Here are the few simple steps to Increase internet speed in Airtel 2G, 3G, 4G and Modem

how to increase airtel net speed

How To Increase Airtel Net Speed 2G 3G 4G and Modem Devices: Tired of getting slow internet in your airtel device, thinking to speed up airtel net speed. Well here are the few methods on how to increase airtel net speed. In this article, you will find the solutions for how to increase airtel 2g net speed, how to increase airtel 3g net speed, how to increase airtel 4g net speed and how to increase airtel modem dongle net speed. Just choose your airtel sim and follow that method. These all tricks are 100% working but before giving you every method let me mention one simple way where you can increase airtel net speed on any device. So just follow these simple steps and increase airtel net speed on almost all devices.

How to increase airtel net speed:

Let me remind you again, this method works on almost all devices. If not you can still try other methods to increase airtel net speed based on your sim choice or modem. If the following method doesn’t work just try the remaining methods.

Steps to increase airtel net speed:

  • Always choose a 3G or 4G option even if you are using 2G data.
  • Use an updated Chrome or Firefox browser to increase airtel net speed
  • Clear cache and uninstall junk apps
  • Don’t sync your device while running on Airtel Mobile Data
  • After the above steps restart your device.

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By following above steps you can simply increase airtel net speed to 2-3 times. But you can get high speed for browsing than what about download speed. For that, you need to follow the below steps, where the following tricks will increase airtel net speed to maximum available speed in your area.

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How to increase airtel 2G net speed:

Here is the most famous trick this will give 3g airtel net speed with 2g data. So by following this trick, you can increase airtel net speed to 3g speed. To follow this trick you should have airtel 3g network in your area and it might not work in few devices.

Steps to increase airtel 2g net speed:

  • Visit device settings option then Mobile Networks
  • Select your airtel sim where you are using the data
  • Find the option network mode and click on that
  • Then you will notice three options, in here you must choose WCDMA only
  • Then restart your device and increase airtel net speed.

With the help of this tricks you can be able to use 3g net speed with 2g data, but when it comes to downloading your data is limited to 2g only. Because this will only increase airtel net data for browsing, in case if you have any doubts jump in the comments I will come and help you out.’

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How To Increase Airtel 3G net speed:

The 3g network is a most used network at this moment so to increase the speed in that much competition is a huge deal. For this I am suggesting you use the following steps, this will help you increase airtel net speed in all 3G devices.

Steps to increase Airtel 3G net speed:

  • Make sure your preferred network type if set to 3G
  • You have to use some android apps like VPN to increase the speed
  • Enable Text mode by hiding all the images while browsing
  • Use UC browser if you want to download stuff
  • While using UC browser set the VPN to another country

So by following above steps, you can easily get 2-3 times download speed and browsing speed, which results in increase airtel net speed in all 3G devices. If you don’t know how to use VPN just read ahead. We are giving VPN trick in next option

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How to Increase Airtel 4G net Speed: VPN Method

  • First, you need different browser which is UC mini browser you can download from here
  • This is just a test purpose, try downloading bunch of videos or apps and Then pause those downloads
  • Now Open the VPN master or Snap Vpn and connect to the server,
  • Then Check your download speed it will reach up to 10-20 Mbps under one min.

This VPN trick works on every device, it will increase your both browsing and download speed. Now say goodbye to low connection airtel net speed. In case if you using airtel modem want to increase the speed just reach ahead.

How To increase airtel Modem net speed:

The following trick will work on every airtel 3g and 4g modems. Remember if you can using airtel sim in another modem then this isn’t the trick for you. Although if you are using another sim in airtel modem then you can follow this trick. So the people who are using airtel modem can use this trick

Steps to increase airtel modem net speed:

  • Connect modem to your PC, then you will get Airtel Window
  • Visit tools menu then click on Options
  • In options menu, you will find NETWORK just click on that
  • From network choose the WCDMA only and keep bands as all bands.
  • Again from options menu visit REGISTRATION MODE, click on manual search and register
  • Then it will show Airtel 4G is registered then you can increase Airtel net speed.

How to increase airtel net speed

  1. Getting airtel 2G signal in open network of airtel even though 4G sim, to be enhanced to 3/4G as to use my CCTV system. Can u please help me. Let me know professional fee. Distance from bangalore to my place is about 130kms.

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