How To Use Jio Sim in Apple iPhone, with Proper Info and Free Sim Trick

how to use jio sim in iphone

How To Use Jio Sim in Apple iPhone, with Proper Info and Free Sim Trick: As reliance is about to release their jio 4g sim cards officially so now everyone can afford them. But the major question is will they work anywhere..? the answer is no because they only work on 4G mobile with VOLTE support. So I am here to give you the trick on how to use jio sim in iPhone. In case if you are planning to buy jio sim from stores just stop there right now, because we got the 100% working process on how to get free jio sim in iPhone. You can read that article from this link, once you got the sim then you can move this trick on how to use jio sim in iPhone.

How To Get Jio Preview Offer and Free Jio Sim in iPhone:

So, if you own compatible Apple iPhone then you can easily get the free Reliance Jio 4G SIM, which will come bundled with the Jio 4G preview or Jio welcome Offer of three months unlimited 4G LTE internet, voice calls (VoLTE) and messages (SMS). The company Reliance Jio is now planning to offer 4G preview offer to VoLTE enabled iPhones, which further includes the list of latest mobiles like Apple iPhone 6s Plus, iPhone 6s and iPhone 6, Apple iPhone 6 Plus with the iPhone SE.

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How To Use Jio Sim in iPhone:

So once you got the active jio SIM card with the unlimited plan, then you can insert it in your Apple iPhone and you can simply use it without any issues. But there is one gimmick as I mentioned earlier your iPhone needs to be voLTE support, So here I listed the list of mobile where how to use jio sim in iPhone trick will work. These mobiles are volte enabled, so it won’t work on other iPhone models. But I will surely update this article once I got the perfect working trick.

  • iPhone 6 (Requires operator update)
  • iPhone 6s
  • iPhone 6 Plus (Requires operator update)
  • iPhone 6s Plus
  • iPhone SE

How To Use Jio Sim in iPhone (Works on every iPhone) :

So if your device is not volte support you can still place the activated jio sim. On incompatible jio sim in iPhones, you can only use data, with voice calls being completely unavailable. When you first insert the Reliance Jio SIM in iPhone, you will likely receive a provisioning update with the carrier settings. Make sure to install it.

Steps to Use Jio Sim in iPhone:

  • If you own the above listed Apple iPhone’s, then you can download MyJio app from Apple iTunes.
  • After that open, the MyJio app, then simply click on the ‘Get Jio sim’ button.
  • This MyJio app will now generate a unique coupon code and also a barcode valid for up to three weeks.
  • Then simply Visit nearby Reliance Digital or DX Mini Store to claim the free Reliance Jio 4G SIM.
  • You have to carry all the valid and required documents including address and the identification proof along with a couple of passport size photo.
  • Once you got the Jio 4G SIM, then insert it into the same iPhone the one which you used to claim the offer.
  • To Activate the Jio Sim Preview Offer on iPhone just call 1977.
  • Once the Jio 4G SIM is activated, then go to the MyJio App and register for avail the 3 months Jio 4G preview offer.

Here is the link to download the myjio app, For Activation problems you can refer our solutions, if your mobile is LTE planning to convert into VoLTE then you can try these methods. This is the only method on how to use jio sim in iPhone.


How To Use Jio Sim in Apple iPhone

  1. Load of crap!!!!
    You are trying to trick people to read your article and generate traffic to your blog.
    Bad practice.

  2. What is the ‘trick’ in this ? Only what Reliance Jio has said you have repeated. There is no ;trick’ spelt out anywhere in the article to use reliance jio for voice calls on phone incompatible with jio at present.

    1. Hey nidas
      Are you sure that iPhone 5s will support voLTE
      Coz many sites say it is not possible
      Pl. let me know soon as I’m trying to get a jio sim for my iPhone 5s

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