any network.

  17. how i also connect jio sim in 3g mobile because in youtube i have seen many videos to activate but in my htc desire210 it is not comine lte i have done also this trick#*#*4636*#*#

  18. how it will connect in computer it is not connecting i cant click connect because it is coming black,so how i add apn

  19. I’ve followed all these steps bt it still doesn’t show any tower or sim name nd doesn’t connect..
    Help me with this issue. .!!

  20. sir what the model u have shown for demo i have the same huawei dongle 3g,whatevr u have suggested i have done the same but then also its showing as no service (jio sim)

  21. I tried Jio 4g sim in airtel 3g unlocked dongle. I changed its APN to jionet. But still I did not got the signal. “No Service” was written in the signal bar. My Jio SIM is already activated.

  22. hii i’m trupti..can u plz help me to start bowsing wih the jio sim in D-Link modem dongal?? what should i do??

  23. HI i have Reliance 4G LTE Wipod and Model WD670. Please let us how to activate JIO sim in this dongle and working fine. Also let me know in Lava Iris Fuel f1 3G model.

    Waiting for your response.

  24. I followed the procedure mentioned an still I’m not able to use Jio on my Huawei E173, can you suggest any solution.It’s showing unknown APN and Network name.

  25. hlo i am lilesh i also have an huawei modem but your trick is not working in my modem pleas help me to run my jio sim in airtel 3g mode

  26. Sir, I have a micromax modem MMX377G and I have followed the above steps to connect jio. But even now I am unable to connect. Plz help…

  27. I’m using lepetit router(d-link), I followed your instructions but my dlink properties there is no APN option What can I do any suggestions please?

  28. i follow above steps for 3g dangle but i didn’t getting internet connection..

    system show this below msg
    “you cant connect before register an available network”

  29. hello …please help me out i have huawei E3531i-1 dongle and i have also set the APN to jionet but it still shows sim not found and i have range in my areas and also have a activated sim card ….plz help me out sir !!!!!! (my gamil I’d is plz help

  30. hello …i have Huawe Ei3561s-1 data card and I have set the APN to jionet but it still shows SIM NOT FOUND ….please help me out sir ….i want to use internet after all i have spend 100 rs to buy a JIO sim card .

  31. this is not working…. ijust have a jio sim and a 3g airtel dongle falling in front of as useless things…
    what to do??????

  32. I am not able to select the LTE/CDMA option or any option containing LTE. Kuchh v select krne par ni ho rha hai LTE wala koi v option select ni ho rha hai. Aur engineering mode mtk app use krne par aur usme network setting me jane par LTE ka koi option hi show ni kar rha hai.
    Mere pas do mobiles hain vivo Y28 aur micromax canvas play q355 dono me tahi ho tha hai.pata ni kya karun. Please help me plz plz plz

  33. Totally a fake article to attract users and to get mote hits.
    You cant use Jio sim in any other 2G/ 3G dongles or phones.
    Don’t be fooled by these…..
    Jio needs 4G capable phone/dongle.
    If you have, then you can change your APN and connect to JIO network.
    So Please buy 4G dongle/phone to enjoy Jio services….

  34. Bhai mere paas micromax 3G modem hai kya isme me jio sim use kar sakta hu? Aur dusra question ye hai k mere dost ke paas jio sim hai kya me usko dalkar try kar sakta hu ya mujhe new sim hi laani padegi.plz answer jaroor dena

    • Totally a fake article to attract users and to get mote hits.
      You cant use Jio sim in any other 2G/ 3G dongles or phones.
      Don’t be fooled by these…..
      Jio needs 4G capable phone/dongle.
      If you have, then you can change your APN and connect to JIO network.
      So Please buy 4G dongle/phone to enjoy Jio services….

  35. sir i have 3g modem of micromax MMX210G 3G USB Manager i can use jio sim in this modem it is possible or not if this is possible so how it is sir please halp +me

  36. hi sir! I have D-Link wireless 3g modem and jio sim is not connecting please tell what is the cure for it…….

