How to Find the nearby ATM with the available Money

how to find nearby ATM branch trick SBI

So are you the one struggling with the latest money exchange..? or have you struggled by spending your whole time in the ATM line to get the money. Well things got a lot easier after the resent major change in currency it’s hard to get the new currency notes from the banks or from the ATM’s. There are few ways to get the money but everything will take so much time and in the end you may end up getting the zero money because of the time out or some other reason. So in this articles we are giving you the solutions on how to find nearby atm. Let’s get started with out few tips

How To Find NearBy ATM:

In case if you don’t know the daily limit of per card is 2.5k INR and all will come with 100 INR notes only. So if you got the ATM card you can withdraw in any nearby ATM, regardless which bank it is. It’s pretty sure that all state bank ATM will fill with a huge lines so I suggest you to go for different type of ATM’s like ICICI or HDFC or BOI so and so. Here is how to find nearby atm

Steps to find nearby ATM:

  • First you need to visit site
  • Just allow the location for that site.
  • or you can manually enter the location to find nearby ATM
  • Submit your details it will give you the list
  • That list contains the nearby ATM withing 2-5km radius.

You can also visit the site from this link: The results which you can find from this site are accurate, this will give you the perfect solution on how to find nearby ATM. That site is designed to find the available ATM cash but since it is in the beta stage you can use it to find nearby ATM.

How To Find Nearby ATM:

This will only work for mobile users, there is one app which let’s you find the atm in any area of India. This application is so nice it will let you find the ATM with all the proper location, just allow the location feature to this app and it will do all the work. You can even change few settings like within half a mile radius or within a km radius this just work like charm. So here is how to find nearby atm with android app.

Steps to find nearby ATM:

  • You must download Nearby ATM android App
  • Just install the application and open the app.
  • It won’t require login just enable your location feature
  • Then it will give you list of ATM’s in your area.
  • This will also give you location and map of every ATM

Here is the link to download the Nearby ATM android app, this works with any version of android so get out there and take your money without any effort. We are also making an article on how to find the available ATM money so stay tuned for that.

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  1. hey Shravan,
    Really this situation in India required this article, Finding ATM is not a big task but finding ATM with available money is what we all need.
    by the way thanks your article in informational may help others too

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