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How To Increase Jio 4G Net Speed Upto 80 Mbps, 7 Awesome Tricks

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  1. Jems says:

    Hey, I am Using Mi 4, Please help me How can I increase my jio speed?

    1. Shravan says:

      Please follow the given steps

  2. rajendra jena says:

    vpn master ka icon dekhauna

  3. vamshi says:

    didn’t worked for me

  4. VIJAY SINGH says:

    In my first comment the word hip is mistakenly written and the right word is jio.

  5. Om Srivastava says:

    I am using jiofi in PC. Please, tell me how to icrease internet speed in jiofi.

  6. Saket Kumar jha says:

    Thanks !!
    I will follow this steps

  7. Vikas.c says:

    How can increase jio speed

  8. jessi says:

    Very useful

  9. Sanniya says:

    Such a dum sim network i hav never seen before,they don’t even tel want to do next,i hav planned myself to change dis jio and add something new which has goood 4G network

  10. Sazia says:

    Wt da hell

  11. Abhishek says:

    Thanks a lot!! Now my speed is boosted with 4520% getting 1 Gbps

  12. Naveen says:

    I like jio sim

  13. Samuel says:

    My mobile gets 2 Mbps of speed how to turn the 2 mbps into 10 Mbps speed

  14. Chethan Kumar says:

    I’m using Xiaomi mi 4i

  15. Mayur Raval says:


  16. k.lakshmi says:

    Good not work thank to give free net

  17. Mohammed ømèr Ãlí says:

    Awesome network from Jio digital life

  18. rishabh says:

    Comment… how can you do that mr. Shrawan

  19. Subbu says:

    Woooow I was surprised

  20. Ganesh says:

    Jio its to good for indians hart

  21. Naruto says:

    I’m in Chennai.. I’m just getting 5kbps……..pls someone say which procedure I have to use…….

  22. Girish. D says:

    Can you please guide me how to extand my jio number

  23. Suresh says:

    I m getting 3mbps

  24. sopan lohate says:

    Plz tell me how to increse the speed of jio sim in j2 its only giving max speed of 20kb/s what the f*** is this yyr

  25. Umang Kumar says:

    I changed to BAND 40 Permanently and now getting great speed inside home and also change APN Settings as per your suggestions , now JIO 4G working simply great , Thanks 🙂

  26. Abhi says:

    i m not get jionet maximum.speed. m getting only 30 to 65 kbps speed. tel me ur suggestion what can i do to get the maximum speed. my phone is samsung S6 edge. plz tel soon…..

  27. jeeeva says:

    tq for the apn setting. It’s very use full .now my mobile jio net spped very increase. guys just try it’s realy worked

  28. Zakor says:

    Any trick for iphone 6

  29. vivek chandra singh says:

    Please bhai i Want to download video lectures of iit
    My phone is vivo1603
    I m not able to change any of
    settingsPlease tell me soon how to do it

  30. All Cracked Apk says:

    Your Trick is more greatful and useful. It is seriously working in my phone.. and they increase there download speed

  31. anant bhatt says:

    my Jio internet speed is still low plz help me I can’t search anything and download too I followed all steps

  32. Deepak says:

    Hi i am using lg pro d838 plz tell how to set vpn range problem when dis connect mobile restart karna padta hai

  33. mahroof says:

    in pc what to do man

  34. Aditya says:

    Its not working. Please help me

  35. User says:

    Any trick for Lenovo a6000 plus….

  36. Anshul Sharma says:

    Sir plese help me ….my jio speed is so slow…plese sir…i am very thankful to u..plese sir.

  37. omkar gurav says:

    i am using redmi 3s prime,jio speed is. very low .pls tell me which step is best for my mobile.

  38. sahil says:

    what abt jiofi i3

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  40. himanshu kumar says:

    I can’t get the Jio speed it’s too slow please help me beo

  41. adnan says:

    Ohhh…. What was that i got 20+mbps speed… Earlier i was having 100 kbps…. Wow that is very nice…thanks bro

  42. Hasan says:

    Brother i have an iphone..which one would be better for me?

  43. kp shajinesh says:

    some tricks not working which is the most working trick please tell to me sir

  44. abhishek says:

    my phone is samsung j2 so which trick is best??Suggest me plz

  45. Akib says:

    Band 40 krne pr IMEI ud Jane ka problem hota hai kya???