  37. When I put the JIO sim inside the modem,No network or tower is displayed. After setting the APN to jionet.plz help me…

  38. hi….. i am using digisol 3g dongle. i also have jio sim but when i insert the jio sim in dongle and connect to pc then jio sim connection not seen. sim card range not avilable

  39. I have reliance wipod 4g lte wd 670 . How can i use jio sim in that when i inserted the sim it shows invalid sim. I have search all over here to unlock reliance wipod but i didnt find any answer regarding unlocking of reliance wipod .plz provide any suggestion regarding unlocking of reliance wipod

  40. Comment…sir when i insert my jio sim in my reliance 3g modem it does not enstablishes connection.sir plz help me.

  41. Hi I am using iBall 3.5G connect wireless modem (All in one SIM), I did the steps you mentioned in this article, but it shows No service. I can use the internet in 4G mobile…

  42. I had dlink dongle I inserted Jio sim in to it. But it is searching but not connecting. I have changed the APN setting what is the solution for connection of Jio in to the dongle plzzzzz……

  43. i used digisol 3g dongle i want to used jio sim in this dongle. i insert active jio sim in this dongle.then change APN-jionet but no network signal show . please tell me how to used jio sim in 3g digisol dongle.

  44. After inserting Jio sim in my Huawei e3121 data card, it’s not showing any network signal. I have done other settings mentioned in the article. Please help me to get the network signal???

  45. I’ve 3G HSDPA modem but activated jio sim not recognised whereas all other sim cards are working properly in the modem, need help.
    I’ve set the APN as jionet too but steel same problem even after restarting my PC.

  46. Hi Shravan,

    I have unlocked modem and activated SIM. Also performed all steps and suggestions provided by you, however no network is detected by the SIM. Please help..

  47. sir i have huawei 3g dongle hai e303fhnand window 10. main jio sim use kar sakta hu kya. apn jionet sab kuch kar liya but. ye loop mobile show kar raha hai. or han 2g sim work kar raha hai….sir plz help me step by step

  48. sir i have MMX377G micromax modem isme jio sim daalne ke baad n APN setting karne ke baad v network nahi aa raha kya karu

    plzzzz help me full stap bataiye m wait

  49. i’ve succesfully reached till unlocking the dongle, showing unloacked in DC – Unlocker, Now i inserted JIO sim in my dongle and yeah that is Reliance ZTE MF 190. i’ve also reinstalled the drivers of the data card. still i’m unable to use.

    please help

  50. In moto g4 plus am able to use jio in slot 1 but not able to use airtel 4g in sim slot 2 Why? Other 3g sim of Tata docomo is working in 2nd slot.. Motorola website says both sim1 and sim2 slot supports 4g

  51. I have reliance 3g hsupa mf190. it is unlocked.I have jio activated Sim . when I connect this with my pc it showing only intializing.. nothing else pls sir tell me about this

  52. can i used jio sim in digisol dangle. product name-3g – connect version -DG-BA3370-R1 Product Type: DG-BA3370? if used jio sim already active.when i insert jio sim in 3g dangle.then writing initializing . please wait…. . how solve the problem

  53. dear

    i am having a idea 3g netsetter. when i place the jio sim then the netsetter is showing that (no device) what can i do plzz help

  54. i cant use jio sim in huawei e3121model. I didn’t get any signal range after putting activated jio sim in the dongle. 🙁 🙁

  55. No signal in Huawei E8231 3g data card … tried with 2 Jio sims but no signal in usb modem… while sims are working in 4g LTE phones ….. Is there any solution ?

  56. I have digisol 3.75g ba3321 dongle and I also changed my apn as jionet but it still showing no service,what to do?

  57. I hv intex 3.5g net connector .can I use jio n I hv also activated bio sim .

    N tell me how to unlock the net connector.

