how to get google assistant on iphone

How to Get Google Assistant on iPhone

Google Assistant on iPhone, How to get google assistant on iPhone: Well it’s happening as a competition to siri google is now launching their assistant on iPhone. This google assistant on iPhone is free to use and one can easily download it from play store. In case if you don’t know in the summer 2014 iPhone changed the siri search engine from Google to Bing and every since Bing become a huge competition to google. So now google is finally releasing their assistant everywhere. Here is how to get google assistant on iPhone

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How to Get Google Assistant on iPhone:

From now on iPhone users hold a chance to use either google assistant or Siri. Recently Samsung launched their biggest smartphone which is S8 that mobile comes with an inbuilt assistant which is bixby. Also S8 run’s on latest android OS which means users can also enable Google assistant. Same in the case of iPhone users now they can enable both assistants, this might clear the doubts of which assistant is better.

Steps to Get Google Assistant on iPhone:

  • To get the google assistant one should have beyond iPhone 6 model like SE, 6plus or 7 series.
  • Google will soon release their google assistant on iTunes
  • So just download that as normal app and install in your iPhone
  • Now open google app, just complete the voice set-up and other things.
  • Just hold the home button and then google assistant will pop-up

This is how you can get google assistant on iPhone, google made an announcement that it might not available for below iPhone 5 series. But don’t worry we will surely find some tricks to enable that everywhere.

Google Assistant vs iPhone Siri:

Once we got the google assistant on iPhone then it will clear so many doubts like Which assistant is better and what are the main differences between google assistant and Siri. iPhone assistant Siri is actually doing a great job, that is the first assistant to take any type of command and it can even give you the answer in audio format. Siri can even book a cab for you, but now google assistant is completely dominated Siri. Because Google assistant can do the same things as Siri and it can give the proper results to every question. So what are you waiting for just go to iTunes and get google assistant on your iPhone.

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