  46. Nayagan says:

    Am using Mi note3
    Which is suitable for my device

  47. Devendra says:

    How to increase Jiofi speed ?

  48. abdulrehman Peerzade says:


  49. Aman says:

    I tried the vpn trick bt itsnot working the is still upto 100kbps…am using lg stylus 2 plus..plz hlp me out

  50. anand says:

    Jio SIM card internet slowly my area Coimbatore thenkarai village mathipalayam

  51. Piyush says:

    Speed kam aur ho gayi ultah.

  52. MO SAHIL says:

    It just doesn’t work ass well as it’s only tarradiddle….

  53. vijayakumar says:

    My phone moto g4plus not work for jio net usually 0.14 Mbps only pls help me frndz

  54. kishor says:

    I get only 50-60 kbps plz …help me

  55. Raj Aryan says:

    I am trying all the methods but not working… Pls help

  56. zerstorer says:

    hey man i m sz i use lyf water which settings should i select

  57. fyilhfz says:

    Chutiyo marooo

  58. Swapnil says:

    Hello dear… I tried all method you mentioned but my internet speed didn’t move more than 80 kbps. Kindly help

  59. dishant says:

    i have samung j2 which steps will i use

  60. Vishnu says:

    My phone is samsung j2 6 what methord is usefull for me

  61. Murugan says:

    i tried most of ur steps but can’t maximize my jio net speed limit. it’s always stuck at 20 kbps on my meizu m3 note.please guide

  62. prateek gupta says:

    tum sab pagal ho. Tum sab non sense ho

  63. zzz says:

    it doesn’t work???
    plz help plzzzzzz

  64. Govind says:

    Hiii,my mobile is lenovo vibe k5 how can incearse my jio sim.

  65. Suraj says:

    Bhai main v Ranchi se hu upr wale koi trick nhi kaam kr rha hai kch btao yr

  66. MANVENDER says:

    hiiiiiiii shravan pls help me to speed jio net iam in bikaner rajsthan here the jio speed is only 100kbps plz help bro i read all suggestion of yours but no change in jio speed

  67. akash kumar says:

    i m using htc desire 630 what should i do to increase it max goes to 50kps in my area

  68. Prince says:

    It’s not working in Maharashtra
    I have tried all method it isn’t worked
    I’m using Oppo f1s…tell me which method will work for me

  69. Someshwar Parasd says:

    I m not getting speed.. my phone is Moto X play.. please help me

  70. Someshwar Parasd says:

    I m not getting speed phone is Moto X play . Please help me

  71. pc says:

    none of above methods are worked for me! i don’t know the exact problem of getting low data speed for my redmi 2 prime mobile phone! could u suggest me another trick?????

  72. Anil says:

    APN Settings you are providing is by default settiings dont make fool.

  73. Havocgva46 says:

    Add and inbox me for lifetime free internet jio tricks

  74. Ak kumar says:

    Hi friend this is ak kumar. pleash help 3g phone to support 4g trick of method…………

  75. A.G.Amal says:

    Bro,help me….Mine is samsung galaxy E5 mobile and the speed is not going more than 125kbps.Iam from south india and i have tried all VPN methods but still no change(Even tried changing APN too but still same).I have an unrooted mobile,so please help me.

  76. Abhinav says:

    Sir can you please tell which method will be right for samsung j7

  77. Jaskaran says:

    I have Lyf flame 8 which method is good for me

  78. Aditya says:

    pls help me. my phone is MotoG4 (snapdragon processor). Jio speed is around 10Kbps on my phone…..

  79. Jitendra Borole says:

    Earn money without investing a penny.

    Get a trick at

  80. A Gupta says:

    Bro I ‘m using MI 3S Prime but getting Only .05 kbps to 498 kbps max speed on jio sim in delhi. Pls help and guide me. Thanks in anticipation.

  81. Dinesh says:

    My phone is lenovo vibe k5 note n i didnt get speed ple help me how can i increase my net speed plss i used some method but didnt get result

  82. jagadeesh ganiger says:

    Jio nita super. .siped

  83. mahesh varma says:

    Everything is is just a timepass it’s all fake kuch kam nahi hota hai to ye karte hai

  84. Shreya says:

    My speed is still 1.73KB/sec, although I tried all these above methods. That’s not working at all ?

  85. smit modi says:

    I am using redmi 3s prime and not getting good speed in jio. Which is the best method for me?