  58. my modem 3G Device is huawei mobile partner
    Device name: E173
    Application port: COM5
    Serial number: XVABYA93C2313271
    IMEI: 863617021970014
    Hardware Version: CD1E153M
    Firmware Version:
    Software Version:

    When I changed my settings>profile management>new profile
    profile name: Sridhar Nallatmothu Reliance
    APN : Jionet
    Access number : *99#
    and remaining are empty
    and i pressed ok and connect it getting an pop up message connection terminated
    not getting any internet signal ….some times getting you can’t connect before register an available network
    please give the any tips for access the jio internet

  59. I have an unlocked Airtel 4G dongle (Huawei E3272-927) (successfully tested with other network SIMs) and a fully functional Jio SIM (working properly in my phone) but when I put this Jio SIM into my dongle it does not show any network, though I have already set my APN as jionet as instructed by you. Also network selected as LTE Only in modem settings. Please help.

  60. Plz check karo na ki jio xolo Q700 club mein chalta hai ki nahi…maine 200 rupai diye hai…plz help me out. Mera b phone 3g hai …plz rehem kro

  61. sir mere pass iball airway model no 4G15L-16 ka data card hai isme jio sim kaise use karun janki koyee signal nhi de raha hai aur sim 1 di pehle hi activate hone ka order is NO00000S7P42 msg aa chuka hai mai kya karun?

    • okay after placing the jio sim is that detected or not..? If not first you need to set the apn if yes make sure your modem is unlocked

  62. Your trick was extremely helpful, now I am able to access Jio 4G net in my 3G dongle. Thanks for the trick Shravan.

  63. Sir mera pas 3g dongal hai jio Sim chalaga sir laptop lenovo ka hai please please sir jio Sim on rahaga tab chalagaaaaaa

  64. I would like to use JIO sim with my Reliance 4G dongle. I have inserted my JIO sim and changed the APN settings as per your post. But it has showing full tower signal with invalid SIM and disconnected status. Could you please guide me how I can fix an issue to make it work.

  65. Today I bought a new dongle which is 4g and I have a working condition jio sim I heard from my friend that if I use this sim in another phone then that data offer will be not there so I have question that should I insert that sim in dongle or not ?

  66. Hi sir, thanks for sharing this

    My Jio sim is activated and I want to use that in Idea 4g hotspot. Can you please share some settings for this.


  67. I have Dlink dwr710 dongle which is 3 g supported and a HP windows 8.1 laptop and I want to use jio Sim in that.I actually don’t get whatever u wrote. ….plzz help me with this …my email sanath.shetty.106@

  68. Hi, I’m using iPad 2 3G+wifi. When i inserted jio sim it’s showing no service. It’s working fine on redmi 3. Please suggest

  69. sir i hav jio wifi dongle bt i didnt get original speed jio sim using mobile and i want to know how to change my dongles password

  70. Mr.sharavan

    pls help
    my huwai 3g data card is not getting a jio 4g signal no network problem i try 4g mobiles working in jio sim card but data using no network probelm pls help me

  71. Sir i have a huwaie 3G dongle i have followed all your directions but their is no connection stabilised

  72. how to use jio sim 3g huawei power wifi modem i have unlocked modem can u tell me i dont get signal bars

      • Mr. shravan i have a problem….
        i have huawei E5273 wifi dongle but i wont get jio signal on it
        its work on other phones, when i put in to huawei wifi dongle the signal wont get
        what was the solution to get signal on huawei E5273wif dongle
        plsss help

  73. Sir
    I have Intex DC21.6SWM dongle. I m trying to use jio sim in this but it shows no signal. is it possible to use jio sim in this

  74. Not able to find the network. Please retry later or search for networks from the network settings page.

    This is the message next to the signal bar (no signal).

    sim was got yesterday

  75. I have micromax 353w 3G dongal, How can I use jio sim in this. My sim is already activated. Please advise

  76. Hai iam using dlink dwr 710. I change the apn But it Shows me ps attachment failure pls help me. Will it work or not.

