How to Use Apple AirPods with Android, Apple TV and Other Bluetooth Devices

How to Use Apple AirPods with Android, Apple TV and Other Bluetooth Devices

How to Use Apple AirPods in Android, Apple AirPods in mobile, Pair Apple AirPods with Android, Apple AirPods trick, How to use apple airpods in apple TV: Apple has just disclosed a new generation of iPhones. But was most notable for a feature that was missing a headphone jack. But again thanks to Apple that they introduced AirPods, wireless earbuds with a battery life of almost 5 hours, builtin microphones, and some software magic which allows it to automatically get paired with Apple devices like iPhone, Apple watch, iPad and many other devices. The one and only way to use AirPods in iPhone7 is via Bluetooth. But to pair with Apple TV or Android devices, you need to connect it manually. In our article How to Use Apple AirPods in Android, Apple TV, and Other Bluetooth Devices, we will let you know how to do this.

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How to Use AirPods in Android and Other Bluetooth Devices:

At 159$ it is not cheap to buy an AirPod. But if you have bought one and now don’t have enough money to buy a set of headphones for other devices then our article How to Use Apple AirPods in Android, Apple TV, and Other Bluetooth Devices is for you only. We will let you know how to use an AirPods in other android devices. Apple AirPods are just like simple Bluetooth. So it will work fine with any device which is having Bluetooth. So you can pair AirPods in non-Apple devices also.

Steps to Use Apple AirPods in Android Devices:

  • With the AirPods in the charging case, open the lid of AirPods.
  • Open the Bluetooth settings screen on the device you’re going to pair your AirPods with.
  • On the back of the AirPods case there is a small button, press and hold it for a few seconds.
  • Once the indicator light between the earbuds begins blinking white, the AirPods will show up in the pairing menu of your device.
  • Select AirPods from the list.
  • Confirm the pairing and accept any prompts that come up.

This will pair the AirPods to your android device that supports bluetooth and will act like a standard pair of bluetooth buds. Same steps you can use to connect it to your Apple TV. Just you have to go to Apple TV’s bluetooth setting. Just go to to Settings on your Apple TV-> Remote and Devices-> Bluetooth and repeat the above steps.

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Steps to Remove Apple AirPods in Android Devices:

  • Go to settings of the device to which your AirPod was connected.
  • Click on Bluetooth.
  • Find your headphone i.e AirPod in the list and choose it.
  • Choose to forget device.
  • Choose forget device once more to confirm unpairing.
  • Switch off the AirPod bluetooth by pressing and holding the back button for a few seconds.

Same steps can be taken to unpair AirPod from your Apple TV.

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Is It Worth Using AirPods in Android Devices:

Of Course you will loose some of the features of the AirPods if you are not using an Apple product. You will not be able to switch between devices or a battery indicator. But they will still do the job. When we tried it with our android phone, a double-tap on either earbud paused and restarted the music again. But these small things are not such a big issue because if you are having a simple headphone and you use it in a high performance device, it doesn’t works properly. So we can manage with these things.

So one can repeat this process on any device (which supports bluetooth) they want to use the AirPods with. If you run into any issues during the pairing process, again open the lid and hold the button until the indicator light blinks amber. Let go off the button, close the lid and try again in a few minutes. This will surely help you if you want to connect your AirPods with any android devices or you Apple TV.

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