  86. Pavankumar Kori says:

    Hai. Bro my speed is very low…..
    Can you tell me. Wt to do to increase the speed…..

    I m using Sony Xperia Aqua M4 mobile…

    Please tell me how to increase speed….

    My contact number

  87. Keval says:

    I m not getting speed in Gandhinagar
    Mail me pls

  88. Abhishek says:

    It is not saving does not works!!

  89. Sudhan says:

    It’s cool

  90. nishant says:

    Which is best one for lenovo vibe k5 note

  91. Revanth says:

    Sir my mobile nme is coolpad note 3lite the jio Speed is about only 30kbps pls tell me sir how to increase my jio speed

  92. chandan kumar says:

    Hey bro m from aurangabad Bihar and my net is very slow plzzz help me
    .how I increase my speed

  93. OKGoogleJi says:

    Thank you for the guide.
    How are you getting 80mbps? I tried most of the tricks and I am not getting 80mbps.

    I only get 3mbps during the day and around 20 mbps at night .

    I don’t think 80mbps is possible on Jio.

    It’s free so I don’t really get angry with Reliance but the fact is that some users are getting speeds in kbps on a freaking 4G network .. Really pathetic on part of Jio.
    And to all people here who are getting slow speeds the lock lte to band 40. It’s the fastest band on Jio as mentioned in the guide or download Network Signal Guru from PlayStore and lock band to band 40 from the app.

  94. jay says:

    when i m download 700 mb data useing mobile hotspot speed will be down automaticaly 12kb/ps……this is very bad give me solution………….bakavas …..

  95. Krunal says:

    For my phone asus zenfone 2 laser 5.5 non rooted. Which method is best for me??

  96. Abhishek says:

    They doesn’t made any difference to the speed before limit and after limit

  97. sam says:

    thanks yaar your trick was works I like it thank you sooooo much

  98. S2 says:

    Hello, I’m Shashank here and I liked Ur first method and Voila it worked on my redmi 3s prime…. Previously I was getting 12-18kbps 22 max but after that it went upto 365kbps (const).
    Now before I was planning to give you a vote of thanks but too soon.
    My speed dropped AGAIN – – – – BACK 2 NORMAL…. like everything was going fine for like 45 or 50 min (360kbps is fine 4 me) and thennn— GOD said THAT’S ENOUGH.
    Bro help me here dude.

    1. S2 says:

      Also tried Internet speed booster technique.
      And yes I’m pretty sure that I didn’t cross my 4GB limit.

  99. Mukul says:

    I have still not get increasement in my Samsung 2j plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz help

  100. sanju baba says:
    Reliance jiofi 3 router unbox, setup and internet speed boost trick full proof

  101. shivz says:

    Bro m using Moto g3 can you suggest meh which trick is best for this device

  102. Ganesh jadhav says:

    I am using galaxy s7 edge …not my max jio speed is 100kbps .. plzzzz help me out

  103. rohit says:

    I have trick how to increase jio speed

  104. abinanthan says:

    please send video red me 2prime I have no bans

  105. Jigar patel says:

    On internet there are so many methods to use jio free lifelime…is that true?

  106. Jigar patel says:

    Pls , give me method to increase jio net speed in redmi note 3…can i use jio sim in basic mobile ? How??

  107. manohar says:

    Bro, I’ve done all the above steps but still I’m not getting speed…. It’s still showing 20-30kbps, please help me to increase my jio speed. ……my phone is vivo y51l ……
    If u have other steps for my phone please send it to my email……

  108. Pankaj says:

    Just 2 k/s speed in my redmi 3s. I downloaded VPN. But it not works.

  109. Avhi says:

    Can changing band will not effect the phone

  110. Anany says:

    Any trick for iPhone 5s?

  111. vinodreddy says:

    I am changing vpn settings but speed is 40kbps to 100kbps only please help mobile is I ball snap 4g2 please help me.I am in ap.

  112. Vinay says:

    Pls advice step for my redmi 3s prime

  113. mayur says:

    My htc desire 626 but not increase net speed pls help me yaaar

  114. Bhupinder singh says:

    Brother, by changing setting I don’t know but my network signals for second sim are just disappeared and no signals are coming now please help me with this

  115. Harsh says:

    My phone is Lenovo k3 note and my speed is 0.98 mb so which method best for me

  116. sasi kumar says:

    Im using redmi 3s my jio net is very slow its below 20kbps how to increase it helpme

  117. Mahajan Vijay says:

    Bro, I will use lenovo k3 note phone but some time my. Jio not to provide better speed to me
    So what I do ? For increase speed I will change my APN settings also.

