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How to Use Fidget Spinner with One Hand and Spin Too Fast

How to use fidget spinner, How to use Fidget Spinner with One hand: Fidget spinner which is now trending on Google and now you can buy fidget spinner in India. It is now available in both Flipkart and Amazon sites. Although you won’t get the quality fidget spinner because they are yet to launch in India. The price range of fidget spinner will start from 300 Rs and you can even import these fidget spinners from foreign sites such as gearbest and so. This is a time pass killer, research shows it will help you relieve stress. So if you are suffering from depression or some other stress related problems then go and buy fidget spinner today. In this article, we are giving some solutions on How to use fidget spinner with one hand and how can you spin fidget spinner so fast.

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How to Use Fidget Spinner:how to use fidget spinner with one hand

Fidget spinner comes with a bearing in the center and 3 edge circles. Where you must use the center bearing to make it work. You can simply use the center circle to make it work, all you need to do is hold the center circle with your thumb and front finger. After that, you can just rotate the edges then fidget spinner will start working. But in some fidget spinners you won’t find a center cap, without the center cap it’s very difficult to handle. So you must use the center caps, in case if you haven’t found the caps just mail the seller they will dispatch them separately.

Steps to Use Fidget Spinner:

  • First, you must place the caps in the center bearing
  • Then place your thumb and front fingers on each side to hold the spinner
  • Now use your other hand to rotate the spinner
  • Then fidget spinner will start rotating the more you rotate the fast it spins
  • One can easily take one hand to use fidget spinners

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How to use Fidget Spinner with one Hand:

As mentioned earlier you must place both of your fingers on the center bearing, which will make hard to spin the fidget with the remaining fingers. So people will use another hand for spinning. But here we are giving you the solution on how to use fidget spinner with one hand.

Steps to use Fidget Spinner with one hand:

  • Place both of your fingers (thumb and front) in the center bearing.
  • Now don’t use another hand support just hold the center with two fingers
  • Now bring the middle finger to middle of any three edges
  • With the support of middle finger try to rotate the spinner as fast as you can
  • This is how you can use fidget spinner with one hand


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