    • you need to unlock your idea modem then change the apn setting or add new apn. You can get up to 7 mbps speed if that is a 3g mode, or 20 mbps if it is a 4g

  77. Hii i am using dlink dwr710 modem.when i change the apn it shows me that PS attached failure.what should i me to sort the problem

  78. i have huawai 4G wifi hotspot model E5573s-606 and it is working good on jio sim but i am unable to connect it to my computer with data cable it is showing no data card attached for that i have installed huawai mobile partner software but its not showing device pls guide me on 9720103395 on whatsapp

  79. I have Netgear AC 329U 3G dongle. Setting APN is not helping as dongle is showing “No Service”. Same SIM ia working on my 4G mob. What can be donw?

  80. same process i have done but unable to run the application
    if possible pls give your mobile no. or whatsapp me on 9720103395

  81. Hello Sarvan. I have Nokia Lumia 625 it is LTE supported but I don’t know if it supports VoLTE. Please tell me how to check if my device is VoLTE Supported or not. If it doesn’t support then there is no point wasting time acquiring JIO sim. & Another thing to ask . Some people said that once you enter & activate JIO sim in your device then you will not able to use this same phone with other cellular network provider ie. docomo or airtel or any other. I can’t afford to lock down my phone if I don’t want to use JIO, Is this true?

  82. when i put Jio sim in modem i didn’t get network. so it’s not working. I am using Huawei power-fi modemE822Fs

  83. I have 3g dongle , i already change apn setting by jionet but still….network is not coming in my jio 4g sim. Then plz help me.

  84. Hi,
    i have a reliance 4G LTE WIPOD (WD 670) can i use the jio sim in the wipod. At moment I have activated JIO sim in my REDMI 2 mobile. will it work on Reliance 4G LTE Wipod. pls advise.

  85. I am interested in using internet by Reliance jio. Since my adapter is for 3G can i use this for 4G network for taking the benefits of the same. Please let me know it is suitable or not for reliance jio.
    I am using DWM-156 dongle with 3.75G HSUPA USB adapter
    Kindly know me the suitability of this dongle

      • Yeah…it is activated, but not working on 3G dongle, if I use it on my phone it is working and through hotspot it is connecting but not directly, and I heard that it will not work on 3G dongles

  86. Hi i am mohan… i have huawei E303F dongle which is 3G dongle… I am not at all getting signals.. please help me out… i have taken photo to have clear view but i dont find an option to upload that photo.. Please kindly contact me 7019550793 and if want to text me via wats app 9482245679


  88. How can i use my jio sim in Reliance wi-pod which is LTE supported. I had followed ur steps but it is saying that ur sim is invalid.

  89. hi friend i am using jio sim in lenovo a6000 and i changed another sim in same slot but no signal, i want to use my bsnl number also so what to do please help me

  90. I have a unlocked jio sim (no imei locking) which i got on 17th Sept
    (confirmed by testing/ working it on multiple phones).
    But the same sim is not working (No Signal bars) with 4G/LTE USB Modems
    I tested it with UNLOCKED Huawei e3276-920 and Huawei e392u.
    Both dongles have support for Network band 40 (2300Mhz).

    On mobile partner tried switching the Network settings to “LTE Only” and “AUTO”
    But still Signal bars dont appear.

    Can you please help?

  91. i am using jio sim in airtel 4g unlocked modem…working perfectly …but one problem is i am unable to use jio join for calling purpose so help me with this please..

  92. Dear Shravan,

    I am a Reliance Netconnect Plus Dongal user and I have come to know that it can be Upgraded to 4G JIO Network.As per your above mentioned trick if we set the APN as JIONET will it be activated if Yes than good and if No then in that case can we restore the previous setting.Kindly upload a Video which will be helpful.

  93. i have a reliance 4G LTE WIPOD (WD 670)…can i use the jio sim in the wipod..i got it during the reliance 4g upgrade..

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