  118. hannan says:

    My phone is oppo f1plus and Jio speed 100kB please help

  119. Naj says:

    Hey I almost lost my data connection
    Wat may have happened help

  120. ankit says:

    help me out how to increase jio spped it is jst 60kb/s

  121. Jason Aj says:

    Excellent its working! Thanks for sharing.

  122. TechyM says:

    Increase Reliance Jio 4G Internet Speed On PC, Laptop by using OPERA VPN Network

  123. dev says:

    Mine is lenovo vibe p1m, I tried two methods but it didn’t work…..please help

  124. rahul says:

    Don’t use APN it slows your internet to secure your browsing from your internet provider that’s it

  125. Vijay panara says:

    Dear admin thank you Sharing this post and follow this trick and increase my Jio sim. INTERNET speed

  126. Sahil says:

    Highest speed only 1.3 Mb/s help me i am from Kashmir

  127. Anuj pandey says:

    I have used all these steps but still the internet is just 40kbps. I am using asus zenfone laser 2

  128. Abbas says:

    Thank u bro. Really works!!

  129. Ino says:

    Maine APN waala settings kiya to net ka network hi nhi aa rha h ,…… kya karun ??? Is APN settings k chakkar me mera internet ka network hi chalala gya ,data on hone k bawzud.

  130. sunil says:

    Incrise jio speed

  131. Jeevan says:

    Even i tried to change the APN settings but it won’t reflected in the APN’s.
    I’m using Redmi Note 3. Please help!!!!

  132. A.JaYaNTh ReDDy says:

    Yeah.Works Fine!

  133. Vishesh says:

    Mine jio speed is good as its of now is 2-3mbps fr downloading…play store gives max 5mbps…??? I thnk speed depends on locations…my jio gvs me 100kb at my friendz home nd in mine its gvs 1-5mbps…so good luck guys hope u get good speed before offer endz

  134. Jay ro says:

    When I’m editing mnc to 857 863 or 874 then it automatically and saving then it automatically disappears why

  135. sunny says:

    i use moto g 3 turbo edition and after using your trick,my speed increases but not get to 40 mbps..

    1. Shravan says:

      it will give you the max available speed

  136. Suneel Kumar Verma says:

    Sir I would like to thank you for doing a great job of suggest to others.I have complaint also for my Samsung Galaxy just that in my device jio 4g gives only 4-9 kbs.What should I do?please tell me on my email address or my whatsapp no 7524895310

  137. Islam Laskar says:

    I m using InFocus m370 &sim jio how can I increase my Jio speed

  138. Subho Banerjee says:

    I am getting only 1 kb/second…I am live in purulia..and village-lagda

  139. vinaykumar says:

    dear admin,
    i am from kerala. and i am using jio sim in galaxy core prime 4g handset. my device’s download speed is maximum 20 kbps. please suggest me a suitable trick that mentioned here.

  140. sarath says:

    i have a coolpad note 3 lite mobile. i’m only getting 2g speed. help me
    whatsapp 8124041997

  141. Rahul singh says:

    Bro , Actually I am using Jio sim In roaming and m living in flat at 11th floor ..
    And m getting worst browsing speed and i go out of my flat..say at market or speed randomly increase..please give me a solution so that i can use it properly at home with good browsing and downloading speed

  142. Varun says:

    Jio is speed network 2-5 Mbps

  143. krunal says:

    I am not getting more than 55 to 70 kb/s in jio before completion on 4GB data

  144. Mause says:

    Free VPNs does not increase internet speed, just saying.

    1. Shravan says:

      they will just for a short time, while your downloading speed is low you can make use of them. As browsing speed will be the same

  145. riresh says:

    my lenovo 4g very slow in jio 4g speed

  146. abhiram says:

    i like the 3 rd step . It increased my jio speed to 3 mbps. Thanks man!!!!

