How to Hack Whatsapp Account Messages Online

How To Hack WhatsApp Account Messages

How to Hack Whatsapp Account Messages Online: Have you ever thought of hacking someone’s Whatsapp..? You can actually use WhatsApp without internet but so many people thought of how to hack WhatsApp but there are few simple things which can let you access someone’sWhatsAppp account messages without even knowing them. Some of these methods may require OTP verification or few other things but some won’t require anything. All you need the mobile number and then you can hack Whatsapp Account messages online. You probably noticed now you can backup WhatsApp data in google drive or in local WhatsApp storage folder. Once you lost the access to both of those things then your WhatsApp can be hacked very easily. Here are the 100% working methods on How to Hack Whatsapp Account Messages.

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How to Hack Whatsapp:

This is the most basic thing and any person can hack other WhatsApp very easily. For this method, you need to access the other person mobile. Once you got hands on another guy mobile then you can easily get the whole data of his WhatsApp account. This includes Chat messages, Images, Video and Audio files. Here are the steps to hack WhatsApp

Steps to Hack Whatsapp

  • Just take the person mobile and connect that to your PC
  • Now enable file sharing from his mobile to Laptop
  • Once you got the access visit this folder WhatsApp >>database>> .db.crypt12
  • Just take a copy of that file and save it in your laptop
  • Then connect your mobile and replace your WhatsApp file with copied one.

This process will let you access everything but you won’t get any real time updates. Like you can view the messages which have been sent but you can’t track any future message. If you want to know how to hack WhatsApp messages with real time updates then read ahead.

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How to Hack Whatsapp Messages

The above method will let you access chat files, images, video, and audio. But in these days our messages are end to end encrypted so you can’t just read each and every message. You need to be login to read every message, so how cool it will be if you can make replica app to other with login. Then follow these simple steps to hack WhatsApp messages.

Steps to Hack Whatsapp Messages

  • Just take your friends mobile whom you want to hack
  • Then Go to settings >> About phone >> Status >> Wi-Fi MAC address
  • Just note down the mac address and on your phone uninstall Whatsapp
  • Change your Mac address with your friend Mac address
  • Download and install WhatsApp again and verify the code from your friends mobile
  • That’s it you just made a replica app to your friends WhatsApp account

Whatsapp Hacking App

You can find so many numbers of apps on play store which claim that they can hack WhatsApp. But none of those apps work properly because WhatsApp messages are end to end encrypted. So one can’t access other messages without their presence and things. On the internet, you can find a numerous number of hacks in the name of how to hack WhatsApp and there are some sites as well. They will just take the mobile number and ask you to fill the survey. Just don’t fall for them they are just a click bait they do nothing. Here are the sample links of few fake Whatsapp hacking app and sites.

  • Fake Whatsapp Hacking site:
  • Fake Whatsapp Hacking Name: WhatsApp Sniffer & Spy Tool 2016

Hack Whatsapp Online:

In case if you don’t know you can also use WhatsApp from your desktop but for this, your mobile should be online. With the help of this desktop feature, you can hack WhatsApp online. So just take the mobile of your friend and simply visit on your laptop. Now in the mobile visit menu option there you will find Whatsapp web option just click on that and scan the code on a desktop. Then your WhatsApp will start working on desktop. So whenever you want to track your friends messages simply visit whatsapp from your laptop. Also he/she will receive one notification like whatsapp is currently active on Web.

How to Hack Whatsapp Account

There are two other methods which let you access another person WhatsApp but for this, you should know the person and his/her personal things. You can access other WhatsApp just by knowing the OTP of the mobile number. As soon as you logged in the other person can’t use his/her WhatsApp. Here is the one more method on how to hack WhatsApp account

Steps to Hack Whatsapp Account:

  • Try to find the personal email ID and password of his account
  • Because most of WhatsApp back-up will be done in google drive
  • Once you got the credentials try to add that as new account in your mobile
  • As soon as you open WhatsApp it will ask for backup restore
  • Just click on that and restore the other person whole WhatsApp data

Whatsapp Number Hacker

In case if you can’t access other personal information then the above methods won’t work for you. At least if you can get hands on his/her mobile phone then everything can be done smoothly but what if you can’t access his mobile or personal things. Well for you people there is no other way except to contact experts. Here I am listing few email ID’s of WhatsApp hackers they will take some credit and lets you access everything of another person WhatsApp data. For this, you just need the mobile number. Here is the WhatsApp number hacker email id’s

  • Whatsapp Number Hacker Email 1: cyberking962(at)gmail(dot)com
  • Whatsapp Number Hacker Email 1: hackalgorithm1(at)gmail(dot)com

How to Hack Whatsapp Group

To hack WhatsApp group you should know the admin of that group. Then you can follow above things to hack his/her WhatsApp data. Once you got the access to his things then you can manage the group you can either delete the group or modify that to a new one.


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