how to gain more oneplus points in december 1rs sale

How to Gain More Points in Oneplus 1RS December Sale

Well the first oneplus december 1rs sale is officially over, there is only one mega prize available which is 1rs Oneplus 3T. People need to gain more points to participate in this sale to compete their products. Once you got the enough points it’s so simple to get the product but the question is how to gain more oneplus points in december 1rs sale. Here we are giving few tips but before that you need to register for the sale, if you haven’t done the registration use this link.

Here is the link to Register for 1RS Oneplus 3T December Sale

Oneplus December 1Rs Sale Registration:

Unlike other 1rs flash sale this is a bit different, in other flash sales where you need to compete for the limited products. Here you need to compete for more points. First things first complete the registration and then share the page. This task will give you 2 points and you can share the offer page weekly once to gain extra point. Which means you can get 5 points without inviting your friends. Once you share the offer page it will give you unique link, keep that link to gain more points. But the things is it won’t be enough so here are the few tips on how to to gain more oneplus points in december 1rs sale.

Oneplus 1rs Flash Sale Auto-Buy Script is now available 

How To Gain More oneplus points in December 1RS Sale:

There are so many method which most people don’t use like spamming, people just share the page but they don’t do the quality spamming which includes email invitations. Facebook and Twitter campaigns, here are the few minor things to gain more oneplus points

Steps to gain more oneplus points:

  • Share the offer page in your friends FB Groups and on your timeline.
  • Keep the unique link and ask your friends personally
  • for every person you will get one point.
  • If you are in campus collect all the student email id’s
  • Then mail them with your referral link

Above methods will give you more oneplus points, in case if you have any oneplus fan page or groups then your work will be so much easy. Once you got the enough points then you are eligible to gain more products.

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