  147. abhiram says:

    I like the 3 rd step of increasing jio speed . Now my phone is 3 mpbs speed

  148. Prasanth says:

    my jio speed very slow

  149. paul says:

    my jio speed 100 km/sec

    1. Shravan says:

      kilo meters or kb..? 😛

  150. Purushottam says:

    APN changing doesn’t work and if changed phone doesnt connect to Jio. Also get error notification that “APN settings are not available for editing”

  151. subho says:

    plzz help me …my phone is gionne p5L …
    I am lived in..
    state-west bengal
    I am only get 1.00 kb/S

  152. subho says:

    my phone is gionee p5L and i am leaved in..district- purulia…village- Lagda.
    plzz help me i only get 1.00 kb/s

    1. subho says:

      plzz help me …my phone is gionne p5L …
      I am lived in..
      state-west bengal
      I am only get 1.00 kb/S

  153. anas says:

    Sir my jio speed is 48kbps . its vry slow.. How can i increase it.. My phone is lenovo A6000.. Plz help

    1. Shravan says:

      follow the band 40 method, and it also depend up on your area network my speed is like 20 mbps on day time and more than 30 in the midnights

  154. Nil says:

    I will very happy if I get 2mbps speed. I am using reliance jio in redmi 3s but getting speed 4kbps

    Why u persons are crying?

  155. Dwarak sai says:


  156. Raja says:

    Sir I’m using iphone 5s how to increase jio speed

  157. Sachin says:

    Hey, my mobile is sony xperia z i use all the trick to work jio sim in 3g phone but the 4g network not available please help

  158. keerthi says:


    I am using LYF water model.

    My speed is just 3-8 kb/s.

    Pls suggest.

  159. Ram ji says:

    When I used your tricks then I seen access point name settings are not available for this user please help me

    1. Shravan says:

      go for default setting and try to change the band

  160. rk says:

    How make band 40 in j7 give me instructions

    1. Shravan says:

      follow those steps

  161. Suraj says:

    After I changed the apn settings and clicked to save changes it vanished.

  162. SAMUVEL says:

    No, 4G speed only three G speed or 2G Speed

    1. Shravan says:

      lol, try to change the band 40 that will give you more range and speed

  163. Tony says:

    I am not getting proper speed I have apn setting method its not work

    1. Shravan says:

      try different method

  164. Ram says:

    I have redmi note 3. I bought the jio sim but it’s speed is very low approximately 2-5kb/s. I live in nanded,Maharashtra. And
    Shockingly my friend get a good speed at same place. Plzz give me some suggestions

    1. Shravan says:

      try to change the apn settings following by band 40, this will increase the speed

  165. azaharul ahmed says:

    My jio speed 50kbps

  166. abin says:

    apn cant cnang in my phone..its lenovo 2010

  167. anukul das says:

    i am using yu 4711 my net speed is 0.166kb \sec so how to incress my net speed

    1. Shravan says:

      set the band 40 that will give you more range and speed

  168. Shariq shaikh says:

    My internet speed increased. Before it was only 544kbs and now its 750kbs. It iscresd by 200kbs. What a time waste. My phone is j7 2016 of samsung. Hope I get reply soon.

    1. Shravan says:

      try in the evening or late midnight you will get high speed, jio recorded as the worlds slowest 4g speed network so the speed will change on place and on time.

  169. Mahesh says:

    it works thanks, 40 band trick works

    1. Shravan says:

      cool share with your friends.. 🙂

  170. Mahesh says:

    thanks, it works when i set band to 40

  171. rahul says:

    Thanxx buddy this article help me a lot

    1. Shravan says:

      cool, share with your friends.. 🙂

  172. Siddhant says:

    Coolpad note 3 lite LTE. Which method for me

    1. Shravan says:

      try the method 2

  173. yogesh negi says:

    how to connect VIP server

    1. Shravan says:

      Follow the steps mentioned in this article

  174. yogesh negi says:

    all servers are to connect

    1. Shravan says:

      which vpn are u using..?

  175. karan says:

    jio mein unlimiyed data kaise paye?

  176. vatsal says:

    plz send a video vpn master

    1. Shravan says:

      you can search on youtube

  177. Zarar ali says:

    When I am downloading an app from Google play store I got 1 Mbps but when I am downloading a movie from UC browser I got 100 to 200 kB . I tried everything help me. I am from Delhi and my phone is redmi 3s

    1. Shravan says:

      okay i will add more methods in just few hours, you can try them.. 🙂

  178. rk says:

    My speed is too slow 2g like which vpn I used I tried many one

  179. Lara says:

    My jio speed is 900mb/s and I love it

  180. warlox says:

    it worked like a charm

    1. Shravan says:

      enjoy… 🙂

  181. Surie says:

    I’ve tried the VPN one… The max I got was 90kbps… What do I do..

