How to Increase RAM in Android

How to Increase RAM in Android

How to Increase RAM in Android, Increase RAM in Android, Trick to Increase RAM on Android: Is your smartphone performance hindering behind? Well, you have come to the right place. Well, the major reason why your smartphone would not operate well as expected is its RAM. Higher the RAM, higher the performance of your smartphone. Of course, we can always buy a new smartphone with a higher RAM but perhaps you would like to stick to your dear old smartphone. Well, not to worry as this article will help you increase RAM in your smartphone, that too without rooting your smartphone. You can also check out how to use Whatsapp without a mobile number. Read this article to find out about how to increase RAM in Android without root.

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How to Increase RAM in Android:

There are a couple of reasons to increase RAM in Android. RAM is the major factor that will determine how well your smartphone will work. If you have a higher RAM, the performance of your smartphone will be better. We all have encountered situations where our devices would get stuck if we try to use multiple apps at once. But a higher RAM will solve that problem. It will also increase the speed of the Smartphone. We have rounded off the best ways to increase the RAM of your smartphone. Also, make sure you delete unwanted apps on your phone to increase RAM on your device. The methods listed below include ways to boost your RAM by third party apps as well as by partitioning the SD card. Please note that these methods only work in Android.

How to Increase RAM in Android Without Root: Memory Booster – RAM Optimizer

This app boasts to be the best app to increase RAM on your phone.  It boosts the RAM of your phone as well as holds additional features. Memory Booster shows you real-time free memory level and provides a live chart to demonstrate how memory changes. Running apps keeps restarting themselves after being stopped. To overcome this issue, Speed Boost provides a Super Boost feature to stop most running apps from restarting. Some apps automatically start themselves when the device reboots. Startup Boost prevents these apps from auto-starts. To make memory boosting easier, Auto Boost can be set at different boost levels such as General, Optimum and Ultimate boost.

Click here to download Memory Booster – RAM Optimizer from the Play Store now. 

How to Increase RAM in Android Without Root: Smart RAM Booster

Smart RAM Booster is an app downloadable from the Play Store to boost your RAM. It is a power app that optimises your phone and prioritises the tasks of your phone. It kills all the unwanted tasks to increase the RAM of your phone. It increases your phone’s performance by cleaning memory. Hence, it will help your phone work better and faster. It also frees unwanted occupied RAM to save battery. This app boasts that it does not drain much battery.

From Play Store  download Smart RAM Booster now on Android. 

How to Increase RAM in Android: SD Card Partitioning

We would suggest downloading the mentioned apps to increase your RAM in Android. This method is also very helpful and beneficial but not all smartphones support this method. We have mentioned the steps clearly to increase your Android without Root.

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Requirements to Increase Ram in Android:

  • Minitool  Partition Wizard  to download it on your PC.
  • Link2SD app  download it on your Android device from Play Store.
  • An SD Card Min 4 GB (Class 4 or High).
  • Card Reader if internal Card Reader of the laptop is not available.
  • A rooted android phone. Check here for  root your phone in one click.

How to Increase RAM in Android: Partition the SD card

  1. Download and install Mini Tool Partition on PC. The link is mentioned above.
  2. Insert your SD card through Card Reader or internal Card Reader of your laptop.
  3. Open Mini Tool Partition. Click on ‘SD Card’ option. Select ‘Delete’ option. (This will format your SD card. So make sure you backup the important data before this method.)
  4. Right click on ‘SD Card’ option. Click ‘Create’ option.
  5. A pop-up will appear.Choose the ‘Primary partition’ and ‘FAT file system’ (if card is less then 4GBand ‘FAT32’ (if size is more then 4GB).
  6. Click on ‘Done’. Right click on unallocated space of SD card, then use the same procedure by creating a new partition but this time select EX2, EX3 as file system (Ex2 is recommended).
  7. Click on Apply changes wait for some time while it partitions the SD card. and mount it back to your phone.

How to Increase RAM in Android: Link2Sd

  1. Download and install Link2Sd on your phone. The link is mentioned in the requirements.
  2. Run the app and it will ask for root permission. Then it will ask for .ext partition.
  3. Select the Ex2 or Ex3 or Ex4 (The partition you have used to create earlier).
  4. It will display ” Mount Script Created “. Now reboot your phone.
  5. Open Link2SD. Open ‘Settings’. Check the ‘Auto Link Option’.
  6. You check your phone internal memory by moving to storage option. You will notice that your phone memory is increased.

This method may not be supported by all the phones. So we recommend installing the apps mentioned earlier.

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