How to Increase Jio Speed After 4GB Daily Limit

how to increase jio speed after 4gb limit

How to Increase Jio Speed After 4GB Daily Limit: Well those who are enjoying jio preview offer and now jio is upgrading all the preview offers to welcome offers. So this means once moving to welcome offer you won’t get unlimited daily internet. You will get internet with daily jio 4gb limit and after 4gb your speed will be decreased to 128 kbps. This is the same case for every welcome offer user, as you can see in my jio app you can notice that daily internet limit is 4GB and same goes for the preview offer users. So here is the trick on how to increase jio speed after 4gb limit.

So as mentioned earlier you will only get 128 kbps speed after jio 4gb limit, this trick might not work in few devices. Because everything is under jio so if your number is updated in their database which means you are limited to 4gb data per a day. There is no way on how to increase jio speed after 4gb limit, but for the people whose number didn’t updated in jio database you must get back the preview offer and you should never ever update the myjio app again. For this people can enjoy this trick on how to increase jio speed after 4gb limit. Let me tell you how you can find whether your number is updated in jio database or not.

How To Check Reliance Jio 4GB Limit

In case if you got any message from jio by saying that you have reached the daily limit then you can’t do anything. For the people who didn’t got the message go ahead and get your preview offer back and to those whose preview offer is converted into welcome offer they can also get back the unlimited daily internet without any jio 4gb limit. So this is the working process in few devices.

How To Increase Jio Speed After 4GB Limit:

For this, you need to install all my jio apps, then install the old app from this link. You need to remove every app related to jio. This method doesn’t require any reboot so simply install the OLD VERSION OF MY JIO from this link. You shouldn’t update the app ever again. Once you install the Myjio app from above link then you need to install the remaining 10 apps. Then follow these 5 simple steps to increase jio speed after the 4GB limit.

Steps to increase jio speed after 4GB limit:

  • Once installing the all 10 apps from old myjio turn off the net.
  • Then open MyJio app from the list wait for some time.
  • Then turn on the internet and click on Get Jio Sim.
  • In the next screen, you will see the preview offer will be activated
  • From there you can find the jio 4GB Limit

So by following the above steps you successfully removed the Jio 4GB limit and in case if you didn’t find any preview offer from the above steps which means your number is updated with jio for this we will try to find a new trick. This trick on how to increase jio speed after 4gb limit is actually working when you are running on 4gb. Once your 4gb data is over it will take sometimes to get you the preview offer.

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Jio 4GB Daily Limit is Over:

So to avoid this problem you need to follow few things after above method simply uninstall every jio app and clear their history and data from your device. After this process, jio can’t track your offer in case if you failed to do so you can simply reboot the device after 10 pm because jio servers will usually update after 10 pm. So after the restart, you will again get the 4gb data and for some people, it will show that 4gb data has been used but one can easily use the unlimited data without any steps. Try these for one day and from the next day you can enjoy unlimited.

how to increase jio speed after 4gb limit

  1. Can i use this trick without istalling jio apps. I dont want those apps. Do i need to install all jio apps for this method.

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