    1. Shravan says:

      have u changed the country name..?

  182. sonu gagan says:

    I preferred first trick… But after saving new changes……. It is showing that….
    Access point names is not available for this user..
    Plz help

    1. Shravan says:

      may i know your device name..?

  183. Azam Khan says:

    using iPhone 6s, not even finding out how to apply these setting, can’t even change access point setting coz access point setting gone invisible after setting the apn for very first time

    1. Shravan says:

      restart your device, then you will able to see the new changes.. 🙂

  184. prakash says:

    Boss download speed is below 50 kbs and video steaming is good when steaming video net speed is above 1 mbs how sove this problem??

    1. Shravan says:

      try vpn that will work

  185. Jeet says:

    Dear Admin, i musing samsung j7(2016) and m from Gujarat…Pls give me vpn for jio.

  186. deepashu says:

    i have a lenovo k4 note and my loctaion is ghaziabad. i have try so many thing to increase downloading speed bt they all are not working for me my still downloading speed is around 10 to 12 kbps. if any have solution for me. plzz suggest thankyou.

    1. Shravan says:

      which methods have u tried..?

    2. Abhishek says:

      Dial *#*#4636#*#* and then go to phone information now scroll down and select TD-SCDMA,GSM,LTE

      This is really working

    3. hitesh says:

      Try this setting I have also k4 note and this work on my phone
      Authentication type-none
      Apn protocol-IpV4
      Mvno type-spn
      Mvno value -Jio 4G
      Set these values as it is n enjoy high speed

  187. ranga says:


    1. Shravan says:

      when you open the vpn it will show the country there you can select any country other than india

      1. shubham says:

        Bro where is VPN …I know only APN

        1. Asmit says:

          Dude when u dont knw about anything then plz dont spoil it by poking ur nise in between

      2. thomas says:

        Do u hve any vpn config

  188. Paras says:

    I have used all the tricks but didn’t get anything from them…. Now if u r going to say to change country in VPNthat i have done but still my speed is 20kbps after 4gb of welcome offer jio has cheated us by changing my preview offer to welcome…… Other than that i also changed settings of Internet but still it doesn’t work!!!!!! What should I do my phone i m using is mi4i XIAOMI n i m from PUNJAB

  189. samyak says:

    Great my jil speed increase

    1. Srinivass says:

      How………? Plz explain clearly

  190. harsh says:

    Hi. Used vpn master. It started well but again slowed down. I’m using redmi note 3. Pls suggest the best method

    1. Shravan says:

      you can try other ones, but try vpn with different country that will work for sure

  191. vilas says:

    Slow sufaring low speed

  192. saif says:

    pls help me

  193. saif says:

    my jio bade speed

  194. aditya says:

    I am from bihar
    my mob is samsung galaxy j7 i am using jio sim but it give only 6-9 kbps speed ….
    plese help me to increase my internet speed……….

  195. Dattatray says:

    I had download VPN master but not increase download speed .it’s only 50kbps speed

    1. Shravan says:

      you need to change the country name

      1. dd says:

        I will try those method but no more get speed plz help to increase speed .I have all method apply my mob …….

  196. sunny gupta says:

    i have lumia 640xl lte and i am using jio in my phone with help of tricks provided by you but i am facing speed problem i have tried all sugggestion like changing apn and all but not geetting speed more than 200kbps so please help me with issue by providing step to increse jio speed in windows phone

    1. Shravan says:

      try the vpn trick that works just fine, and don’t forget to change the country name.. 🙂

  197. Name says:

    I’m using mi4i in Jharkhand, which method should I use?

    1. Shravan says:

      vpn trick is for everyone and highly recommended

  198. sandy says:

    xolo era 4g mein jio sim me incoming call nahi ho rhi h jabki outgoing ho rhi h how to solve it

  199. Nesln says:

    Hi hello … as per many obstacles of activation of jio sim ..I got the sim and my problem is I’m not able to see vollte on top (indication of data sign) my device only indicates 4g on top instead of vollte…
    And the second thing is .no outgoing or incoming calls can b made or recieved …
    … only browsing can be done

    Plsz help bro ..
    Reaching the help to jio customer care ..litrally takes lot of time and those people don’t catch the line

    1. Shravan says:

      yeah jio customer can’t help you because it’s the problem with your device, here is the solution:

  200. ADITYA SINGH says:

    Sir i have tried uc mini method but initially it worked but now again downloading speed is very low around 2 kbps.. my device is asus zenfone 2 laser. please help me..

    1. Shravan says:

      try vpn and change the country to anything other than india, then it will work

      1. ADITYA SINGH says:

        how should i change the apn?

        1. Shravan says:

          steps were already given in this article

  201. Arun v says:

    Tried almost all the methods, but its the same ….I’m getting good speed when using youtube and playstore but all other things are dead slow. What to do?? Used VPN master ,edited APN etc..

    1. Shravan says:

      may i know your location, then I can give you better solution

  202. Rashid ansari says:

    Very bad speed…. Only 50 kbps speed

    1. Shravan says:

      try our methods to increase the speed

  203. Adi says:

    I Used Redmi Note 3 but 4g speed is very slow like im using 2g network.what should I do increase the speed

    1. Shravan says:

      have u followed those steps..?

  204. Roshan says:

    at start 300-500kb/s
    then 200kb/s
    then 100kb/s
    and now i m getting10-50kb/s from last week

    and i used those methods of your.

    1. Shravan says:

      may i know your device name and is this browsing speed or downloading speed, first i recommend you to check at night then you might get more than 10mbps. If that so vpn trick will help you for sure… 🙂

  205. shailendra says:

    Comment…my jio speed 600 kbps

    1. Shravan says:

      use those tricks to improve the speed.

  206. muhammed says:

    i hav a samsung a5 mobile. im only getng 2g speed. help me
    whatsapp 9567046770

    1. Shravan says:

      follow those methods

  207. buddy says:

    in vpn master it contain only other countries ,there is no india country in that app

    1. Shravan says:

      yeah that’s the trick you have to choose different country then it will work

  208. Deep says:

    Woww….i got it…not more speed but satisfied 1-2 mbps
    Its worked….. Thnx admin

    1. Shravan says:

      cool enjoy.. 😀

    2. SAJIT says:


  209. Yash says:

    There’s no APN option in the new iOS 10 in iPhone, there’s no cellular option too

    1. Shravan says:

      try other methods

      1. Raja says:

        Which method sir

  210. faisal says:

    Sir I m not using phones calls and msg

  211. shailendra says:

    Open two mobile net on and attach another with WiFi hot spot and net use any one mobile then its work very good

    1. Shravan says:

      cool thanks for your trick, if it works i will update in the article

    2. shailendra says:

      My jio speed 600kbps

  212. vishwasshinde says:

    I get only 3mpps speed on sangamner on mi3

    1. Shravan says:

      have u tried those methods..?

  213. vishwasshinde says:

    I get only 3mpps speed

  214. Madhusudan Sharma says:

    Hii…I got a jio sim and using it wid Moto e3 power (VOLTE),while streaming videos or surfing internet the speed is too good bt while downloading any audio/video the is evn lesser thn 2G ntwrks…plz suggest smthng..

    1. Shravan says:

      yeah try our uc brwoser downloading trick, that will work for sure

  215. rahul says:

    Thank you it worked Getting 50MBPS in Ranchi

    1. Shravan says:

      cool.. 🙂

      1. hariprasad says:

        Sir am using mi prime 2 but APN settings is not saved in my phone pls help me

      2. Tai Ananth says:

        Thank you

    2. Rajat says:

      My phone is samsung galaxy j5 how to increase speed call me at 9132475288 its emergency Mr.sravan

      1. Malang says:

        Install VPN

      2. vivek says:

        Dial *4578#
        And enjoy real 4G network

    3. santosh Bajpai says:

      would you please let me know steps by steps as to how did you get such a wonderful speed at my whats app no


      i will be obliged of you
      S K Bajpai

      1. Santosh Bajpaii says:


        would you please let me know steps by steps as to how did you get such a wonderful speed at my whats app no


        i will be obliged of you
        S K Bajpai

    4. krishna says:

      sir i am not geting speed

  216. madhu says:

    I almost true all the ways…..I am using micrmax canvas amaze…..unroofed phone….which step will be best

    1. Shravan says:

      i would say VPN is perfect for your device

    2. y says:

      Disable all app

  217. Md Mastan says:

    Thanks bro it works.

    1. Shravan says:

      Cool, please download our extension to support us.. 🙂

  218. vivek says:

    I have not get speed

    1. Shravan says:

      have u tried these methods..?

  219. Teja says:

    Bro I got the signal and completed televerification. But didn’t get the confirmation messages from the last 2 days.

    1. Shravan says:

      visit the jio store they will help you

  220. bunny says:

    None of the above method is working .plzzz help .my jio is fucking slow

  221. bunty says:

    None of the method is working . Plzzz help my jio is really slow

  222. zaid says:

    I m not getting speed. its just 2 KB/S.plsssa help me. My email id is and my phone is huawei honor 7.pls pls pls help me.

  223. Aadi says:

    It woked for me

    1. Aadi says:

      I am getting 50 mpbs in gurgaon, thanks a lot,

      1. Shravan says:

        wow congrats.. 🙂

      2. Divya says:

        Which method u applied.?

    2. Shravan says:

      congrats.. 🙂

    3. Ans Baby says:

      which method worked for you?

  224. Atul Kirne says:

    wht abt jiofi

    1. Shravan says:

      I will add the methods soon

      1. Vivek says:

        My phone is redmi 3s how can incearse my jio sim.

  225. rahul says:

    Plz tell me how to increse the speed of jio sim in j7 its only giving max speed of 20kb/s what the f*** is this yyr

    1. Shravan says:

      lol rahul have you tried these steps yet..?

      1. Vinay Kumar says:

        Am using one plus two and am getting 0.95mbps pls help me what all settings I need to do

    2. Shaan Khan says:

      same here bro >.<

      1. Asad says:

        I cant find engineering mode or service menu in moto g5s plus while in oppo this was exist so i was using hi speed internet but now i have moto i cant find opotions. please help me.

  226. harsh says:

    Bro I am only getting 26-30kbps speed in my Lenovo k5 plus worst than 2G services what can I do .please help me.

    1. Shravan says:

      have you tried any of those methods..?

      1. Harsh says:

        No but you suggest me

  227. Nirvair says:

    Im using iphone pls tell how can do this on iphone

    1. Shravan says:

      you can simply follow those methods..

  228. Shivam says:

    I am trying to use APN settings but MNC is not setting at any of 857,863,874 it’s only taking 867 can u just tell the reason n how to fix it

    1. Shravan says:

      can you try vpn method, that will work like a charm. You can simply change the country name to get the max speed.

  229. kuldeep says:

    not working in prime 2

    1. Shravan says:

      now updated with 7 methods, try all of them

  230. Navdeep Bhullar says:

    I have try vpn and snap vpn and also your tricks then also the max speed is 250kbs now what i can do plz tell me any other method

    1. Shravan says:

      try restarting your device and by replacing the jio sim. Change country name in VPN this will work for sure

  231. Prince Patel says:

    Any Of The Above method To Increase Jio Speed Doesn’t Work on My Redmi Note 3. It just gives 2-5 MBPS speed as usual . What should i do to increase speed ? Reply me fast or Whatsapp me @ 7383862282
    Myself @Prince Patel

    1. Shravan says:

      try changing the country name in vpn that will work

      1. pankaj says:

        i m using lyf mobile in rajasthan jaipur and there jio 4g speed is just 100 KB ps fu***ing jio

      2. pankaj says:

        i m using lyf mobile in rajasthan jaipur and there jio 4g speed is just 100 KB ps

        1. Shravan says:

          try these methods then you can improve the speed.

          1. Vivek says:

            My phone is redmi 3s how can incearse my jio sim.

          2. Shravan says:

            follow the steps

          3. shubham says:

            Bro my mobile is in focus m2 4g why my jio getting slow like 200kbps

    2. sandy says:

      i think this man is mad .. i mean he getting 2-3 mbps and still crying.. here people r getting 20-30 kbs only hahaha lol…

      1. Shravan says:

        lol, I am getting 20 mbps.. 😀

    3. HT says:

      I think you are mad you have to happy about that you are getting too much speed. What more you accept from JIO

  232. senthil says:

    i had downloaded vpn master but it doesnot have option to choose india

  233. Musaib Ahmed says:

    Bro, can u please post a video on how to use Jio sim in Redmi 1s (HM1SW).
    I’m unable to follow the procedure in ur previous post.

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